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Awesome Music: BlazBlue
As a Spiritual Successor to Guilty Gear, BlazBlue has no right to not to have AWESOME music. All hail Daisuke Ishiwatari.

Character Themes

VS. Themes

  • Under Heaven Destruction, played for Ragna vs. Jin matches. Madness and rage collide!
  • Imperial Code played for Jin vs. Noel matches. It also serves as the theme of the NOL.
    • Imperial Code II takes the original's sense of hostility and turns it into full-blown insanity.
  • White Requiem, played for Ragna vs. Rachel matches. A brilliant mix of elegance and chaos.
    • White Requiem II sounds more chaotic and hectic than the original, while still keeping the sense of elegance that comes from it.
  • Weak Executioner, played for Litchi vs. Arakune matches. It really conveys the tragedy of these two characters.
    • LA Vocal Version of "Weak Executioner", which puts the tragic tale of the two into lyrics.
    • Weak Executioner II remains faithful to the original, while adding some intro and outro sections that bring F-Zero to mind.
  • Nightmare Fiction, played for Ragna vs. Hazama matches. Perfect for two monsters tearing at each other. One sympathetic, the other... not so much.
    • Nightmare Fiction II somehow manages to keep the menacing feel of the original while sounding significantly calmer and more grandiose.
  • Memory of Tears, played for Noel vs. Tsubaki matches.
    • Don't Look Back, the vocal version.
    • Memory of Tears II completely forgoes the original's tragic feel and instead opts for a more chaotic tone, reflecting Tsubaki's deteriorating mental state.
  • Blood Pain, played for Mirror Matches. As of Chrono Phantasma this actually plays during a story battle between Jin and Hakumen.
    • Blood Pain II completely overhauls the original, giving it a new intro and middle section which almost compels one to fight.
  • Childish killer, the vocal version of the new Jin vs. Tsubaki theme. The instrumental version is called Cross Line.
    • Childish killer II makes it sound even more like a Nightwish song, and now better reflects Jin and Tsubaki's current predicament.
  • X-matic (Crossmatic), the Carl vs. Relius theme. A song that perfectly captures the sad history of the Clover family, as well as having a string-instrument motif (because they're both puppeteers).
    • X-matic II switches the sad melody to a one which makes it sound like Carl is finally ready to kill his father.
  • SIX-HEROES, which plays when... members of the Six Heroes (Hakumen, Hazama/Terumi, Valkenhayn, Platinum) fight each other. Truly badass and gives off an intimidating aura which reflects the power of each and everyone of them.
  • Black & White, the new theme song for Ragna VS. Hakumen matches. While the theme probably should have been around since the first game, it's better late than never and a true testament to theme of Order Versus Chaos in the series.
  • Sector7, the theme song for matches among members (Kokonoe, Tager, Makoto, Azrael) of said organisation. Befitting of a mysterious organisation. With a mix of techno beats to reflect their technological superiority.
  • Dissonance, the badass theme song for Valkenhayn VS. Relius matches.
  • in JUSTICE for Hakumen VS. Izayoi matches. No relation. Truly a clash of ideals and Justice.


And did we mention that we just listed the whole soundtrack?
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