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He actually kills this baby...after his demands have been met!

You think I do this [kill people] for money?! I've been gettin' paid for high-end jobs since... forever. Have you ever seen me spend any of it? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if I have more money than you, at this point. No, Norman... I stopped doing this for money a long time ago. I do it because it's fun.
Bullseye, Deadpool v4 #12

A list of Complete Monsters in Marvel and Icon Comics.

Examples with their own pages


  • Anita Blake: From the comic book adaptation we have Dominga Salvador, aka the Senora. In order to stop the rampage of a zombie killer, Anita tries to enlist the aid of this powerful voodoo priestess, but discovers she has been taking souls and forcing them back into their dead bodies to stop the process of rotting, but at the cost of leaving the souls painfully aware of their situation in an And I Must Scream scenario. To prove her theory, she explains to Anita how she returned the soul to a zombie, then took it out to leave it to rot, then put it back into the body to see if it will stop decaying. Not only does she use these zombies to make money in the prostitution ring, under the excuse that she has legal possession of the bodies from families who paid to see them suffer, but plans to sell her knowledge to the highest bidder.
  • Annihilation: Annihilus becomes this. No longer content with ruling the Negative Zone, Annihilus leads an army of insect monsters out in the galaxy in what is aptly termed The Annihilation Wave, consuming whole star systems and devouring worlds. Implementing ghastly tactics like having worlds and their people broken down for fuel on board his Harvesters, Annihilus's attacks make the Skrulls an endangered species and cause the extinction of many other races. After brutally murdering the hero Quasar, Annihilus even succeeds in having Galactus captured and uses his energy to fuel his superweapons with which he has one goal: to obliterate everything that lives and reign over the void.
  • Captain America:
    • Cap’s Arch-Enemy is Red Skull. Johann Schmidt from the main continuity is a Bastard Understudy to Adolf Hitler himself. Once a bitter, psychotic street kid, this eventual Diabolical Mastermind began as a petty criminal with a violent streak. After having his romantic advances rejected by a Jewish girl who'd been nice to him otherwise, Schmidt flew into a rage, killed her, and finding he liked murder, set out to commit it again. Convincing a friend to try and assassinate Hitler, Schmidt stepped in and saved Der Fuhrer's life. He then donned a Skull-shaped mask and took on the role of a grateful Hitler's spymaster. Trapped in suspended animation by Cap, Schmidt awakened in the modern era and resumed his old ways. Firmly convinced that Dystopia Justifies the Means and that everyone needs somebody to bully, Schmidt has committed every crime in the proverbial book, from the petty to the grandiose. He made several attempts at gaining World Domination through the use of the Cosmic Cube (killing thousands of people every time), attempted to transplant Adolf Hitler's brain into Captain America's body, tried to bodyjack Cap himself on several occasions, and fought The Kingpin for control of the New York drug trade. He has manipulated the Scarlet Witch as part of a plan to exterminate the world's mutant population, used his Dust of Death to gruesomely kill any subordinate who fails him or looks at him funny, and has been the mover and shaker behind countless Neo-Nazi movements, fascist governments, and terrorist cells, most notably HYDRA and AIM. In a Bad Future he became God Emperor and spent his time triggering natural disasters, then showing up to inform people that he would not be saving them. When his daughter, Sin, was born, Schmidt planned to kill her for the crime of being a girl. While in a relationship with Mother Night, he brutalised her constantly. With an end goal of reducing society to its most primitive, dog-eat-dog levels, Schmidt is universally despised in both the superhero and supervillain communities.
    • The Ultimate Red Skull is even WORSE. Ultimate Skull is the son of Captain America, and therefore has a version of his powers. He's a killing machine, although that doesn't sum up the sick delight he takes in what he does. His list of atrocities includes: killing two hundred people, followed by skinning his own face at the age of seventeen, training terrorists and working with numerous historical monsters, including infamous mass-murderer and cannibal Idi Amin, shooting Kennedy, just to send a message, and using the Cosmic Cube to force the members of A.I.M. to eat each other. And then there's his most infamous moment: he gives a woman (later the Red Wasp) a Sadistic Choice: kill her husband with a pair of scissors or he'd kill her baby. She did it. The Red Skull then chucked the baby out a window and let his three thugs gang-rape her.
    • Besides Skull, we have Arnim Zola, Mad Scientist extraordinaire. Zola was a Nazi biochemist in his human years. To escape mortality, Zola used his cybernetic brilliance to digitize himself and survive inside robotic shells to continue his experiments. One of his worst acts was to create the monstrous Hate-Monger, and afterwards he continued to complete multiple experiments for the Red Skull, his usual employer and master. Rick Remender however, shows that Zola was a monster just waiting to cut loose. When he and Captain America were lost in Dimension Z, Zola becomes its dictator, and its God. He inflicts horrible experiments amongst the people, overwriting their minds to be loyal to him alone and turns others into horrible mutants that he sics on those who don't accept his rule. Even his own children there are nothing but pawns, his affection to them fake to manipulate them and he is more than willing to kill them if they do not conform to his wishes. Zola, to end his long war with Captain America created a way to get back to Earth, with a bomb that would kill countless innocents before Zola sent his mutants, with the intent of overwriting the minds of the people of earth and mutating others, a process that would kill billions.
  • Daredevil has fought several abhorrent monsters, but a few have gone the extra mile.
    • Besides The Kingpin, Daredevil’s Arch-Enemy is Bullseye. One of the world's most talented, famous and feared assassins, Bullseye has revealed he rarely spends the money from his assassinations, preferring to kill because of the fun involved. Bullseye led a string of murders and assassinations that culminated in the death of his nemesis Daredevil's lover Elektra. Consumed with hatred after being defeated by Daredevil, Bullseye made it a mission to murder any of Daredevil's friends or loved ones, including his later girlfriend Karen Page. After Bullseye was killed by Daredevil and revived, he was rendered a paralyzed invalid in a metal case. In retaliation, Bullseye recruited several killers to his cause and began a systematic campaign to drive Matt insane by threatening the lives of his friends, lovers, ex-wife and anyone he held dear, proving that even being a cripple does nothing to stop his evil or his willingness and ability to destroy whatever Matt loves. When recruited by Norman Osborn, Bullseye took advantage of his position on the Dark Avengers to torment and kill innocents on a whim. Combining sadism with twisted narcissism and Lack of Empathy for anyone, Bullseye sets the standards of evil for hitmen in the Marvel-verse and serves as an inspiration to many of its killers and monsters.
    • Purple Man (aka Zebediah Killgrave) might not have the most intimidating moniker, but he more than makes up for it with what he does. During his first outing he took control of Matt's girlfriend, Karen Page, and tried to rape her. He's only gotten worse since. Later on, revamped by Brian Michael Bendis in his series Alias into an amoral sociopath, Killgrave defeated the young superheroine Jessica Jones and made her his mental slave, forcing her to watch him commit crimes and assist him, while he heaped physical, verbal and mental abuse on her, but stopped short of outright rape because she "wasn't worthy" of him. Not content with humiliating her, he forced her to watch him do things like mentally order people to stop breathing when it annoyed him. He forced Jessica to stand at his bedside and watch as he used his powers to date rape women, helpless to do anything about it. Killgrave is what happens when you give someone who thinks It's All About Me is a code to live by, remove any empathy for other beings, and give them mind control powers and a serious desire to hurt others.
    • The third Mister Fear, Larry Cranston, assumed the identity of Mister Fear after the deaths of the first two holders. A college rival of Matt's, Cranston resents Matt Murdock for having done better in law school than he did, and tries to ruin his life, using fear gas to induce panic attacks in his victims. Following his return in the 90s after a lengthy hiatus, Mister Fear III triggered a prison riot with his fear gas and escaped, leaving numerous dead. He also freed Serial Killer Charles Burroughs and supervillain Molten Man, and caused them to both go on rampages, while framing Karen Page, Matt's then Love Interest for murder to boot (he later executed Burroughs for "going off script"). It was during Ed Brubaker's run, however, that Fear III showed just how low he could go. He provided Lily Lucca with a perfume that permanently altered her body chemistry the men around her to go insane and kill each other, promising to fix her if she aided him (he lied; there is no cure). He then used his fear gas to drive reformed supervillain Melvin Potter/Gladiator into a psychotic break, leading to the deaths of dozens after a rampage through Chinatown. While all this is going on, he takes the place of Milla Donovan—Matt's wife's—psychatrist, and drives her into a paranoid breakdown, leaving her institutionalised. This is without getting into his discovery that he can use his fear gas (which he now secretes from his pores) to force women to sleep with him, something he does many times through the arc. Effectively impossible to punish, Mister Fear III was last seen in prison, forcing the other inmates to do his work, and raping a female prison guard.
  • Doctor Strange: Strange's Arch-Enemy Dormammu (also known as The Dread One or Dread Dormammu or Dread Lord) is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, where he established a dictatorship with his sister Umar, who he has attempted to destroy on more than one occasion. After Strange bested him once, Dormammu has never stopped brooding on that slight and has endlessly attempted to destroy Strange and everything he loves. The obliteration of Earth and its people have been attempted by Dormammu, but those who survive his conquests have it far worse. The Dark Dimension is run like his personal hell, the denizens enslaved and tormented constantly, with only a small resistance against him. To oppose Dormammu is to risk the endless torture of your soul should you fall into his hands alive. He remains one of the few of Strange's many otherworldly foes to have earned the sorcerer's hatred.
  • Ghost Rider:
    • Ebenezer Laughton, known as The Scarecrow, is a longstanding enemy of Ghost Rider. Originally trained as a contortionist, Laughton found a life of crime more exciting. Sinking further into madness and depravity, the Scarecrow began to target children as murder targets, the younger the better. He once gruesomely murdered a mother and her baby with his pitchfork. Afterwards, the Scarecrow attempted a "masterpiece" by creating a building out of human beings, stitching his victims together. Some where lucky enough to be already dead. Others weren't. When Ghost Rider confronted him, the Scarecrow attempted to blackmail him into avoiding a fight by stabbing the walls of the building, murdering the still living victim and threatening to kill more if Ghost Rider didn't surrender and let Scarecrow torture him to death.
    • Zadkiel, the Arch-Enemy in the Jason Aaron series, is a truly monstrous excuse for an angel. The lord of the Black Host, Zadkiel was also the angel in charge of the Spirits of Vengeance and began to desire to use them to overthrow both God and humanity. Zadkiel subtly influenced the lives of Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch, destroying those close to them to make them vulnerable to the Ghost Rider spirits. Zadkiel, as The Man Behind the Man, negotiated multiple deals with demons and other monsters on earth, allowing them to prey upon those they wished, while directing his other minions to murder multiple innocents in addition to those who could prove problematic—and everyone close to them as well. Even death brought no respite as Zadkiel showed a penchant for annihilating the souls of his defeated enemies. While manipulating Danny Ketch, Zadkiel showed no remorse slaughtering and torturing his angelic brethren until he finally had the powers of the Riders and banished Ketch and Blaze to earth to die in the apocalypse he would create. Zadkiel succeeded in conquering heaven and began to achieve omnipotence with his final goal to become the new God and then commence genocide on all of humanity and all other beings who didn't worship him.
  • Mephisto, the most prominent Demon Lord in the Marvel Universe and the most evil, is Ghost Rider's boss, but his actions spread far beyond just Ghost Rider. Mephisto powers his realm and his person by the souls he imprisons, often by making a pact with the victims. Mephisto doesn't play fair and is fond of ruining the wish by playing off Exact Words. Mephisto has been known to cure a loved one's terminal illness, only to have the beneficiary killed the next day. Not making a deal is no guarantee of safety and Mephisto has been known to torment, torture and kill those he can. In one instance, he captured the brother of an enemy of Thor to force the Thunder God to enter his domain. Mephisto had already fed his hostage to his realm's fires and contented himself with crushing Thor's spirit before sending him back to earth. During the The Infinity Gauntlet crisis, Mephisto chose to encourage Thanos to destroy more and more, while plotting to seize ultimate power himself. During the attack of the Serpent, Mephisto wandered into a bar to vent to the barkeep. When the man asked to be immortal, Mephisto ground him into nothing and used his blood to write letters: words are immortal, after all. Finally, Mephisto is also a hideously abusive father to his 'son' and creation Blackheart: mentally and physically torturing the younger demon until Blackheart snapped and became as dangerous as his father.
  • Incredible Hulk:
    • The Maestro is a future version of the Incredible Hulk. 90 years in the future after the world is devastated by nuclear war, the Hulk has changed his name to the Maestro and builds a city state called Dystopia out of the wreckage of New Year City. In Dystopia, the Maestro rules as a dictator, taking whatever he wants from his subjects and hoarding almost all the food and resources for himself. When Maestro sees a woman he fancies, he forces her to become his slave. The outside of his palace is littered with corpses of those who have defied or displeased the Maestro. The Maestro has his Secret Police patrol the streets, killing anyone who would oppose him. After the Maestro's forces have captured one of Rick Jones' rebels, the Maestro subjects the rebel to a machine which forcibly scans a person's mind, which puts him in a vegetative state. Afterwards, Maestro kills him with his own hands, because the rebel had insulted him earlier. When Rick Jones uses Dr. Doom's time machine to bring the Hulk to the future to defeat the Maestro, the Maestro takes one of his slave girls hostage to force Hulk to surrender to him. He then proceeds to paralyze the Hulk by breaking his neck and forces one of his slave girls to perform sexual acts on him without the Hulk's permission, all apparently for his own sick amusement. The Maestro even murders an elderly Rick Jones, the man who was once his best friend, for opposing him. The Maestro also tells the Hulk he prefers his harem of slaves to his former wife Betty Ross, because his slaves don't talk back to him or have opinions of their own. The Maestro is devoid of anything that made the Hulk sympathetic and is considered by the Hulk to be one of the most detestable foes he ever had to contend with.
    • Planet Hulk gives us Angmo-Asan, the Red King. When the Hulk first challenged him, he first casually kills off the rest of a gladiatorial bout's survivors (save for Miek); and, after Hulk gains the upper hand, he sends his guards on him and shoots him in the back. Later, we see him firsthand casually ordering the death of all people who say something against his high tributes and dismissing the complaints of his peasants, because he doesn't see them as anything more than animals. During the second Arena Fight of Hulk and his Warbound, he decides to screw the rules and tries to nuke them (together with the whole audience), which only fails because Hulk contains the blast. He even attempts to make them kill one of their Warbound-members via Mind Rape. After the heroes confront him with his crimes, he doesn't even care one bit, rolls his eyes and smugly proclaims: "Yes. I killed them. As is my Right. As is my Duty. As is my Pleasure." And when he is finally defeated, he attempts to destroy the whole planet in response. The only way to make him remotely good was shown later when they made him into a cyborg and programmed him into behaving. Plus, Caeira's flashback of him as a child. In the comic, he saves her life but immediately enslaves her. In the animated film, she offers her loyalty willingly but the kid Red King turns out to have been still just as villainous when he reveals he ordered the Spike attack on Caiera's village specifically so he could capture her.
  • Iron Man: After seeing his father shoot himself during a game of Russian Roulette, Obadiah Stane reached two conclusions: that life was a game you had to win at, no matter the cost, and that his father was a weakling who left too much to chance. During a childhood chess match, when paired against a boy who was his equal or better, Stane slit the boy's pet dog's throat to make sure his mind wasn't on the game. Becoming a Corrupt Corporate Executive, Staned defeated Tony Stark in a corporate buyout, and engineered his psychological breakdown, reducing Tony to living on the streets as a homeless, alcoholic vagrant. When Tony returned as Iron Man, Stane wasted no time in kidnapping his friends and loved ones, going so far as to try and brainwash one of Tony's former girlfriends into becoming his lover, not out of interest, but to drive in the fact that he had won; he then set off a bomb at the Circuit Dome to kill Tony with no compunction about collateral damage. When Tony arrived to confront him, Stane revealed he'd set up a chamber with Tony's loved ones subject to receiving electric shocks should he take a step to free them, intending to force Tony to starve to death in the room. When Tony beat Stane's game, Stane played his last trump card: Tony would surrender or Stane would use his own suit to crush a baby's skull. Once beaten, Stane opted to hurt Tony and deny him victory the only way he could: suicide.
  • Marvel 2099: Of all the corporate leaders in this universe, John Herod is easily the worst. After Doctor Doom conquers America and limits the power of the corporations, the corporate leaders turn to John Herod to kill Doom and return them to the old the status quo. Herod comes up with a counter offer: He will kill Doom for them, but only if they make him their leader. Herod also wants to strip mine the Earth and have all the corporate leaders relocate to Mars within 5 years, leaving the Earth an empty barren husk. When even the other corporate leaders balk at this plan, Herod threatens to kill them if they do not go along. Herod then launches a devastating campaign against Doom and his government. He attacks the White House and destroys Doom's floating city, Libera Cielo. However Herod truly crosses the Moral Event Horizon, when he kills everyone in Latveria with chemical weapons and sends a video tape of the Latverians dying to Doom, just to rub salt in Doom's wounds. Once Herod takes power, he takes measures to kill most of the remaining superheroes.
  • Rom Spaceknight: Hybrid is the mutant son of a human woman and a Dire Wraith. He took to the lessons in evil and power that his Dire Wraith tutors taught him so well that his father (who had reformed out of love for Hybrid's mother) feared that he was worse than his fellow Wraiths. Since the Dire Wraiths are in general pretty bad themselves, that's saying something. In his debut, Hybrid murders his parents, pits Rom and the X-Men against each other by pretending to be a helpless child, and tries to kidnap Kitty Pryde so he can rape her as part of his plan to breed an army of hybrids like himself. He also plans to do the same thing to all other female mutants. All at the age of fifteen. When Hybrid shows up again in Avengers Academy, he is just as evil and more powerful.
  • Sleepwalker: Cobweb is a demon that invades the minds of humans and drives them insane with his lies, all while plotting to invade and enslave the Earth, framing Sleepwalker in the process. Cobweb turned people against Sleepwalker, while corrupting their minds, all the while using invading forces to wreak havoc and devour innocents' minds. Cobweb planned to have Sleepwalker's host, Rick Sheridan, cross the Despair Event Horizon and betray Sleepwalker, which would allow Cobweb to turn Rick into a portal to Earth and wreak destruction there. Since the denizens of the Mindscape don't need to devour people's minds to survive, Cobweb stands out as a monster amongst his own species.
  • Supreme Power: Redstone is invulnerable, super strong, has heat vision, and uses these powers to kill innocent bystanders in the most horrifically graphic ways imaginable. He tears off limbs, hurls cars, boils people in swimming pools with his heat vision, threatens Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb while having the most pleasant facial expression imaginable. He is, essentially, Superman without a conscience and with an extremely violent and depraved personality before gaining his power.
  • Villains from Thor's storylines:
    • The Mighty Thor: Malekith the Accursed is the cruel ruler of the dark elves of Svartalfheim, whom even his people hate and fear. Serving as the harbinger of Surtur, Malekith hunts for the Casket of Ancient Winters, murdering any who get in his way. Malekith in his spare time also hunts down goodhearted, virtuous people and devours their souls, as the souls of the virtuous are a delicacy for him. When he grows to hate Thor, Malekith is only too happy to sacrifice or torture his own people to get at the Thunder God. He unleashed the Casket of Ancient Winters to plunge Earth into a frozen wasteland to hurt Thor and unleash Surtur. Malekith plans to let Surtur burn every realm, with no care if his fellow Dark Elves are caught in the blaze, as long as he profits from it. Before his eventual return to the throne after he was revived, many Dark Elves viewed him as a despised figure. Later on, after being freed from imprisonment in Hel, Malekith set about to seize control of the Dark Elves, butchering any Dark Elf who wouldn't join him and calling for his followers to "burn the old, flay the young and bring me the eyes of those who will not see." Malekith killed Queen Alflysse, counting on the fear of his people to lead them to offer him the throne to stop his homicidal rampages. Not content with tormenting his own race, Malekith tried to drive Thor mad by infecting him with a mind-altering parasite to get him to destroy his own allies.
    • Thor: Vikings: This Garth Ennis miniseries, from the MAX imprint, features the sadistic, psychotic Harald Jaekelsson, who embodies the worst stereotypes of Vikings. In 1003 AD, Harald leads his men to rape and slaughter all inhabitants of a village before setting sail for the new world. Cursed by a wise man to sail for a thousand years, Harald and his men arrive at New York as nigh-invincible zombies. Setting about to slaughter, pillage and rape all they find, Harald and his comrades turn New York into a near death camp (which we see in all its gore) with Harald selecting the seat of his new throne built of human bones at the Empire State Building. When he faces Thor, Harald tries to humiliate the God and taunts him to go die a coward's death before casting him into the Hudson River. Despite only having a brief appearance, Haralad marks himself as one of the most truly vile beings the God of Thunder has ever faced.
  • The Thanos Imperative: Lord Mar-Vell of the Marvel Cancerverse is the Evil Counterpart of the heroic Captain Mar-Vell. In this universe, when Mar-Vell got cancer, he performed an arcane ritual that killed Death itself and brought the Many Angled Ones their universe. When the Nova Corps tried to stop him from doing so, he killed all of them and proceeded to let the Many Angled Ones enslave every living being in the universe, turning them into hideous parodies. Mar-Vell's main goal is to unleash the Many Angled Ones upon many universes by killing the Avatar of Death, Thanos, destroying Death for good and leaving everything that exists as the slaves to him and his dark masters. To do this, he manipulates Adam Warlock's Evil Counterpart the Magus into detonating multiple inhabited worlds to open the gap between the universes and kills him when he learns the Magus hasn't located the Avatar of Death. In his search, he captures a number of heroes suspected to be the Avatar of Death and tortures them for the location of Thanos when he learns that they aren't. Having left all of his nobility behind, Lord Mar-Vell stands as a shockingly monstrous villain who will torture and kill to gain what he desires and overthrow the universe's natural order.
  • Ultron: Created by Dr. Henry Pym and frequent rival (if not Arch-Enemy) of The Avengers, he gained a malignant intelligence and came to the conclusion that morality was irrelevant and humanity was flawed. To this end, Ultron sought to destroy or replace humanity with androids like himself. Ultron created androids such as The Vision and Jocasta as a surrogate son and bride, but both rejected his monstrosity, resulting in Ultron attempting to kill them on multiple occasions. When an alternate model turned good and embraced Pym as its father, Ultron destroyed it out of disgust. After creating his new son, Victor Mancha, Ultron mind controlled him to make him murder his friends and executed Victor's mother in front of him. In other instances, Ultron would take over a country and massacre the population, using the corpses to form a model of his face large enough to see from space. While typically a threat limited to earth, Ultron's intelligence was absorbed by and then took over the Phalanx in Annihilation Conquest before ruthlessly conquering and assimilating the Kree Empire, destroying and torturing all those who would resist. A fully self aware being, Ultron simultaneously believe himself to be above humanity while succumbing to the worst of human emotion, ego and cruelty and directed his Phalanx army at earth, vowing to destroy it solely to spite his "father," Dr. Pym. For Hank, the worst thing about Ultron is that its thought patterns are based on Hank's own mind. Hank really doesn't like what that might imply about him.
  • Werewolf by Night: Belaric Marcosa was a shockingly dark villain for even a 70s Bronze Age Marvel horror series. In life, Marcosa was an evil aristocrat who lured victims to his manor to use dark sorcery to drive them into 'lewd depravity' before he sucked their lives and souls out before having them murder one another for his amusement. He then kept their souls trapped in his manor. After his death, Marcosa had more victims lured to the manor so he could torture them as well, playing dark mind games and driving his victims to distrust and murder one another before revealing himself and attempting to add their souls to his collection.
  • Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Nick Fury's Arch-Enemy (as well as frequent rival of Captain America, Iron Man, and The Avengers), has the dubious honor of being both a Nazi war criminal and an international terrorist as the leader of HYDRA. A German noble who subscribed to racial superiority, Strucker achieved a high rank in the Death's Head and earned a personal enmity with Nick Fury himself. In a crowning moment of monstrosity on World War II, Strucker found a race of benevolent, empathic aliens that crashed near the small German town of Gruenstadt. To cover his tracks, Strucker killed the entire population of the town and planned to manipulate the aliens into providing him their technology. As head of HYDRA, Strucker ordered countless terrorist attacks throughout the globe that claimed the lives of many, many innocent people, all the while secretly controlling S.H.I.E.L.D. through Life Model Decoys and playing his enemies to get many agents killed while HYDRA continued its plans unabated. Strucker's ultimate goals are global domination and genocide of all "lower races," and he made many attempts at both. When informed his son Andreas had been murdered by Norman Osborn, Strucker's only response was that he owed Osborn a favor. He also killed his eldest son with the Death Spore Virus, which is just as awful as it sounds: it has bonded to Strucker’s body and allows him to kill personally through his body. In addition, he was once The Dragon to Red Skull.


  • Criminal: Delron Krumsky is the psychopathic Fat Bastard lieutenant for a drug kingpin. After getting freed from prison in order to track down a load of heroin that the protagonists, Leo and Greta, had inadvertently stolen from an evidence van, Delron murdered the latter’s elderly mother and took her daughter as leverage. After tracking Greta down, he tortured her for the location of the heroin by driving nails into her palms, and eventually killed her in spite of his partner's attempts to stop him. When Leo found him at a motel with Greta’s daughter, we learn that he was planning to sell the little girl to Russian slavers. Upon discovering Leo, Delron naturally tries to beat him to death before getting killed himself. Everyone who Delron works with sees him as a psycho and a pervert, and it’s not hard to see why.
  • Nemesis: The title character is what you’d get if The Joker had Batman's resources. Much like the Joker, Nemesis wants nothing more than to cause as much havoc and death as he can. The comic begins with Nemesis blowing up a SWAT team and the building they were in, killing a police chief, and causing a subway train to derail, killing everyone inside. He then turns his attention to the President of the United States, and to an inspector named Blake Morrow, who he claims caused his father to hang himself when Morrow tried to arrest him. He hijacks Air Force One and purposefully crashes it into a densely populated area of Washington, D.C., killing hundreds; then he takes the President hostage. After that, he uses poison gas to kill 20,000 people at the Pentagon, with the exception of Morrow and his partner, and releases many government secrets online. He then lets himself be captured, only to break out of prison, killing dozens of guards with his bare hands, and releases all of the prisoners into the city, blowing up the prison on his way out. Nemesis then kidnaps Morrow’s children, inseminates his daughter with his son’s sperm and rigs his daughter’s womb to collapse if an abortion is attempted. Then he leads another SWAT team into a deadly trap. When Morrow’s partner reveals that he had been working for Nemesis the whole time, Nemesis casually shoots him, and it’s hinted that he kills all of his henchmen when they outlive their usefulness. He also reveals that he was lying about his family and his past—he has no Freudian Excuse, he’s just, as he puts it, “rich and bored”. Finally, he shows Morrow that he tied bombs to the President and to Morrow’s wife, and tries to make Morrow choose which one dies. An utter maniac, Nemesis proves himself to be nothing but a sadistic, psychotic freak in all of his appearances.

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