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Comic Book: Spider-Man: Noir

"If those in power can't be trusted, it's the responsibility of the people to remove them."

Spider-Man: Noir is a four-issue miniseries which reboots the Wall Crawler into the genres of Film Noir and pulp fiction. It is set in New York during the Great Depression. Part of a lineup of Genre Throwback miniseries featuring Marvel's most popular characters, it is also known for its sleek design and its version of Spider-Man being part of the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. It was followed by another mini called Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face, taking place a year after the previous mini.

In Spider-Man: Noir, Norman Osborn, a man known in certain circles as the Goblin, has everybody in his pocket. The mayor, the police, the local newspapers. May Parker is a notorious trouble maker for the corrupt regime. Her and her nephew Peter lost Ben Parker, a big player in the underground movement against the government's abuse, until one day he was beaten up and savaged by dogs.

When Peter stands to defend his aunt from the Enforcers, he's noticed by Ben Urich, an Intrepid Reporter, who has his boss J. Jonah Jameson hire Peter on board as a photographer's assistant.

When the Enforcers try to jack a spider idol from cargo meant for the museum, Peter gets bitten by one of the spiders inside the idol, gains spider-like abilities, and takes up the mantle of Spider-Man. As he goes to confront the Goblin, it turns out Urich is in the pocket of Norman as well quickly leading to his death.

Spider-Man gets framed for the death of Jonah, who gets shot in the first page of the first book. Felicia, the owner of the Black Cat, gives Peter secret files on Norman and his past. And he finds out that Jonah's death was faked, and returns home just in time to save his aunt. He goes to confront Norman once more who's kidnapped Felicia Hardy, for killing "Jameson". Spider-Man trashes Kraven, and chases Norman down into the sewer system.

He unmasks him, and refuses to shoot him. Norman tries to shoot Peter, and the gun blows up in his hand because of webbing. Kraven returns and both fall into the sewage and are never seen again.
In Eyes Without a Face, Spider-Man has been active for a while now, but still considered a vigilante. The police don't seem to mind him, and he tries to better the community. Except when Doctor Octavius rolls into town, Robbie Robertson tries to infiltrate his complex alongside Peter Parker, as his aide, to discover the evil human experiments being performed.

In the meantime, the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (later renamed the Nazi Party in Real Life) is trying to get a foothold on American soil, and are secretly sponsoring Doctor Octavius and supplying him with people of African descend, done by the Crime Master and his right hand man Sandman.

Spider-Man traces the Crime Master, and tries to apprehend him, this goes wrong as the Sandman beats him to a bloody pulp. As the police gun him down, the Crime Master gets away and hides at the Black Cat.

Peter goes to recover at Felicia's, and the information she supplies makes him figure out what's going on, and goes to confront Octavius, where he discovers Robbie has been lobotimized.

In the meantime, the Crime Master has figured out the relationship between his girlfriend and Spider-Man and he kills her. Enraged he goes to Otto's hideout and starts killing African-Americans. Spider-Man encourages everybody who hasn't shot anybody to not joining the Crime Master on death row.

Otto Octavius, angry at the Crime Master callous killing, stabs him to death with his surgical implements. He surrenders to Spider-Man in order to stand trial, who denies him this right, and is about to execute him until Jean De Wolfe stops him.

Otto gets his trial. And he gets deported.

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