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Manga: Nanatsuno Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai (literally The Seven Deadly Sins) is a fantasy manga of a land under a terrible tyranny... brought about by the Holy Knights, who have taken control of the land and are making life miserable for everyone. Elizabeth, princess of a kingdom conquered by the Holy Knights, has traveled the land looking for the only group that might be able to defeat the Holy Knights, seven knights thought dead, feared throughout the land for their great and terrible power... The Seven Deadly Sins. The Sins are presumed dead after they had tried to overthrow the king

To her surprise, Elizabeth finds one of the Sins, Meliodas, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, happily running a tavern, and he is nothing like the stories say (he doesn't look anything like his wanted poster, for one thing)... save that he is incredibly strong. At Elizabeth's request, she and Meliodas go on a quest to find the six remaining Sins. However, the quest will not be easy, as the Holy Knights are hunting for the Seven Deadly Sins, and Elizabeth as well, and will go to great lengths to capture or destroy them.

Has a characters page.

The manga is by Suzuki Nakaba who also created Kongoh Bancho. It has been released in English by Kodansha Comics under the title The Seven Deadly Sins. It was later confirmed that the series will have an anime adaptation. It will be produced by A-1 Pictures and set to air on October 5, 2014.

Not to be confused with the similarly named upcoming anime about scantily clad female demons themed after the Seven Deadly Sins.

This manga contains examples of:

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  • The Alcatraz: Baste Dungeon, a large fortress-like prison seemingly built in a mesa wherein Ban was imprisoned.
  • Amplifier Artifact: Each of the Sins is supposed to have a sacred treasure, a holy weapon that allows them to draw on even more of their innate power. Unfortunately, Ban, Meliodas and Diane got separated from their treasures when they broke up.
  • Animal Motifs / Tattoo as Character Type: In relation to their overall theme, each of the Sins has a tattoo and a moniker of an animal that is either usually associated or stereotyped with their respective sin.
    • Meliodas: Dragon's Sin of Wrath which is based on dragons being very wrathful and destructive.
    • Diane: Serpent's Sin of Envy which is based on snakes being seen as symbols of envy.
    • Ban: Fox's Sin of Greed which is based on the idea that foxes are seen as very sneaky and greedy.
    • King: Bear's Sin of Sloth which is based on bears being rather slothful such as during long periods of hibernation.
    • Gowther: Goat's Sin of Lust which is based on goats being seen as a symbol of lust, such as the case with satyrs and other such similar creatures.
    • Merlin: Boar's Sin of Gluttony which is based on Gluttonous Pigs.
    • Escanor: Lion's Sin of Pride which is based on lions being seen as symbols of pride.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: In chapter 69, Threader claims that the King of Liones declared the Seven Sins to be traitors who murdered the previous Great Holy Knight and are enemies of the kingdom. Gowther asks him if he actually heard the King say those words. Threader is shaken when he realizes that he didn't.
  • Armored Villains, Unarmored Heroes: Though the Sins wore armor in the past, they don't wear such in the present. Instead they prefer to wear relatively casual clothes. In contrast, the Holy Knights are practically almost always seen in full armor.
  • Attack Reflector: Meliodas' power, Full Counter, reflects any attack directed at him with greater power back to the attacker.
  • Badass Creed: The knights of Liones have one. Meliodas and Gilthunder in particular take it rather to heart.
    "Your eyes are to discern evil, your mouth to speak the truth, your heart is to be filled with righteousness, and your sword is to purge evil."
  • Barbarian Tribe: A barbarian horde decided to invade Britannia. They were completely destroyed by Gilthunder and Hauser alone.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: Diane and Elizabeth get hit with this when they are shrunk and can no longer fit in their clothes.
    • Jericho gets this when she is transformed into a Demon.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Elizabeth.
  • Barrier Warrior: Griamor's power, Wall, allows him to create a force field around him.
  • Batman Grabs a Gun: Meliodas is a pacifist that prefers to not kill and even not use actual weapons in lieu of his strength. However upon facing the Armored Giant, an opponent that can't be defeated by pacifist means, Meliodas is forced to break these particular personal vows as they are severely hindering him from doing the right things necessary.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Diane fell in love with Meliodas because he treated her like a regular girl and not like a Giant. Ban also decided to follow Meliodas because Meliodas was the only one besides Elaine to accept, in Ban's own words, a shitty person such as himself.
  • Berserk Button: For Meliodas, it's stealing his sword. Ban tried to take it... once. He still has the scar, which is saying something since no other weapon has left a lasting mark on him. In the present time, hurting Elizabeth is also a good way to make Meliodas beat the crap out of you.
  • Betty and Veronica: Elizabeth and Diane to Meliodas. Elizabeth's a royal Betty due to being a generally calm regular human while Diane's a common Veronica due to being a clingy easily jealous exotic giantess.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Each of the Sins, when their Berserk Button has not been pushed, are among the nicest people you could meet. Press that button, though, and they don't hold back.
  • Big Red Devil: The Demon who attacked the Forest of the Fairy King is depicted as this.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: A side effect of drinking demon's blood is that the irises of the eyes turn completely black.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Diane gets really jealous when Meliodas interacts with other girls than her, most notably Elizabeth. Sometimes her jealousy is expressed subtly and sometimes it's expressed as large as her size.
  • Clothing Switch: For the cover of chapter 19, four of the characters then are presented as having their attires switched. Ban wears Meliodas' clothes and vice-versa, while Diane does the same with Elizabeth.
  • Cool Helmet: Many characters in the series wear cool helmets that look like they came straight out of Berserk.
  • The Corruption: Demon's Blood is capable of killing creatures or turning them into Demons themselves.
  • Creative Sterility: Fairies lack certain imaginative things that humans normally have. These range from mundane yet otherwise unique looking helmets and clothes, to concepts such as "culture" and "philosophy".
  • Cross Over: Suzuki Nakaba, mangaka of the series, had a special Christmas crossover collaboration with Hiro Mashima of Fairy Tail wherein each of them did a short story with the other's characters. For the Seven Deadly Sins, the protagonists (before Gowther joined) visited Magnolia, the hometown of the Fairy Tail guild, for the holidays.
  • Crystal Prison: Meliodas briefly gets trapped in a small crystal charm.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: A number of the Sins revealed so far have back stories which paint them as more than simply Sin-themed criminals.
    • Meliodas: He received his broken sword from a dying acquaintance. He also supposedly had bouts where he lost control of himself and destroyed a lot of stuff.
    • Ban: He received his immortality when he tried to save a Fountain of Youth from a Demon. The destruction caused by the Demon unfortunately got blamed on him and his greed.
    • King: In relation to Ban, for not being the one who actually protected the fountain, he lost his sister and the forest he lived in was destroyed.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Three small stories of such have been shown so far.
  • Dishing Out Dirt / Extra Ore Dinary: Diane's power, Creation, is an ability to bend iron like toffee, raise the ground like towers, and turn minerals into sand. It is an ability exclusive to her and other Giants due to their deep connection to nature.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Gilthunder did this when visiting Bernia, which is known for their famous ale. Gilthunder mocked their efforts and when a boy, Mead, wanted to get even by putting a worm in his drink as a harmless prank, Gilthunder responded by plunging his sword into the ground and stopping the water flow, preventing the town from making their ale, nearly leading to their economic ruin since it's how they thrive.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: King really wants to spend some time with Diane. However due to varying circumstances and the fact that Diane only has eyes for Meliodas, he's really having a hard time.
  • Drop the Hammer: Diane's Holy Weapon is a giant warhammer.
  • Ecchi: Apart from actual fanservice scenes, the series stating it has some ecchi elements is usually advertised on the chapter covers.
  • Empty Piles of Clothing: When Oslo the Black Hound first appears and attacks a pair of Holy Knights, it looks like he has devoured them with the only thing remaining of them being their clothes. Later, it's revealed that while he did eat them, he actually teleported them to another location excluding their clothes.
  • Enemy Mine: King temporarily teams up with the Holy Knights in order to get at Ban when he believes the latter is the one responsible for his sister's death. He only sought Ban and not the other Sins though. The truce falls apart after being reunited with Elaine's ghost in the Capital of the Dead.
  • Everyone Calls Him King / Only Known by Their Nickname: King's name is just a title used by others as a reference to him being the Fairy King. His real name is Harlequin.
  • Everyone Has A Special Move: It appears everyone has their own unique powers base on their personality.
  • Everything's Better with Princesses: Namely the three princesses of Liones. From eldest to youngest, Margaret, Veronica, and Elizabeth.
  • Everything's Better with Samurai: Simon from Dawn Roar is pretty much a samurai themed knight in an otherwise King Arthur based manga.
  • Expy: The various armors worn by the Holy Knights make them look like the New Band of the Hawk from Berserk. Fitting as the second generation of Holy Knights bolster their ranks by having potential members drink Demon's blood, an act that's basically a Deal with the Devil which, while differing in method, is what the New Band of the Hawk also did. Incidentally, this act also makes them evil expies of the Grey Wardens from Dragon Age: Origins due to the method of how both join their respective orders.
  • Facial Composite Failure: It's a Running Gag that none of the Sins resemble their wanted posters. Meliodas even has them posted on the wall of his own bar.
  • Famed in Story / The Dreaded: The Sins are feared and renowned throughout the kingdom as extremely legendary and powerful criminals. On the other side, the Holy Knights are considered knights among knights who protect Britannia. They are supposed to be heroes but are terrifying beings with each one possessing enough power to match a country's army.
  • Fighting with Chucks: Ban's holy weapon before it was ironically stolen was a three-stick variant that enhanced his stealing abilities.
  • Flight: This is King's specialty, as he and his spear are able to levitate effortlessly.
  • Flying Seafood Special: During the Byzel Fighting Festival, Guila and the Holy Knights with her arrived at there riding upon flying manta ray-like creatures.
  • The Force Is Strong with This One: Various characters, including the Sins, are capable of sensing the power of strong individuals.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • On the cover of chapter 26, the two kids that the Sins met before entering the Capital of the Dead are seen on a crystal. The only other person on a crystal is the deceased Elaine. These foreshadows that the kids were Dead All Along.
    • During the party celebrating Gowther being reunited with the rest of the Sins, Gowther being able to identify who King was based on his smell is brought up. Upon inspecting whether this was true, one of comments was that his smell has a nostalgic feel to it. This foreshadows Diane and King's shared past that would later be revealed as King's flowery smell is one of the things Diane still vaguely remembers from it.
  • Fountain of Youth: Ban gained his immortality from drinking from one.
  • Frame-Up: Prior to the story, the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for killing the Great Holy Knight and Gilthunder's father, Zaratras, and trying to overthrow the kingdom. It's not yet known who framed them but it's either a Holy Knight or a traitor amongst the Sins.
  • Ghostly Gape: During the nightmare sequence in which Gowther Mind Rapes Dreyfus with his powers, the still impaled and bleeding corpse of Zaratras, Dreyfus' brother whom he murdered, appears. As Dreyfus cowers in guilt at this apparition, its eyes and mouth become dark empty abysses which spew out blood all over Dreyfus.
  • Girl in the Tower: Discussed by Gowther when he, Meliodas, and Ban try to guess wherein the capital of Liones Elizabeth had been taken to when she is kidnapped by the Holy Knights.
  • Glamour: Inverted with King. Instead of transforming into a more youthful form, he can take on a older, fatter one. He originally used it as a form of respect rather than a disguise. However after reuniting with the Meliodas, he unintentionally uses it for a wide range of reactions for various hilarious situations.
    • The trope however is seemingly played straight with Meliodas. It's hinted that he is actually some sort of demon.
  • Gluttonous Pig: Hawk is often seen eating any leftovers that may have fallen one way or another. He particularly prides himself on this fact.
  • Good Guy Bar: The Boar Hat serves as the base of operations for Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins. It's actually a mobile home carried on the back of Hawk's mom, a giant green pig, essentially making it a literal Boar Hat. Incidentally since the Sins are criminals in the setting, it can be seen as a Bad-Guy Bar from a different perspective.
  • Great Offscreen War: In the ancient past, there was a great war in which the Human, Fairy, Goddess, and Giant Clans united together to fight and seal away the Demon Clan.
  • Happily Adopted: Elizabeth is actually not the daughter of the king of Liones. She's from the kingdom of Danafor. Whether this means she's adopted or born out of wedlock has yet to be made clear. What is known however is that the King apparently accepted her as his daughter, as evidenced in an apparent Crowning Moment of Heartwarming wherein he desperately tried to get her down from a tree despite not knowing how to climb. Elizabeth's recounting of the incident opened up a boy from Bernia, Mead, into explaining the troubles the town had with the Holy Knights. He too was Happily Adopted by the entire town when his parents died from an epidemic while traveling through the town. He initially thought he wasn't but after Meliodas' help, learned the truth.
    • Also, as far as Elizabeth is concerned, much as the King is her father, his biological daughters are her sisters.
  • Having a Blast: The Holy Knight Guila has the ability Explosion, which creates explosions with her rapier.
  • Healing Factor: Ban, the Fox's Sin of Greed, has this as one of his two abilities. He is literally unkillable by conventional means, but unconventional means like being Taken for Granite can still be lethal for him...
  • Hellfire: The fire demons produce is a special kind. It was what destroyed the Forest of the Fairy King which was otherwise immune to regular fire.
  • High Fantasy: The series has a high fantasy feel what with its title characters who fight against enemies who are numerous and corrupt in a fantastical world filled with fairies and other magical beings.
  • High School AU: A special side spinoff which advertises Uno Fog Bar hairspray features the various characters in a highschool setting. Of note, Diane is depicted as a normal sized human, a number of the characters just simply wear school uniforms over their full body armor, and Gilthunder is a Student Council President who has a bit of an Out-of-Character Moment when his hairspray is stolen.
    • Later, a more proper High School AU spinoff based was created. It's however separate from the first incarnation due to some differences. Noteworthy is that Diane is a giant school girl rather than a regular human one.
  • Humans Are Special: In King's backstory, it's stated that despite humans having shorter lives than fairies and often warring with one another, they are capable of making things like uniquely looking helmets and clothes, and have concepts such as "culture" and "marriage". These otherwise mundane things make humans fascinating to fairies and the like.
    • Gowther, who is clearly something that isn't human, finds the heartfelt human stories to be fascinating.

  • Identical Grandson: In King's backstory, the grandson of a hunter he met looks exactly like the original hunter albeit without a telltale scar.
  • Immortality Seeker: Ban sought out the Fountain of Youth in order to become immortal. His reason for doing this was that he believed that if he lived long enough, something good would eventually happen for him. He gave up this quest when he learned that it would destroy the forest. Unfortunately, he still became immortal via Elaine's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice / Human Pincushion: The Great Holy Knight Zaratras was found propped up dead this way with several spears sticking through him. Ban is sometimes the victim of this but survives it due to being immortal.
  • Impossible Thief: Ban is capable of stealing an object a great distance away, and even an opponent's heart when aided with his holy weapon, a blunt three-stick nunchaku without any attachment.
  • Idiot Crows: Not with a crow per say but with a bird with a similar call that nonetheless fulfills the trope. After the incident with the Byzel Fight Festival, Hawk proudly claims to himself aloud that he almost defeated Guila in their last battle. Cue a nearby bird making a call that sounds like "Idiot" in Japanese in light of his statement. For good measure, the bird even poops on Hawk.
  • Inspector Javert: Due to whoever framed the Sins as well as various rumors, Elizabeth's sister, Veronica, steadfastly believes the Sins are manipulating Elizabeth for something. From what we've seen of the Sins' pasts however, it's obvious she's not getting the full story.
  • Interspecies Romance:
    • King, who is a fairy, has a large crush on Diane, who is a giant.
    • Elaine, another fairy and King's sister, is in love with Ban, a human.
    • Diane in turn has a massive crush on Meliodas, an apparently half demon.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In Ban's backstory, when he went after the elixir of immortality, Elaine told him that if he were to take the elixir, the forest surrounding it would die. Ban promptly decided that it wasn't worth it (claiming that the wildberries used in one of his favorite drinks was grown in that forest). He may be a thief, but he is not a monster.
  • King Arthur: The manga is based around the King Arthur mythos in a fashion similar to how Dragon Ball was originally based around Journey to the West. A number of characters are basically ascended extras of minor obscure characters from the original mythos.
    • Arthur and Camelot are initially mentioned in a very easy to miss line amongst gossiping bar patrons in Chapter 3. Several chapters later, Arthur appears in person himself.
    • The main character Meliodas is named after Tristan's father.
    • An allusion to the Sword in the Stone with Gilthunder's sword embedded in Bernia. Later the actual sword is referenced to regarding Arthur's backstory.
    • The name of the Kingdom of Liones is obviously based on Lyonesse, a kingdom in the Arthurian mythos. This is also why it was translated as such by scanlators early on before how it was supposed to be spelled in english was revealed.
    • The country in which the series takes place is named Britannia.
    • One of the Sins is named Merlin but is a Gender Flip version.
    • Ban and Elaine are named after Lancelot's parents.
    • Gowther is named after Sir Gowther of medieval lore who is said to be the half brother of Merlin of the King Arthur mythos.
    • Escanor is named after Escanor, a knight of the Round Table who kidnapped a serving maid from Arthur's court and killed by Sir Gawain for it.
    • The name of both Elizabeths is a related variation of Isabelle who is the wife of Meliodas from the Arthurian myths.
  • The Kingdom: Three so far:
    • The Kingdom of Liones which has been taken over by the Holy Knights.
    • The Kingdom of Danafor which was destroyed by Meliodas in the past
    • Camelot which is ruled by the newly appointed King Arthur.
  • Knight Templar: Apart from being actual knights, the Holy Knights are willing to overthrow their king, subjugate and kill innocent civilians, and other atrocities in order to prepare for a Holy War that was prophesied to come. They're also willing to use a Demon to enhance their powers.
  • Lady and Knight: Veronica and Griamor have this dynamic.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang: The Sins split up when they came across the corpse of the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras, and were surrounded by the knights of the kingdom. A main plot point of the story is Putting the Band Back Together after a ten year separation.
  • Light Is Not Good: The Holy Knights are the equivalent of paladins, and many of them are incredibly cruel.
  • Locked In The Dungeon: When the Holy Knights took over the kingdom, Princess Margaret was locked in the dungeons. However, it seems like she did so on her own volition. Elizabeth as well gets locked in a different cell in the same dungeons along with Hawk who was accidentally carried along by a teleporting masked Holy Knight.
  • Long Lived: Fairies and Giants have extremely long lifespans compared to humans.
  • Lord Country: The ruling family of the Kingdom of Liones shares its surname with the kingdom's name, Liones.
  • The Lost Woods: Two have appeared in the series so far. The first is the Forest of White Dreams, a foggy forest inhabited by imps called Hide and Seekers and the location where Diane hid. The second is the Forest of the Fairy King, the home of King and Elaine, which unfortunately was burnt down by a demon.
  • Magic Knight: Many characters from both the main protagonists and main antagonists fit this description as they are both inhumanly strong and possess magical abilities.
  • Mayfly-December Romance: Elaine, a more than 700 year old fairy, fell in love with Ban and, in reciprocation, he has sworn to make her his despite her being dead.
  • Medieval European Fantasy: The general setting of the series is medieval fantasy complete with knights and princesses.
  • Mobile Kiosk: Due to the Boar Har being carried on a giant pig, the bar can be moved around the land to serve various other customers in other places. As such, it often comes off as The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday to people who come across the bar for the first time.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Diane and Elizabeth.
  • Mushroom Man / Magic Mushroom: There are a variety of sentient mushroom-like creatures that produce magical spores. One of which is capable of shrinking people with spores if frightened.
  • Noodle Incident: A past mission the Sins had at the Castle of Edinburg prior to their frameup has so far been referred to a few times. The particular mission was the one wherein Ban got so drunk that he couldn't join the rest of the Sins to face off against a group of vampires.
  • Obstructionist Pacifist: Despite being the Sin of Wrath, Meliodas is a Technical Pacifist who chooses to be Willfully Weak and not kill his opponents. While this mindset works out early on in the manga as he and his fellow Sins are vastly more powerful than their opponents, it becomes a deterrent when they encounter the Armored Giant. Not only is this demon so strong that only using their full strength and killing it is the only way to stop it, but killing it is also the only merciful thing to relieve its suffering. Meliodas initially doesn't want to go this route and even hinders comrades of his that want to. It's only when the gravity of the whole matter is apparent to him that he decides to actually stop holding back.
  • One-Man Army: Each individual Holy Knight is considered the equal of a thousand men. When the northern barbarians invade with an army of three thousand men, two knights working together are able to wipe the army out with minimal effort. The new generation of Holy Knights is supposedly even stronger if only because they use demon blood to boost their powers.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with two characters named Elizabeth. One is the princess and the other, known more as Liz, was Meliodas' former lover.
  • Only Mostly Dead: Guila, one of the Holy Knights, stabs and puts herself in a state of near death in order to pursue the Sins to the Capital of the Dead, a place only either the dead or people with a shared memory with the dead can enter.
  • Our Demons Are Different: They're HUGE, practically ogres, are incredibly destructive, and have multiple hearts.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: King and his sister, Elaine, are long living child-like wingless humanoids capable of levitating themselves and other things. King, though, can transform himself into an older, fatter version of himself as he sees it as a form of respect when dealing with royals and others.
    • There is also Oslo who is a fairy type Hell Hound capable of teleporting people to other places by swallowing them.
    • Apparently King and Elaine are so far the only wingless fairies. Other fairies actually have wings.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: Diane, the Serpent's Sin of Envy, is a very attractive young lady... who happens to be enormous. She's too big to fit in most buildings, and actually laments her great height, since it means she can't interact normally with Meliodas, on whom she has a major crush.
  • Party of Representatives: As noted by Gowther, the main protagonists consists of individuals of different races and dispositions such as there being an immortal, a giant, a fairy, and a pig to name a few.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Elizabeth's hair covers her right eye.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Meliodas, in his backstory, wiped out the kingdom of Danafor single-handedly when he lost control of his powers in the past.
  • Pop Goes the Human: There's a 50/50 chance of this happening to a human who drinks demon blood.
  • Powers Do The Fighting: King uses his Flying and Morph Weapon Chastiefol to do most of his fighting since he is a Squishy Wizard who is physically weaker than an old man with a bad back.
  • Product Placement: The first chapters of the High School AU spinoff were basically created just to advertise the Uno Fog Bar hairspray.

  • Really 700 Years Old: King and Elaine are fairies with child-like bodies but are actually really old. Because of this, King opted for an older, fatter illusion of himself before the Sins split up in the past. Meliodas is also actually older than he looks. For him, it's hinted to be some sort of illusion as a disguise for probably being a demon of some sort.
  • Recruiting the Criminal: Years after having been branded as criminals after their frameup, they are being reunited in order to battle the Holy Knights and save the kingdom.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Elizabeth, in spite of being a princess, goes to great lengths to help the Sins on their quest, and often regrets not being able to do more. In a Crowning Moment Of Awesome, she saves two of the Sins by stealing the magic bell off a Holy Knight's staff... by biting the bell off while she's getting beaten bloody with it.
  • Right Out of My Clothes / Naked on Arrival: Happens to a pair of Holy Knights who get eaten by Oslo, King's pet Black Hound. They were actually teleported to a crowded village elsewhere. However just to humiliate them, King just had them teleported without their clothes.
  • Rule Number One: There are a set of rules that go with being a Sin. Rule number three is "A Sin shall ask no questions of another member's sin," according to Ban.
  • Scare The Dog: When he is first encountered, the Black Hound Oslo is frightened by Ban and Meliodas when he senses their respective Killing Intent and Animal Battle Aura.
  • Selective Magnetism: Part of Ban's ability, Snatch, allows him to pull things to himself from great distances like a magnet.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: Each of the Sins has a mark representing a sin, and has powers related to that sin. Their personalities and back stories, though, play with the sin they represent.
    • Wrath: Instead of a stereotypical warmongering Blood Knight, Meliodas is a trickster-like character who is often seen fondling Elizabeth one way or another. In reality however, he is the type you don't want to see wrathful. His past which has yet to be fully revealed, involved his wrath going completely out of hand on epic proportions. Because of what happened, he is generally a pacifist by nature unless push comes to shove.
    • Envy: Diane is generally envious of regular sized girls as she can't interact normally with Meliodas. In reality though, what she really envies deep down are people who are in love.
    • Greed: Ban is a thief that would steal anything that isn't nailed down. His backstory, however, is a subversion of greed as he decided not to steal the elixir of immortality upon learning the truth behind it and even unselfishly tried to save Elaine and it from a demon. He unfortunately was blamed for the destruction for the forest on accusation of greed.
    • Sloth: King carries around a pillow and generally floats around. His so called human form also looks like a slothful fat guy. In addition, he is so pathetically weak by himself that his strength heavily relies on his Sacred Treasure and magic. His backstory involves his dereliction of his responsibilities to keep the peace between the humans and fairies. However, it is a subversion as in reality he didn't willingly neglect them, he just suffered from amnesia for a long time and only Remembered Too Late. Nonetheless he was accused of sloth via doing nothing. Him being constantly too late to do the right thing is a bane of his as he was too late to save his sister who took up his duties to guard the elixir of life, and he was too late to protect Diane.
    • Lust: Gowther is an extremely effeminate looking man but he has a very emotionless personality that lacks, among other things, traits normally stereotyped with lust. His powers are more light and mental based rather than physical but the way they are used invoke themes of lust. Two noteworthy techniques of his are a Lotus-Eater Machine power to trap opponents with illusions to show their heart's desire, and a power that basically Mind Rapes a person.
    • Gluttony: Merlin is a sexy stripperific Lady of Black Magic that even the coverpage of chapter 85 lampshades by mistaking her for the Sin of Lust. Apart from his other moniker being the Crimson Pig, the only telltale relation to her being the Sin of Gluttony is that she apparently has an excess of magical power and abilities.
    • Additionally there is the case of Pelio and his friends who pretend to be the eponymous Sins in their little games. Unlike the actual characters they are pretending as though, Pelio and his friends childishly display and exaggerate one dimensional traits that are stereotypically associated with sins when play. This includes for example, Pelio acting like a loudmouth hothead since he's pretending to be the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, and one of his friends acting like a extortion since he'd pretending to be the Fox's Sin of Greed. The only who doesn't act like this is ironically Armando, who in reality is a persona of Gowther.
  • The Shadow Knows: Meliodas casts a rather demonic shadow in Chapter 28 as a hint of his true nature.
  • Ship Tease: There are multiple instances which ship tease certain couples.
    • There is Meliodas and Elizabeth despite the former's very perverted nature towards the latter. This seems so far to stem from Elizabeth looking like Meliodas' former lover Liz.
    • There is Ban and Elaine, the latter of which often if not always appears alongside him in various covers and other media as a Cute Ghost Girl.
    • There is King and Diane. One of the most blatant of this was the chapter 45 ballroom dancing colorspread which not only shipteases them but the above two couples as well.
  • Shock and Awe: Gilthunder's main power.
  • Shout-Out: In Chapter 68 when Threader puts on his mask, he shouts out "Make-up" similar to Sailor Moon's "Makeup" catchphrase.
  • Shrink Ray: Well more like spores than ray, there's a mushroom creature that will shrink you if scared.
  • Silent Scapegoat: Ban, regarding Elaine's death and the destruction of the forest. His motives for not letting on haven't been revealed so far.
  • Skinny Dipping: Ban requested Elaine skinny dip with him in the past.
    • In the extra of Volume 6, Meliodas teaches King to be more bold, which involved Meliodas going to a pond where Elizabeth and Diane were bathing. Of course, the two were okay with Meliodas being there. King tried to join in, but Diane angrily kicked him out.
  • Spare Body Parts: Demons in the series have two hearts instead of one. This means that ripping out one heart out of one doesn't kill it.
  • Spell My Name with an S: In the early fan scanlations, his name was spelled Hork, but later it was changed when how his name is spelled in English was revealed. Likewise Liones was originally spelled as Lyonesse due to the various King Arthur references.
  • Start X to Stop X: The Great Holy Knight Hendricksen's plan concerning the prophesied Holy War is by reviving the Demon Clan and having the Holy Knights fight these foes. Basically, he wants to start the Holy War as foretold so that he can fight to stop the Holy War. It makes sense for him as he is a massive Colonel Kilgore who believes that war is the sole reason for the existence of his order.
  • A Storm Is Coming: Days prior to the Demon who burnt down the Fairy King's Forest appearing, Elaine noticed some ominous clouds in the distance.
  • Strip Poker: The cover of Chapter 43 has Meliodas, Ban, and King playing a game of poker with King having lost his clothes.
  • Squishy Wizard: King has incredible magic skills especially when aided with his Holy Weapon. Physically however, he can't even land a hit on an old man with a bad back by himself.
  • Sue Donym: Ban enters his and Meliodas' names in the Byzel Fight Festival as Baan and Meliodaz respectively. While the aliases didn't really hide who they were, they were enough of a Paper-Thin Disguise to fool one of their dumber opponents, Hauser.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Meliodas seems to have one as indicated via a shadow on a wall and during his match against Ban in the tournament which he briefly called upon to squeeze out a last minute win.
  • Taken for Granite: King's spear has this as one of its powers.
  • Talking Animal: Hawk, the series mascot, is a talking pig.
  • Telekinesis: Fairies such as King and Elaine are capable of levitating things via their powers.
  • There Is Only One Bed: Meliodas and Elizabeth share the same room and sleep in the same bed, so he can "protect" her. In response though, Hawk ties him up every night as a precaution against what is clearly anything but Innocent Cohabitation.
  • Time Dissonance: Once, a kind hunter gave King and his companion soup after the companion helped him with his work. A few pages later in the story, the same hunter comes across them when King's friend is sick and gives her medicine, after which King finally thanks him for giving him that soup 'recently.' The hunter stops, baffled, before realizing he meant the soup he gave them years ago. The next time we see the hunter, it's actually his grandson. The entire chapter takes place over the course of hundreds of years, but seems to be rather short from King and his companion's perspectives.
  • Tournament Arc: Meliodas, Ban, and King participate in a tournament to regain Diane's weapon.
  • Trading Bars for Stripes: To atone for their original crimes, the Sins were offered the choice to become knights that answer directly to the king of Liones.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Meliodas uses a seemingly worthless broken sword as his primary weapon and never goes anywhere without it. It was never revealed how he got the item but is one of the keys to unseal the Demon Clan. Meliodas says carrying around this sword is the only thing he can do to atone his sins, so you better not touch it.
  • Vagueness Is Coming: A Holy War was prophesied to engulf all of Britannia heralded by the appearance of a unique pattern of shooting stars in the night skies. However who the Holy War would be against is not stated. The King of Liones tried to prevent the war by asking his knights to lay down their swords. The Holy Knights instead decided to prevent the war by overthrowing the king and forcing the various civilians to make preparations for it.
  • Villain Episode / Villains Out Shopping: There is a short story staring Guila in which it shows her spending time with her little brother in her free time.
  • We Are as Mayflies: To Fairies and Giants, Humans have very short lifespans.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 28: Meliodas is hinted to be extremely dangerous via his shadow.
    • Chapter 29: Meliodas is revealed to have destroyed the Kingdom of Danafor in the past when he lost control.
    • Chapter 30: The Demon Ban killed in his backstory is being used to empower the second generation of Holy Knights.
    • Chapter 32: Elizabeth is revealed to have come from the Kingdom of Danafor that Meliodas destroyed.
    • Chapter 60: We finally get the true goal of the Holy Knights, to unlock the seal of the Demon Clan just to start a war in the kingdom they can fight in.
    • Chapter 62: King Arthur and his huge army arrive in Liones.
    • Chapters 66-67: Dreyfus completely overpowers Diane and renders her incapable of fighting back. Though she is at the mercy of him and the accompanying Holy Knights, Hauser and Guila however decide to protect Diane after witnessing firsthand Diane protecting Zeal and the dishonorable lengths their superiors would go.
    • Chapter 70: The up to now Comically Serious effeminate-looking Gowther reveals that he has a darker side as he completely Mind Rapes Dreyfus with his ability "Nightmare Teller".
    • King's Backstory: King and Diane's relationship is revealed to be actually deeper than it initially appeared.
    • Chapters 81-82: In the midst of a battle against Gilthunder, Hendricksen, and the Masked Female Holy Knight, Meliodas attacks some sort of monster that was accompanying Princess Margaret completely hidden from sight. Though this forces Meliodas to take a hit and become wide open to an attack from Hendricksen, Gilthunder of all people comes to Meliodas' aid. It's then revealed that Gilthunder was actually forced to do vile deeds because Margaret had been taken hostage, his Badass Boast of being stronger than any of the Sins was actually a Survival Mantra taught by Meliodas to give Gil courage should he be in a desperate situation, and because said "Courage Charm" was taught by Meliodas, the latter was able to deduce that Gil was in such a situation right away way back when they reunited in the forest where Diane hid. Furthermore, Gil completely knew of the scheme to frame the Sins back then but was forced not to say anything. Gil also knew the true perpetrator of his father's murder and with Margaret safe, he releases all his pent-up wrath and completely obliterates Hendricksen.
    • Chapter 85: Hendricksen awakens the Demon Blood in all of the New Generation Holy Knights and turns them into Demons similar to what happened to Dale. The newly awakened Demons then start rampaging all over the capitol of Liones, devouring anyone and destroying anything in their path. Basically similar to the infamous Eclipse event in Berserk.
    • Chapter 93: Hendricksen is revealed to also possess the corpse of a Gray Demon for whose blood he injects into himself to become a winged satanic looking being.
  • When the Planets Align: According to the prophecy within the story, the sky being filled with several shooting stars whose paths crisscross with one another was an omen that heralds the foretold Holy War.
  • Whole Episode Flashback:
    • "Bandit Ban", the story of how Ban met Elaine, and how he became immortal.
    • "The Fairy King Who Never Came" is about King's failure to protect his friends and his subsequent failure to stop Helbram from murdering humans, due to amnesia.
  • World of Badass: Various characters within the series possess such incredible strength that massive amounts of destruction is quite common.
  • World Tree: The Sacred Tree of the fairies is a gigantic pink leafed tree that serves as a link between the Fairy and Human worlds. Fairies are capable of using parts of it for a number of uses, such as with King whose magical shapeshifting spear was made from the tree.
  • You Are Too Late: This has apparently been a repeated bane that has plagued King's life. He was too late to do anything in an incident that happened in his past, he was too late to save his sister, and he was too late to protect Diane.
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters: The Sins always had this reputation since they were criminals but it's obvious they're good people at heart. Once they got framed however, this became legit by the time the story begins.

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