Reviews: The Seven Deadly Sins


This was at first a glowing review, then a downward spiral of hate, and the last form it will go through is bitter, bitter bitterness.

For the first half of the series, we have a Mary Sue Author Avatar who is ridiculously, shonen-style overpowered to the point where the only thing challenging him is himself holding back, able to cut a mountain in half by swinging a twig, but despite this we are supposed to take him seriously. This same protagonist completely violates and molests a girl he doensn't know who comes looking for him, who not only barely fights this, but falls in love with him. Not because they have a deep relationship or things in common, but because he agreed to help her. Once. And then a few days later, she is willing to sacrifice her life for his and says her sister, who has known her much longer than said AuthorAvatar, is just a meanie who doesn't understand. And an annoying pig.

But still, things weren't terrible. We had interesting side cast, like Ban, Diane, and especially King. Although Ban's relationship with Elaine is out-and-out pedophilia, which I refuse to support even a little, and is disgusting. It was, Meliodas aside, a series that had overpowered main characters and didn't hurt for it.

After Hendrickson, who was a decent antagonist who provided legitimate threat, is beaten, things go to shit. I mean actual, literal shit. I went from loving this series to loathing it. Meliodas gets a sword after having his broken that lets him multiply himself (with no effort on his part, it's just given to him) that is never used again because right after, he gets the other 90% of his power back. And then beats two of the obscenely powerful Ten Commandments by himself. It takes the other ten showing up to trash him all at once to get close to beating him. Yeah, that danger and risk that we had in the first half? It means nothing now, Meliodas was just badly handicapped. If that's not enough for you, even when Estarossa out-and-out KILLS him, he still doesn't die, because it turns out Meliodas has a curse from the demon king that won't let him. Yeah. We're really feeling that meaningful risk and conflict. And Escanor trashes Estarossa with no effort, who was not only a cool antagonist, but the only one who actually felt like a threat. Oh, and the pedophilia returns with a vengeance. Somehow we are supposed to think this is okay because reincarnations make everything excusable.

In short, this series started shaky, but good, and then took a nosedive into the garbage from whence it can't come back. Just another example of a shitty mangaka beating off to his own work and somehow getting good sales from it.

No Hugging, No Kissing Proudly Defied

The Seven Deadly Sins is so far one of the only Shōnen manga I've followed dedicatedly where hugging and kissing and love confessions get shown in full. Most times, the authors of these works will be allergic to this sort of thing and keep it out of the work until the very end, and even at that point may try to tiptoe away from anything major by downplaying it, or have the romance cut short by tragedy and/or never be meant to be. Yes. I know that such happens here, too, but at least Suzuki's polite about it by giving us advance warning- some works will just do it as an "F you" at the end. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've run into that. It makes me feel like authors have a grudge against the nitty-gritty of love, or that the Japanese culture is so full of wistful and sentimental feelings leads me to a rather admittedly fallacial argument that they think sadness is more beautiful than love.

But here, romance is not forbidden. It adds meaning and character to the story and Suzuki doesn't hesitate to let it emerge in the work when it really matters. That's why I like it so much. Some people are bound to complain about the gushy sweetness these moments bring to the table, but they keep the story beautiful in my book... well, when they're not blatantly perverted, that is.