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YMMV: The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Complete Monster: From the Manga, Great Holy Knight Hendricksen is one of the two great Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Liones. Unlike his partner Dreyfuss, with whom he has overthrown the King and seized control of the nation, Hendricksen seeks to free the Demon Clan from bondage and plunge the world into a bloody war. Using the blood of a captive demon, Hendricksen mystically empowers trainee knights with a 50/50 success rate. The failures simply explode into blood and gore. When the heroic Deadly Sins, led by Meliodas, attack the kingdom, it is revealed Hendricksen participated in the murder of his and Dreyfuss's predecessor Zaratras and Hendricksen has enslaved Zaratras's son Gilthunder by using an invisible monster to threaten the life of Gil's beloved. Hendricksen proceeds to force every demon tainted knight to transform into horrible monsters by awakening the blood inside them, having them rampage and destroy anyone and anything in their path while he uses the princesses as hostages to deal critical injuries to Meliodas and Gilthunder, telling Gil's admirer Vivian he'll revive Gil as an obedient corpse for her. If this wasn't enough, Hendricksen revives his slain right-hand fairy Helbram as a mindless corpse and mocks Helbram's former best friend King about how he can have the pleasure of killing his best friend again as King suffers a mental breakdown.

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