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Characters: Terraria
Given the loads of NPC's, monsters, and bosses. It's no doubt that there's a character list for this game. This page also Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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    The Player 

The nameless player starts off with a copper short sword, a copper pickaxe, and a copper axe, along with a carrot to summon a bunny if they bought the collector's edition. The player can also be joined by others in multiplayer.
  • Badass: Over the course of the game you will run into various Eldritch Abominations, and if you are armed and prepared enough, you can KILL said abominations in combat,then take it even further by FARMING them.

  • Continuing Is Painful: Medium and Hard Core, Medium core simply drops all of your items on death (A la Minecraft) But the items can be hard to locate if you were deep underground. Hard Core however, deletes your character and not your world, so you can create a new character to continue. At the expense of both the items and the gained health/mana from the dead character.
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Soft core plays it straight, suffer losing half your carried money and get sent back to your natural/set spawn point.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Essentially every single boss fight. As a side note you actually fight the Brain and Eye of Cthulhu.
  • Featureless Protagonist: The game sports a numerous amount of customizations for your character, meaning that you can add your own personal touch to the character so it looks the way you want it to.
    • And it's played straight in all of the NPC dialogue.
  • Final Death: Hardcore mode, once the player dies, they drop their items and the character is deleted, unlike Minecraft's example, only the player, not the world is deleted, so a new character can be created to continue.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: By killing the Wall of Flesh, the Player turns a slightly corrupted world into one threatened to be overrun by huge, competing, pockets of hallow and corruption.

    Non-Player Characters 

All NPC's can move into a player's town if they have, a room with light, a large item (such as a table, dresser, bookshelf, etc.) and a comfort item (such as a chair, bench, bed, etc.), a door and the following criteria specific to the NPC.

The Guide

First NPC you start out with, he can give tips and show you what can be crafted with a material, generally regarded as the scrappy, even by the developers themselves. He is however, used to summon the Wall of Flesh by throwing a voodoo doll of him into lava in the underworld.
  • The Smart Guy: Supposedly.
  • Voodoo Doll: First hinted at by the Arms Dealer before they are found being carried by voodoo demons in the underworld. Equipping it as an accessory allows you to actively harm the guide with whatever weapon you had and throwing it into lava also vaporized the guide with it. Should it be thrown into lava in the underworld then it summons the Wall of Flesh.


Possibly the second NPC to arrive once you obtain 50 silver coins. He can sell you a mining helmet (8 gold), a player-sided piggy bank (1 gold), an iron anvil (50 silver), a copper pickaxe (5 silver), copper axe (4 silver), torches (50 copper), a lesser healing potion(3 silver), a mana potion if the player reaches 200 mana (1 silver), wooden arrows (10 copper), shurikens (20 copper), glowsticks during the night (10 copper), a safe after you defeat Skeletron (50 gold), throwing knives during a blood moon (50 copper) a disco ball during hard mode (1 gold), rope (10 copper), flares and blue flares (7 copper), marshmallows if he's moved into a snow biome (1 silver), and gold dust at some point in hardmode for imbuement or bullets (17 silver).
  • Disk One Nuke: He can sell shurikens which are fairly inexpensive, pierce enemies and have a high chance to be recovered. If you talk to him on a blood moon then he can sell you throwing knives which are even more damaging and useful.


The nurse will move in once a player has found a heart crystal to expand their maximum health above the starting 100. She can heal the player the player and remove any debuffs, the price depending on how bad the player is hurt.


Moves in after you find grenades/dynamite or craft sticky bombs and can sell you more of them, each explosive having a purpose. Bombs (5 silver) can be used in some way to mine around, grenades (4 silver), explode on contact with enemies without destroying terrain, making it useful for combat, dynamite (50 silver) have a much more violent explosion and are better used for blowing out big holes in the ground, in a cave or through meteorite and ebonstone. If the world is on hard mode then he can sell hellfire arrows, which explode on contact when fired (1 silver), explosive powder for making exploding bullets (12 silver) and landmines that explode when stepped on (5 gold).


She will move in if you have defeated a boss monster such as the Eye of Cthulhu. She can tell how corrupt the world is and sell you purification powder (75 copper) to remove corruption, grass seeds (20 copper), sunflowers to stop pre-hardmode corruption (2 silver), acorns to replant trees (10 copper), a dirt rod to simply move dirt around (20 gold), grass and flower walls (10 copper), jungle walls in hardmode (10 copper), mushroom grass seeds if she's moved into a surface mushroom biome (1 silver and 50 copper) during a blood moon when she has some problems, she can sell you vile powder for removing the hallow (1 silver), and corruption seeds (5 silver). In hardmode, she can sell hallowed seeds (20 silver) and also tell how much of the world is Hallow.

Arms Dealer

He moves in after you find a gun (presumably, a musket from a shadow orb) and can sell you musket bullets (7 copper), a flintlock pistol (5 gold), a Minishark (35 gold), unholy arrows during the night after the Eater of Worlds is defeated (40 copper), illegal gun parts every night except during a new moon (75 gold), silver bullets are sold during a blood moon or permanently in hard mode (15 silver), a Shotgun during hard mode as well (70 gold), empty bullets for crafting into special bullets (3 copper per bullet) and Stynger bolts if you have the weapon (15 copper a bolt).


He can move in after you defeat Skeletron and free the old man from his curse. He can sell you clothing items for vanity purposes, including black thread for tuxedos (1 gold), pink thread for pink eskimo suits (1 gold), a summer hat during the day (1 gold), a set of plumbers clothing during a full moon (50 gold for a full set), the night after that he can sell Doctor's clothing (40 gold for a set), familiar clothing that hides your armor (3 gold for a full set), a mime's mask during a blood moon (2 gold), a set of clowns clothing after you defeat one in hard mode (3 gold for a set), a beanie if in the snow biome (1 gold), 2 days after a full moon in hardmode, he sells the Tam O' Shanter (1 gold and 50 silver), a tiara (25 gold) and a princess dress (10 gold) 4 days after a full moon, 6 days after a full moon he sells the cowboy set (15 for the whole set) and the gangsta and balla hats after defeating the Frost Legion (completely free). He also drops his red hat when killed.
  • Shout-Out: Nearly every line he says is a reference to a Tom Hanks movie.
  • Voodoo Doll: Now dropped by Skeleton Mages in the dungeon, in-case you aren't bothered to build an elaborate lava trap to get his hat.

Goblin Tinkerer

After a goblin invasion, he can be found underground, bound, forcing you to free him before he will move into your home, he can reforge items in case they were crafted with a defect (Or you want the best variants like Legendary, Unreal and Mythical), the price depends on the buy value of the item, which increases and decreases based on its variant. He also sells rocket boots (5 gold), a ruler to indicate block positions on screen (1 gold), a tinkerers workshop to combine accessories together (10 gold), a grappling hook in case you couldn't find the hook for one (2 gold), a toolbelt to increase placement range (10 gold), and spiked balls to lay down as traps (80 copper).


Like the goblin, she's also bound, and found in the dungeon, having to be rescued before she moves into your home, she sells anything needed for wired up contraptions, such as the wrench for placing wires, a blue wrench for blue wire and a green wrench for green wire (2 gold each), a wire cutter for removing such (2 gold), wires (5 silver), a floor mounted lever (30 silver), a wall mounted switch (20 silver) and green, red, gray, brown, blue and yellow pressure plates (20 silver), and an actuator that turns any block it's placed over into an active/inactive block (10 silver).


Once the world is in hard mode, he can appear underground, also bound. Once freed, he can move in and sell you various items for more magic focused players such as a greater mana potion (5 silver), a crystal ball that gives a clairvoyance buff (10 gold), a music box that can record in-game music tracks (10 gold), a spell tome for enchanting into the Cursed Flames or Crystal Storm tome (5 gold), a bell for crafting into the Fairy Bell (1 gold), a harp for turning into the Magical Harp (1 gold) and an ice rod for creating temporary blocks of ice (1 platinum).

Santa Claus

He will only move in if 1: It's around December 15th to 31st and 2: If you summon, and defeat the Frost Legion. Once he moves in, he will sell you Christmas related items such Santa's clothing (75 for a full set), and green, blue and red Christmas lights (5 silver).


The Painter moves in when you find a painting and place it in a room. The painter sells the paint brush for painting blocks, the paint roller for painting background walls and the paint scraper for removing the paint (1 gold each) and paint of all colors through the rainbow including some monochromes (25 per item) and he can sell various paintings not only depending on the moon cycle but what biome he's currently moved into (1 gold a painting).

Dye Trader

The dye trader moves in when you have found any item which is an ingredient for making dyes. He sells the dye vat that is placed for making said dyes out of items (5 gold) and silver dye (1 gold).
  • Color-Coded Multiplayer: In a multiplayer server, he sells Team Dye that changes the color of the armor/clothing that it's applied to the respective color of the team if you are on one.

Party Girl

The party girl moves in if you like to party (in actual terms, you have eight NPC's moved in) and she sells the bubble machine that makes bubbles when placed (4 gold), confetti guns (75 silver per gun), smoke bombs (20 copper a bomb), confetti for making party bullets and party flasks (1 silver), and when the world is in hardmode, she sells blue, red, green and yellow firework rockets. (15 silver)
  • All Periods Are PMS: She's the only female NPC that averts this during the Blood Moon.
  • Joke Item: All of her items have no real significance for actual combat or other tasks but just there to, well, party.
  • Lethal Joke Item: the Fireworks she sells in Hardmode can kill enemies and even bosses, and the Confetti she sells can be combined with empty casings from the Arms Dealer to make Confetti Ammunition, which is more powerful than all pre-Hard Mode ammunition.
  • Shout-Out: She is a very blatant shout out to Pinkie Pie, she has blue eyes, dark pink hair, a love for parties, etc. And she can have names such as Sparkle and Trixie.

Witch Doctor

The witch doctor moves in after defeating the Queen Bee and sells the imbuing station for making flasks of various effects on melee attacks (7 gold), a blowgun (5 gold), the tiki armor set after obtaining the Pygmy Staff from Plantera (1 platinum and 50 gold for the full set), the Pygmy Necklace during the night after said condition is met (40 gold), the Hercules Beetle after the tiki armor conditions are met and he's moved into a jungle (40 gold), vials of venom after defeating Plantera and used for venom bullets or venom flasks (10 silver per vial), a Tiki Totem that summons a totem spirit pet if moved into a jungle (2 platinum), a pair of leaf wings if moved into a jungle and during the night (1 platinum), Stynger bolts after obtaining the Stynger (75 copper a bolt), and the various biome water fountains that change the surrounding water after defeating the Golem (completely free).


The Steampunker moves in if you have beaten at least one hardmode boss, she sells the Clentaminator (2 platinum), the steampunker vanity set during a waning moon (4 gold and 50 silver for a full set), during a waxing moon, she sells a jetpack (40 gold), the solidifier for turning gel into gel blocks(10 gold), the Blend-o-matic for turning gel and stone into asphalt that improves running speed (10 gold), a teleporter (2 gold and 50 silver), green solution when no others are on sale for use with the Clentaminator (25 silver a piece), blue solution when in the hallow (25 silver), purple solution during a bloodmoon or eclipse on a world with corruption (5 silver), red solution during a bloodmoon or eclipse on a world with crimson (5 silver) and cogs for crafting into high-velocity bullets or steampunk furniture (7 silver a cog).


The truffle will only move into a house within a surface mushroom biome during hardmode and cannot be moved anywhere outside of it. Once moved in he sells the Mushroom Spear (20 gold), a hammush (40 gold), the mushroom cap (2 gold, the autohammer for turning chlorophyte bars and glowing mushrooms into shroomite bars (2 platinum), the strange glowing mushroom that summons a baby truffle pet (45 gold) and the dark blue solution for the steampunker's Clentaminator.


The cyborg will move in once you have defeated Plantera. He sells rocket I's (50 copper per rocket), Rocket II's during the bloodmoon that can destroy terrain (2 silver and 50 copper a rocket), Rocket III's that have a bigger explosion, during the night (1 silver), and Rocket IV's that have the size of Rocket III's but destroy terrain, during the Solar Eclipse (5 silver)), a proximity mine launcher (35 gold) and nanites which are used for nanite bullets or flasks.


The pirate moves in after defeating the Pirate Invasion and sells cannons (25 gold), cannonballs (10 silver), the pirate vanity set (15 gold for a full set), a parrot cracker if he's moved into a home by the ocean and summons a parrot as a pet (3 platinum and 75 gold), a bunny cannon (50 gold) and bunnies strapped with explosives (35 silver a bunny).


A new NPC introduced in 1.2.3 that is found inside a spider nest, bounded by webs and can be freed like the goblin tinkerer, mechanic and wizard. She can change your hair style to any of the ones used in character creation for 1 gold or any of her exclusive hair styles for 5 gold. She also sells various hair dyes that makes the player's hair react to certain conditions such as the Life Hair Dye that goes from red to black depending on how much life the player has.

Traveling Merchant

An NPC introduced in 1.2.3 that has a 1-in-4 chance of spawning every day once the player has atleast two NPCs moved in and no other daytime events are occurring (goblin invasion, pirate invasion, eclipse). Unlike other NPCs, he does not move into a home and instead wanders around near where your home is. He carries a random list of rare goods each time he appears and leaves a 6 PM during the day he appears. The list of the possible items he carries is quite a lot so it's best to find out for yourself what he carries.


An NPC introduced in 1.2.4 sleeping in the ocean. His job is to send you on a quest for a specific fish.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: He's a child and at times refers to the player as an errand boy
  • Infant Immortality: He can be hurt by monsters or traps like the other townsfolk, but instead of dying bloodily like the others, he vanishes in a puff of smoke with the message "[name] has left" when his health runs out. Since this is how some phantasmal enemies like the Wraith "die," the most popular explanation is that he's a ghost, so whether this is an aversion or not is unclear.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: So far the only NPC that is shorter than everybody else


The Eye of Cthulhu

First boss of the game, it can appear if you craft/find and use a suspicious looking eye during the night, or if you expand you maximum health over 200, it has 2800 health and the first phase involves spawning tinier versions of it, after its health goes down to 1400, it will transform into its second phase, the lens turning into a gaping maw as it rams you much more often but it does lose a bit of defense from it. On death, it will drop gold, potions, demonite ore/crimtane ore (depending if it's corruption/crimson in the world respectively) and several hearts to refill your life along with a chance for it to drop binoculars and it's respective boss trophy and mask.

The Eater of Worlds

A giant worm and the second boss of the game that will show up when you smash three shadow orbs in succession or craft and use worm food. It is a giant version of the devourer and each section can have 65/150/220 health if it is the head/body/tail respectively. When a section of it is killed, it will split into multiple worms, more-so the more you split it, so it's best to attack the head. Every section also drops demonite ore and shadow scales, while killing the last section will net you some potions along with a chance of dropping an Eater's Bone (summons a baby Eater of Souls as a pet) and it's respective boss trophy and mask
  • Asteroids Monster
  • Sand Worm: Well, Corruption Worm. Plays this straight if summoned in a corrupted desert.
  • Segmented Serpent: Destroying the wrong segments (read: anything that isn't the head) will cause it to split!


A giant floating skull and arms that is summoned by talking to the old man at the entrance of a dungeon at night. It has 4400 health on its head, while its arms/hands have 600 each. Its attack pattern consists of swinging its hands at you before spinning its head in your direction, lowering its defense while doing extra damage. Upon death, it will drop 5 gold coins and some potions with a chance to drop the Skeletron mask, the skeletron hand (works like a grappling hook), a Book of Skulls (a spell tome), it's boss trophy and it will grant you access to the dungeon and allow the clothier to move into your home. After being defeated for the first time, Skeletron can be fought again if a player equips a Clothier Voodoo Doll and kills the Clothier during night.

King Slime

The king slime will appear when the player is 2/3 from the center of the map, on a chance of 1 in 300, or if the player crafts and uses a slime crown. It has 2000 health and will shrink as it's attacked, spawning smaller blue slimes as it does so. Upon defeat, it will drop a single gold coin and one of three pieces of the ninja clothing and a chance to drop the Slime Hook, Slime Gun, a Slimy Saddle that summons a slime mount and it's respective trophy and mask.

Wall of Flesh

The final pre-hardmode boss, the Wall of Flesh is summoned by tossing a guide voodoo doll into lava in the underworld. As its name implies, it's a giant wall of flesh with two eyes and a mouth that advances on the player, shooting Eye Beams, barfing out leaches, and having "the hungry" attached to it. It also has a shared health of 8000. Upon defeat, the drops are spawned in a box of demonite brick with a nice sum of money, a Pwnhammer, and one of the six rewards ranging from a warrior/ranger/sorcerer emblem, a Laser Rifle, a Clockwork Assault Rifle, or a Breaker Blade along with it's respective boss trophy and mask. Its death also triggers the spawning of two massive veins of hallow and corruption/crimson as the world goes into hard mode.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom
  • Beef Gate: The Wall of Flesh will easily kill the under-prepared, to prevent them form unleashing hardmode prematurely.
  • Disc One Final Boss
  • Eye Beams
  • Eldritch Abomination
  • Flunky Boss: This game loves these bosses a lot.
  • Go for the Eye: While both its mouth and eyes are vulnerable, the eyes have zero defence and thus do not benefit from any Damage Reduction, making them the preferred targets.
  • Nintendo Hard: Either you're over-prepared or you die. There is no middle ground.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: Its death infects the world with large swathes of ever-expanding hallow and corruption.
  • Time-Limit Boss: You have to defeat it before it reaches the other side of the world and kills you.
  • Turns Red: As you wear down its health, it will start gaining speed, belch up leeches more often and will shoot its Eye Beams more often.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: The wall will use its tongue to reel you in if you run to far from it, get behind it or try to escape the underworld conventionally. Trying to use the magic mirror to escape splatters you when you reach your spawn. This isn't as bad as it sounds for soft-core or even medium-core characters as your money/items drop at the spawn/bed that you warped to. Hard-core however...

The Destroyer

Possibly the first of the hard mode bosses you face, it's a mechanical version of the Eater of Worlds. It has 80000 health and is summoned by crafting and using a mechanical worm during the night. Like the Eater of Worlds, it burrows through the ground and attacks by ramming, and also by firing lasers from its sections. It will deploy probes from its sections to attack the player. Upon defeat, it drops 12 gold, greater healing potions, Souls of Might and hallowed bars along with it's boss trophy and mask
  • Animal Mecha
  • Attack Drone: Sends these out.
  • Beam Spam: Both its sections and probes can do this from time to time.
  • Boss Arena Recovery: Destroying the probes it sends out will get at least one heart and/or a mana star if you've been using magic weapons.
  • Flunky Boss: The probes it sends out.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams
  • Marathon Boss: Has more HP than any other opponent in the game, but averted if the player has a weapon with a large area of effect and/or hits multiple times. Each of The Destroyer's segments is an individual hitbox, so one piercing projectile can hit The Destroyer ten times. If someone has already defeated The Twins and has used their souls of sight to build a Magical Harpnote  weapon, the boss fight becomes nearly effortless.
  • Segmented Serpent: The player can attack multiple segments at one go, allowing them to deplete is massive HP faster.
  • Time-Limit Boss: Runs away at dawn.

The Twins

A mechanical version of the Eye of Cthulhu, except there are two of them, Retinazer and Spazmatism. They're summoned by crafting and using a mechanical eye at night, they have 24000 health each, and each attack the player: Retinazer by firing lasers and occasionally ramming, Spazmatism by firing cursed flames and also occasionally ramming. When down to 12000, Retinazer transforms into a mechanical eye with a larger laser cannon in place of its lens, firing lasers and spamming occasionally. Spamatism transforms into a mechanical maw, firing a stream of cursed flame and ramming at the player like the EoC on crack. Upon the defeat of the two, they drop 12 gold, greater healing potions, Souls of Sight and hallowed bars and either of them can drop their boss trophies and masks.
  • Breath Weapon: Spazmatism will spew a constant stream of Cursed Flames in his second phase.
  • Beam Spam: The lower Retinazer's health is in the second phase, the more it does so.
  • Dual Boss: The only one in the game, for some reason.
  • Eye Beams: Retinazer, Retinazer, Retinazer.
  • Giant Eye Of Doom: Two of them this time.
  • Hellfire: Used by Spazmatism.
  • Short Range Guy Long Range Guy: Apparent in their second forms- Spazmatism is the Short Range, attempting to stay close to breathe cursed flames and charge the player, while Retinazer is the Long Range, attempting to stay far while firing lasers at the player.
  • Time-Limit Boss: The two will run away at dawn.
  • Turns Red: Their second forms, but Retinazer has a particularly noteworthy one; the lower its health gets during its second phase, the faster it fires the laser cannon, especially in its Beam Spam.

Skeletron Prime

The mechanical version of Skeletron. Summoned by crafting and using a mechanical skull at night, it has a max life of 30000 on the head and attacks the player by swinging its vice or saw arm, shooting at the player with the laser arm, or bombing the player with its cannon arm. Unlike Skeletron, who loses defense when spinning, Prime gains defense when spinning. Compared to the other two hard mode bosses, Prime is the hardest of the three and usually requires teamwork (or bug exploitation) to defeat. When destroyed, it drops 12 gold, greater healing potions, Souls of Fright and hallowed bars along with a chance to drop it's boss trophy and mask.


The true final boss, found only in the console versions of Terraria. He has 35000 max health and is summoned by using the item called the Suspicious Looking Skull, and is the hardest boss in the game. Ocram can best be described as a flying Predator head. On death, he drops Souls of Blight and Adamantite Ore, along with a chance of dropping pieces of the console-specific new armor sets.
  • Beam Spam: Its first form loves this.
  • Bullet Hell: Not only does it do this itself, but this is also the focus of most strategies for fighting him.
  • Call Back: Oddly enough, to the Eye of Cthulhu. His strategy is similar, his flunkies are called "Servants of Ocram" like the Eye's "Servants of Cthulhu", and they share a battle theme.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Quite.
  • Final Boss: Confirmed to be as such by the (console version's) developers.
  • Flunky Boss: Sends out Servants of Ocram, though he has plenty of other attacks. They're fairly easy to kill if you use Crystal Bullets. However, don't mistake him for relying solely upon them.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Has no buildup or references, not even in the item used to summon him. He's also the only non-robotic Hardmode boss.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He moves fast and hits HARD.
  • Nintendo Hard: He's pretty much impossible to kill without near-endgame to endgame armor.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: If you summon it too close to your house/town, it can and will kill your NPCs.
  • Turns Red: His second form turns out his eyes, reveals a bigger eye, and also amps up the power of his Beam Spam attack.

Brain of Cthulhu

One of the new bosses in the crimson biome of the 1.2 update and has 1000 health. It first attacks by releasing eyeball-like minions called Creepers against you and cannot be harmed until all of them have been killed. Then it will expose its heart and start attacking you, allowing you to directly damage it. Defeating it rewards you with Crimtane Ore and tissue samples that are used to make items similar in quality to the Demonite weapons and armor. It also has a chance to drop a trophy and mask.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Again, at least the brain of one.
  • Flunky Boss: Much like the Eye of Cthulhu, it summons eyeball-like minions to attack you
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Due to being a floating brain-like enemy that attacks you with eyeball-like minions, the Brain of Cthulhu is possibly the closest thing the PC version has to Ocram.
  • Teleport Spam: In the second half of the fight.

Queen Bee

One of the new bosses that can be found in the randomly generated beehives in the underground jungle and summoned by either breaking an object within a hive or crafting and using an Abeemination. She has 3400 health and attacks by ramming, shooting stingers at you and summoning smaller bees. On defeat, she can drop the Bee Gun, the hive wand (places down hive blocks), part of the bee vanity set, a nectar to summon a hornet pet, the Bee Keeper (A bee themed sword), the Honeycomb (summons bees when hit) and her trophy and mask


A new boss of the jungle biome during hardmode. It has 30000 health and is encountered by destroying the glowing pink plants you find and it chases after you by grappling onto the walls. The fight first starts off with it shooting poisonous stingers at you and when down to half health, the petal will split into a maw while having several of it's flunky plants sprout out. On defeat, Plantera will drop the temple key that unlocks the door to the Lihzarhd temple along with other items that have a chance of dropping such as the seedling (summons a seedling pet), The Axe (a guitar themed hammeraxe), the Pygmy Staff (allows you to summon Pygmies), a Grenade Launcher and the respective rocket ammo, the Venus Magnum, the Nettle Burst (a supped up Vilethorn), A Leaf Blower, a Flower Pow, the Wasp Gun and its respective trophy and mask like the rest of the bosses now have.
  • Berserk Button: If you lure it out of the Underground Jungle biome, it will become more aggressive and damaging.
  • Flunky Boss: The plants that it sprouts when it Turns Red.
  • Man-Eating Plant: Even more so than the Man Eaters you used to encounter in the jungle.
  • Pun: Of the band Pantera, especially so because of its unique boss theme.
  • Spike Balls of Doom: Spits these out in its first phase.
  • Spike Shooter: First phase uses these.
  • Turns Red: At half health, the flower will drop off, sprout tentacle plants, and it'll become much faster and damaging.


The boss of the Lihzarhd temple by using Lihzarhd Power Cells at the temple's altar. The fight starts with the Golem shooting its chained fists (7000 health each) at you along with shooting fireballs and lasers from its head (16000 health). When the head is fully damaged, it flies into the air and you then have to attack its previously invulnerable body (9000 health) while avoiding the floating head's attacks. On defeat, it can drop a Stynger, a Possessed Hatchet, a Sun Stone, the Eye of Golem, a Picksaw, a Heat Ray, a Staff of the Earth, one of it's fists, and it's respective trophy and mask
  • Cognizant Limbs: His arms can be attacked and destroyed separately.
  • Eye Beams: The first phase uses these when its health gets low. The head in the second phase also uses them.
  • Fireballs
  • Frickin' Laser Beams
  • Golem
  • Hyper Destructive Bouncing Ball: The fireballs the head shoots out.
  • Losing Your Head: When he Turns Red. Justified because he's a construct.
  • Outside-the-Box Tactic: The Golem used to be unable descend wooden platforms, and it spawns by dropping down from the ceiling. Setting up a barrier can prevent you from having to take Collision Damage entirely. This has been fixed as of 1.2.3.
    • It's still one of two bosses unable to pass through solid blocks, allowing a player to trap him inside and attack him from there with a wall-piercing weapon.
  • Rocket Punch: His arms. The Golem Fist he drops allows the player to do the same.
  • Turns Red: Its head flies into the air and becomes invincible when its health is depleted, forcing you to attack its body directly.

Duke Fishron

A giant fish-pig-dragon hybrid summoned by using a Truffle Worm as fish bait in the ocean. Duke Fishron has 50000 health, is extremely fast and will attempt to charge into the player a few times before either spewing a stream of homing bubbles, or dropping typhoon projectiles that spawn Sharknados- tornadoes that spew sharks. Once he Turns Red, his eyes glow and his attacks become faster and deadlier. On defeat, Duke Fishron can drop the Flairon, the Tsunami, the Razorblade Typhoon spell, the Bubble Gun, the Tempest Staff (summon your very own Sharknado), his wings, and his respective trophy and mask.
  • Ascended Meme: Was originally supposed to be the boss of an April Fools' Day joke, the Tidal Moon event. While the event isn't real, Duke Fishron is.
  • Bubble Gun: Spits homing bubbles at the player.
  • Flunky Boss: Summons Sharknadoes and Cthulhunadoes that spew out flying shark projectiles called Sharkrons.
  • Flying Seafood Special
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: When he Turns Red.
  • Homing Projectile: His bubbles and his Cthulhunado typhoon.
  • King Mook: To both a Mook (Pigron) as well as a particular fishing catch (Fishron).
  • Lightning Bruiser: Extremely fast, extremely painful, and sports 50000 health, more than most other bosses.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: A fish-pig-dragon creature.
  • Nintendo Hard: Deals painful damage with his attacks, moves extremely fast, and a lot of health to wear down. Speed-increasing items and Wings are pretty much mandatory if you don't want to be torn to shreds.
  • Ramming Always Works: Has a high tendency to ram the player.
  • Shout-Out: Has the ability to summon Sharknadoes.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: He can only be summoned via a Truffle Worm.
  • Turns Red: Gains Glowing Eyes of Doom, charges faster but less often, and changes his bubble spray into a spinning spray that creates more bubbles and his Sharknado into a Cthulhunado which is much larger, homes in on the player before deploying, and summons many more Sharkrons.
  • Victor Gains Loser's Powers: When the player beats him, they get equipment based on his abilities: Flairon and Bubble Gun are based on his bubble spray, Tsunami is based off his relentless charges, Razorblade Typhoon is based off his Cthulhunado-spawning homing typhoons, the Tempest Staff is a smaller Sharknado, and Fishron's Wings give the player the Duke's superior air and water mobility.

     Rare Enemies 

Goblin Scout

A semi-rare enemy that appears above 0 depth, during the day, around two-thirds away from the center of the map (the same area in which the King Slime can spawn). Scouts will not spawn on sand or in the corruption, nor will they appear among the other goblins during the goblin invasion.


A rare overworld slime that is tiny and pink. It's hard to hit but, when killed, it will drop a single gold coin, useful for players starting out.

Doctor Bones

A zombie that spawns rarely in the jungle (both above and underground) during the night, wearing an archaeologist's hat, who drops it when killed. It's tougher than the regular zombie as well.

The Groom

A zombie wearing a top hat that spawns during a blood moon, the top hat is also dropped upon death, like Dr. Bones, he also has higher HP than the regular zombie.

Undead Miner

A skeleton that appears underground, wearing a glowing mining helmet. When killed, it can drop bombs, a hook, or mining pants/shirt. They're easy to spot due to the glow of their helmets, and they can help illuminate undiscovered caverns.


A Hardmode enemy that only spawns during Blood Moons. The Clown throws bombs, and, until Patch 1.2, was the only enemy in the game capable of damaging blocks.


A skeleton sorcerer that can spawn underground. Like other casters, it will teleport around and fire projectiles until you kill it. When killed, Tim drops a wizard hat that can be used to increase magic damage or simply as a vanity item.

Ice Golem

The Ice Golem uncommonly appears in a Hardmode Ice biome during a blizzard. They can fire ice beams that slow the player for a very long time or even freeze. They have 4000 hp and drop the Frost Core, essential for crafting the Frost Armor, and may rarely drop the Ice Feather used to craft Frozen Wings.


The Wyvern sometimes appears in high altitudes in Hardmode. They zoom quickly across the screen and through tiles, and have 4000 HP and drop Souls of Flight, essential for the crafting of the games many wings.

Lost Girl/The Nymph

What appears to be an NPC named "Lost Girl", similar to the ones the player can rescue. Approaching her, however, has her transform into a green-skinned nymph that will maul unsuspecting players with potent melee attacks.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: She's depicted as fully naked, but lacks nipples or genitalia. Probably a display of modesty more than limitations of the art style.
  • Luck-Based Mission: She can drop a banner just like every other enemy. She's also one of the rarest spawns in the game. This does not affect her 0.5% chance to drop said banner
  • Horny Devils: Mentioned above, she's naked and fairly attractive. Until she turns that is...


Appearing in the 1.2 Hardmode Dungeon, the Paladin is a heavily armored knight that throws giant hammers that cause a lot of damage and are very hard to avoid due to the dungeon's cramped spaces. They have 5000 HP.

Rune Wizard

Appearing in the Hardmode Caverns, the Rune Wizard is an extremely rare enemy with one of the most powerful attacks in the game.
  • Glass Cannon: He can dish out some incredible pain, but he can't take a hit.
  • Nice Hat: You get his hat and robe if you kill him.
  • Teleport Spam: Not to the extent of the dungeon mages, but he does warp around if you can't kill him quickly.

     Dem Bones 

You spend a lot of time battling skeletons in the game so here's a list of them: The first type of skeleton is found underground and drops hooks occasionally. Then, there's the undead miner (see above) and Tim (also see above). Skeletron (see above) is fought to get into the dungeon. Once you get to the dungeon, you find angry bones that come in their normal size, along with big boned and small boned sizes. Also present are dark casters and then the cursed skulls (which can curse the player, rendering them unable to use items). In the underworld, you will find the bone serpent. On hard mode, the player fights armored skeletons and their heavy variants underground that poses a threat of breaking their armor (halved defense for five minutes) and skeleton archers that shoot flaming arrows at the player. And, finally, there is Skeletron Prime (once again, see above in bosses).
  • Dem Bones: A whole collection of them, no less!
  • Standard Status Effects: Cursed (unable to use items) from the flying cursed skulls, broken armor (halved defense for 5 minutes) from armored/heavy skeletons, and fire from skeleton archers

     The Slime Family 

All slimes behave the same: They hop to get around and all but a few drop slime gel upon death. They come in all different colors and sizes such as green, blue, red, purple, yellow, black slimes that inflict darkness (reduced light vision), mother slimes and their baby slimes, Pinky (see above), Jungle Slimes, Dungeon Slimes that drop keys instead of gel, Lava Slimes that used to turn into lava, and The Slime King (see above). In Hardmode, they are joined by the Toxic Sludge that can poison the player, Corrupt slime and its slimelings that can also inflict darkness with a Shadow Slime variant in the Console version, the slimer that flies on bat wings, and the glowing Illuminant slime that's found in the underground Hallow, above ground is the Rainbow Slime that can rarely spawn in rainstorms and drop rainbow bricks. The Crimson on the other hand will have Crimslimes that don't have the splitting or darkness inducing effect of Corrupted (or Shadow) slimes.
  • King Mook: The King Slime.
  • Metal Slime: Pinky. Rainbow Slimes count too; they show up very rarely in the Hallow during rainstorms, and drop the sought-after Rainbow Bricks.
  • Money Spider: Jungle Slimes, pre-hard mode. Most other enemies drop maybe one silver coin if they're high tier and you get lucky, while Jungle Slimes drop four or five silver coins as standard, aren't particularly hard to kill, and spawn in droves.
  • Rare Random Drop: The Slime Staff has a 0.01% chance of being dropped by most slime variants. Hours upon hours upon hours can be spent trying to get the staff.
  • Standard Status Effects: Darkness (reduced light vision) and poison. The lava slime originally counted for fire since they turned into lava when killed before a patch removed that trait.

     Corrupted Enemies 

Once you start exploring The Corruption, there are various, sickly looking, enemies, starting with the Eater of Souls: Small, flying enemies that swarm the player, along with Big Eaters and Little Eaters, all three of which drop rotten chunks. There is also the Devourer Worm that burrows through the ground, also dropping rotten chunks, along with worm teeth, used for unholy arrows. Then the king mook of the environment is the Eater of Worlds (see above in bosses). Bunnies and goldfish turn into corrupted versions of themselves during a blood moon. Once in hardmode, the aforementioned Corrupt Slime and its slimelings spawn, along with the Slimer. Then there is the Corruptor, a flying enemy like the Eater of Souls but it can shoot vile spit that has a chance to weaken the player. If the corruption spreads to a desert, dark mummies will spawn, which drop dark shards by chance. Deeper down underground, World Feeders start to spawn, looking like the EoW mentioned above, that drop cursed flames when killed. Cursed hammers also roam the caves, and charge their target, having a chance to curse the player (unable to use items). Finally, there's the Clinger that acts like a plant enemy such as the man-eater, but it can spew cursed fireballs, flames that cannot be put out, even by water, meaning they also drop cursed flames when killed.

     The Crimson 
The Crimson biome appears as an alternative to the regular black Corruption. Their lands resemble alien insect tunnels rather than the "impact craters" style of their counterparts. Their normal mode enemies include the Crimera, a floating cockroach-like expy of the Eater of Souls; Face Monsters, which are basically faster and tougher zombies; Blood Crawler, a giant ant which crawls along the walls to get you; and Blood Feeder, which are monstrous fish. Hard mode enemis include the Crimslime; the Floaty Gross; the Herpling and the Ichor Sticker.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Blood Crawler
  • Bloody Murder: The Ichor Sticker shoots ichor at you, described as the blood of gods.
  • Body Horror: Face Monsters. Floaty Gross as well, if it's name is any indication; considering that it rather looks like a Gardevior made out of bodily fluids, one could say it's pretty spot-on...
  • The Corruption: An alternative to the usual black-and-purple one.
  • Evil Is Visceral
  • Expy: The Crimera to the Eater of Souls, Crimslime to Corrupted Slime, the Ichor Sticker to the Corruptor and the Crimson Axe to the Cursed Hammer.
  • Flying Seafood Special: The Ichor Sticker is basically a flying squid.
  • Flying Weapon: The Crimson Axe. A counterpart of the Cursed Hammer
  • Nightmare Face: There's a pretty good reason why the Face Monster is named that way.
  • No Sell: Forget using Sunflowers to stop pre-hardmode Crimson, it will uproot them and take over the grass instead.
  • Theme Naming: Many of the Crimson creatures and related items begin with "Crim".
  • Standard Status Effects: Ichor Stickers inflict Ichor (lowers defence by 20), while the Floaty Gross inflicts Weakness.

     The Hallowed 

Once hardmode is activated, the hallowed will start spreading as a bright, colorful environment with pearlstone, teal-colored grass, and rainbow-colored trees. This is also a straight example of Light Is Not Good, meaning that the inhabitants aren't merciful, such as violent pixies that deal heavy amounts of damage, along with a chance to slow you or silence you (unable to cast spells). Pixies drop dust when killed. Unicorns also roam around the hallow, and will charge you at high speed. They drop unicorn horns for the purpose of holy arrows and such. At night, there are also gastropods that can slow the player on contact, fire lasers at you from as far as off-screen, and drop gel upon death, like slimes do. Hallowed deserts contain a light equivalent of the dark mummies that drop light shards. Underground, there's the aforementioned illuminant slime as well as an illuminant bat. Chaos elementals that Teleport Spam to attack and avoid the player are also found here. Contrasting the underground corruption, there are enchanted swords that also attack the player and curse them.
  • Flying Weapon: The Enchanted Sword. Unrelated to the equipable sword of the same name (In fact it looks like a glowing Excalibur). It's also the Hallowed version of the Crimson Axe and Cursed Hammer.
  • Flying Seafood Special: Gastropods, if you consider them jellyfish.
  • Light Is Not Good: Played painfully straight. However, the Hallow does not force NPCs to move out unlike the Corruption and Crimson.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Unicorns
  • Standard Status Effects: Pixies inflict slowness (along with the gastropod) and silence, enchanted swords inflict cursed, light mummies inflict confusion.
  • Teleport Spam: The Chaos Elementals.

     Goblin Army 

Once the player has over 200 health and has defeated the Eater of Worlds, then the goblin army may invade at the start of a random day. Their numbers depend on how many players over 200 health are on the server and their force consists of weak peons that break down doors, fast thieves, slow but tough warriors, teleporting casters, and archers. All of them drop spike balls and coins upon death and have a rare chance to drop a harpoon cannon. When the goblin army is defeated, the goblin tinkerer can be found underground to move into your home.
  • Berserk Button: Apparently you can start a war with them using a flag made of tattered cloth.
  • Fragile Speedster: Thieves
  • Glass Cannon: Archers, they're not as fragile as the wizards but they are made short work of if you get close to them
  • The Goomba: Goblin Peons are the weakest and most expendable units, although they do have the ability to break down (not open like Blood Moon Zombies, break down) doors.
  • Hitbox Dissonance: Peons and Thieves have a smaller hitbox than their sprite, allowing them to squeeze through smaller areas.
  • Mighty Glacier: Goblin Warriors
  • Squishy Wizard: Sorcerers—they're commonly offed with a single hit.
  • Teleport Spam: Sorcerers

     Pirate Invasion 

The pirate invasion can occur by a 6.22% chance at the start of any day or if the player uses a pirate map (dropped from enemies in the ocean) and approaches much like a goblin invasion. The force consists of Deckhands, Deadeyes, Corsairs, Crossbowers, Captains and Parrots. All pirates except the parrot has a chance of dropping the Cutlass, the Discount Card (20% discount while equipped), the Lucky Coin (damage can cause coins to drop) and the Coin Gun (shoots coins, the more damage the more value the coin is) along with the pirate banner. Any pirates excluding the captain and parrot can drop parts of the sailor costume, an eyepatch and golden furniture (that includes the table, chair, toilet, bed and door) and the parrots have a chance of dropping their respective banner. Defeating the Pirate Invasion allows a pirate to move into a house.
  • Airborne Mook: Parrots.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: The Captains are the toughest to deal with out of all the types of pirates.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Captains, immune to knockback (although constant DPS and DOT does keep them from attacking) and carry a rapid fire machine gun with a cannon strapped to it like an M203.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Captains are immune to knockback and can both dish out and endure heavy damage. However, they are quite slow.
  • Pirate Girl: The Crossbower is one of the few female humanoid enemies in the game.
  • Pirate Parrot: The parrots.

     The Pumpkin Moon 

By crafting a Pumpkin Moon Medallion and using it at night, the player can summon the Pumpkin Moon. The Pumpkin Moon is similar to the Goblin and Pirate invasions, but it also has some special mechanics of its own. The invasion will progress in waves, each one featuring progressively harder batches of enemies to fight. The player can encounter Scarecrows, Splinterlings, Hell Hounds, Poltergeists, and Headless Horsemen. Killing enough enemies will allow the player to move on to the next wave until they reach wave 15, the final wave. Another key difference from the other invasion events is that starting with wave 4, boss-like enemies will emerge. In this case, they are Mourning Wood and Pumpking. The enemies have a chance of dropping gear that surpasses the loot from Hardmode Dungeon, Plantera, and Golem. The chance increases as the player progresses through the waves.
  • When Trees Attack: The Splinterlings and Mourning Wood.
  • Zerg Rush: The basic premise of the first few waves, before the Mourning Wood appears.

Mourning Wood

An animated dead tree that first appears on Wave 4 of the Pumpkin Moon. It has 12000 health and alternates between firing a volley of flaming spikes straight at the player, and firing embers that linger on the ground for a while, doing damage to players that touch them. When defeated, it has a chance to drop Spooky Wood, a Cursed Sapling, the Stake Launcher, a Spooky Twig, a Spooky hook, a Necromantic Scroll, and its respective trophy (only on the final wave).


A cloaked figure with vines that end in scythes for arms, and a pumpkin for a head. He appears on Wave 7 of the Pumpkin Moon and is considered to be the boss of the event with 22000 health. During battle, he will shift his facial expression, which tells you what attack he will use (Grin- chasing player, Open Mouth- burning embers, Angry- scythe projectiles). When defeated, he has a chance to drop the Horseman's Blade, the Bat Scepter, the Candy Corn Rifle along with its ammo, the Jack-o-lantern Launcher along with its ammo, Black Fairy dust, a Spider Egg, and his respective trophy (only on the final wave).

     The Frost Moon 

The Frost Moon works similarly to the Pumpkin Moon, but features even more difficult enemies to deal with. Crafting and using the Naughty Present will make the player the target of an invasion by nightmarish Christmas-themed enemies: living Gingerbread men, Zombie Elves, Elf Archers, Nutcrackers, Yetis, Elf Copters and multiple Krampus. The Frost Moon also has three "boss" monsters with the Everscream, Santa-NK1 and the Ice Queen.


An animated Christmas tree that first appears on Wave 4 of the Frost Moon. It has 13000 health and fires a volley of razor-sharp pine needles, and also deploys ornaments that explode into shards. When defeated, it has a chance to drop the Christmas Tree Sword, the Christmas Hook, the Razorpine, Festive wings, and its respective trophy (only on wave 15+).


A tank-like mecha with the appearance of Santa Claus carrying a Gatling gun and a rocket launcher. It appears on Wave 7 of the Frost Moon and has 18000 health. It attacks by firing its Gatling gun, shooting rockets at the player, launching exploding presents that rain down on the player, and spiked balls that act as very damaging landmines. When defeated, it has a chance to drop the Chain Gun, Elf Melter, and its respective trophy (only on wave 15+).

Ice Queen

A large, floating feminine figure that appears to be made of ice. She appears on Wave 11 on the Frost Moon and is considered to be the boss of the event, with 34000 health. Her behaviour involves flying around quickly while firing freezing waves, attempting to hover over the player while raining ice shards, and spinning around in one spot to fire ice shards everywhere. When defeated, she has a chance to drop the North Pole, Blizzard Staff, Snowman Cannon, a Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle, Reindeer Bells, and her respective trophy (only on wave 15+).

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