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Nightmare Fuel: Terraria
  • The Dungeon Guardian can fly right outta nowhere, One-Hit KO you, is incredibly fast, and is a gigantic skull. Add that to their ridiculous HP and you have one heckuva nightmare.
  • The Corruption. Full of Eldritch Abomination enemies and disgusting-looking terrain. And it spreads. Moreso if you've killed the Wall of Flesh and triggered hardmode. The eerie music does not help the mood either.
    • The Crimson from 1.2 is far worse. Filled with horrific enemies, and its armor/weapon set is incredibly gruesome. And the grass is blood-red, with meaty "stone" and darkened wood. And the music? Scariest track in the game by far.
      • It's lessened/stengthened if you realize that the entire biome has trappings of a "haunted game" creepypasta. A strange area of the game that shows up at complete random, and is jarringly out-of-place considering everything around it.
    • The giant skull looming in the background, coupled with the brain of Cthulhu floating around the Crimson biome hint that the entire area may be Cthulhu's rotting corpse.
  • The bosses can be quite scary to those who do not expect them.
    • You've found the Dungeon's entrance, and then you talk to the old man who warns you about his curse, when all of a sudden he explodes into a gigantic skeletal menace.
    • One evening, while setting out to do some night-time Star gathering, you receive a cryptic warning about being watched, and then you hear a deep, menacing roar and this giant eyeball flies out of nowhere.
    • 1.2 introduces Brain of Cthulu to the Crimson biome. Going to the Deep Crimson to smash beating, exposed Hearts for treasure? Be careful what you awaken... a monstrous brain that summons eyeballs and teleports while attacking you in various ways and roaring!
    • The Wall of Flesh can be quite the shock for any player unfortunate enough to fail in catching the voodoo doll, if they unwittingly and/or accidentally kill a Voodoo Demon over the lava... The Wall of Flesh inflicts the Horrified debuff on players when it spawns, so its fear-inducing status is coded directly into the game.
    • Just entered Hard Mode? Going to look for the new stuff in the Jungle? Don't break the glowing purple bud - unless you want to fight Plantera, the giant-sized aggressive plant boss. Avoid luring it out of the Underground Jungle, too, because it will then go berserk and start attacking more aggressively.
  • Hell is somewhat creepy, as to be expected. But the scariest part is the music, fittingly titled "Eerie" on the OST.
  • The Eater of Worlds. Full stop. The thing looks scary, and if you cut it in half, YOU END UP FIGHTING TWO.
    • How about a new player who doesn't know what smashing Shadow Orbs does? "Hmmm, another Shadow Orb. What's this one drop? Wait - The Eater of Worlds has Awoken? What's that me-" GIANT WORM OUT OF NOWHERE.
  • The console version's final boss, Ocram, is hands down the boss most worthy of being called an Eldritch Abomination. His as-yet-unreleased music doesn't help either.
  • In Hardmode, smashing a demon altar can cause a single block anywhere in the world to become corrupted/crimsoned or hallowed. There is NO indication of this when you smash the altar, so anyone who read this and didn't know beforehand just had a My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • As of 1.2, the three mechanical Hardmode bosses have a small chance of naturally spawning every night.
    • "You feel the air growing colder around you..."
    • "You feel vibrations from deep below..."
    • "This is going to be a terrible night..."
  • The Solar Eclipse from 1.2. Extremely fast, tough, and hard-hitting renditions of classic cultural monsters quickly hunt you down on the surface. Without the new high-end equipment introduced in 1.2, you are likely to run into difficulty surviving. Oh, and since a Solar Eclipse takes place during a day portion, it can happen right after or before a blood moon.
  • The Crimson, which is a variant that will take place of the Corruption upon creating a new world. Dark, eerie background music and has a monster that gives out a very different snarl which is likely to cause a Jump Scare to a new player especially if they are close.
  • Spider Nests are this for those with arachnophobia. The worst part? A NPC is held captive there.
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