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Funny: Terraria
  • Some people decided it would be fun to take on Ocram while playing Terraria on the Xbox 360. When he flies onscreen, their reaction is priceless. Bonus points for the guy who's recording, who doesn't freak out at all while his friends are yelling "WHAT IS THAT", "OH GOD" and "AAAAAAH SHOOT IT SHOOT IT SHOOT IT".
  • A teaser for Ocram's name was released in the form of a hidden word puzzle, which contained his actual name along with several other boss names and unaffiliated names. A meme quickly sprung up around stating "His name is clearly (insert random letter string here)". This persisted even after the name was unveiled.
  • YouTuber ChippyGaming tried to show off 1.2's Orange Torches. Skeletron Prime had other ideas.
  • The message that appears when The Twins summon themselves in 1.2? "It's going to be a terrible night..."
  • The way gibs work in this game is just ridiculous. No matter how something dies (shot with an arrow, slashed with a sword, falling too far) it will ALWAYS explode in multiple pieces on death. Bunnies, however, don't just come apart. Their pieces go FLYING.
  • The villagers each have a number of unique amusing comments:
    Wizard: Someone once told me friendship is magic. That's ridiculous! You can't turn people into frogs with friendship.
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