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Fanfic Recs: Terraria
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth getting decapitated by Ocram for.

Terraria Chronicles by Tetra Midna 68

  • Recommended by UltimateBrawl
  • Synopsis: I have a new land to explore, but this time I haven't been thrown into the deep end. This time I'm already an experienced miner and swordsman, and I'm already the Hero of Terraria. This is a chance to start again. But the Guide had to come along too, didn't he?
  • Comments: Not only is the Fic well-written, it handles much of Terraria's aspects well, such as why death is not permanent. Worth your time.
  • Pairings: None yet.

Legend Of Maxx

  • Recommended by UltimateBrawl
  • Synopsis: Maxx is a human with a serious lack of common sense, but is somehow the Chosen One. Follow the adventures of him and the various people joining his group as they adventure to save Terraria from an evil virus, and free the Hallow from its seal.
  • Comments: Even those who don't play the game will enjoy this hilarious sprite comic. Those who do, I highly reccomend it.
  • Pairings: OC/Dryad (one-sided, the Dryad has no interest
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