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Characters: Courage The Cowardly Dog Main Characters
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Voiced by: Howard Hoffman (pilot only), later Marty Grabstein

Serves as the titular character who is a pink and black spotted dog (of no known specific breed) who saves his owners Muriel and Eustace from all the creatures. No matter if they're Nightmare Fuel, Uncanny Valley, or just plain weird.

    Muriel Bagge 
Voiced by: Thea White

A sweet old lady of Scottish descent who found Courage abandoned by an alley and took him home. She is constantly in danger from the things that come to Nowhere, but she always smiles at some point during the episode. And she loves Eustace despite his Jerkass personality. She also loves using vinegar in all of her cooking, and in an early episode picked up playing the sitar and also has a fondness for tea.

    Eustace Bagge 
Voiced by: Lionel G. Wilson (episodes 1-33), later Arthur Anderson

A self-proclaimed farmer that tends to be grumpy and isn't really a nice guy to anyone. He thinks he can fix anything and grow anything, but this is never the case. He also has an insatiable greed for money. Early on, he had no backstory whatsoever and seemed to deserve what happened to him in each of the episodes, but later we learn that he didn't have that great of a childhood with a non-loving mom and an always better Big Brother. He turns into more a Jerkass Woobie who you can genuinely feel sorry for.

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