Characters: Courage The Cowardly Dog Minor Villains

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    Cajun Fox 
Voiced by: John R. Dilworth

A fox very reminiscent of a certain Looney Tunes character. Only the fact that he's a fox, has shades, and actually would have gotten his prize if it weren't for a slapstick chase with a certain cowardly dog.

    The Shadow 
A shadow of an evil man that passes away thus letting him free. After becoming free he haunts the basement of Courage's Home, but secretly has a passion of becoming a Star.

A big, hairy, misunderstood monster who needed Courage's help to evade an angry mob.

    Demon in the Mattress 
Demon described as Exactly What It Says on the Tin. When someone sleeps on the bed, he possesses their body by making their skin green, and their hair red. He can only be ousted by an incantation.

    Freaky Fred 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

A barber that is Muriel's nephew. At first glance, he just seems to be a crazy, creepy barber. But deep down he's much worse then that. He speaks in his mind and speaks normally in rhymes, but he has basically an obsession And possibly a fetish for cutting every single hair off someone. When he cuts Courage's hair he doesn't stop until just the hair on Courage's tail remains.

Currently serves as the image for the series' Nightmare Fuel page.

A creature that moves in a similar to Tremors and mainly preys on rabbits. But if it bites a human or perhaps other creatures that survive its bite, they turn into a weremole themselves. The only way to cure a transformation is to get a hair off the original weremole and get it into the affected person's mouth. Presuming you can get lucky enough to get either the Weremole or the victim without getting bitten yourself.

    Duck Brothers 
Voiced by: Ringo Starr

2 turns out there is 3 brother ducks that come to Nowhere. They are on a mission to find their 3rd brother. One of the 2 tends to lay eggs, the other gets annoyed by this.

    Horst's Box Demon 
The demon who lived in the box Eustace's brother left behind.

    King Ramses 
The ghost of an Egyptian pharaoh who places a curse on any thief who takes his tomb slab. The first curse being a flood, the second being a really loud Ear Worm song coming from a record player, and the last being locusts that eat anything.

    The Clutching Foot 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

Mobster-like foot fungus monster that is created from a strange infection that overwhelms Eustace. The Big Toe is the mob boss while all the rest are followers with no different personalities except maybe for the Pinky Toe.

    The Hunchback Of Nowhere 
A grotesque hunchbacked man with a heart of gold who visited the Bagges one night.

    The Goose God 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

A god who is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. He desires love and a worthy queen to be wed to. He gets a crush on Muriel and tries to take her as her queen. At least until he hears the sound of the horn of Eustace's truck.

    Queen of the Black Puddle 
A siren/succubus-like monster who lives in a black puddle. She lures in men to her puddle and eats them.

    The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling 
A duck that hatches from a cooking pot that develops a love for Eustace. So much so he tries to eliminate the one person who likes Eustace just as much as he does: Muriel.

    Jean Bon 
A chef and owner of a Hamburger restaurant. The creepy parts of the beginning makes it seem that the meat is made out of humans who have previously visited the place. But actually he just makes Meat Sculptures of his favorite customers. Not that that's not still not creepy, but still.

    The Eggplants 
Large group of living eggplants that believe Muriel is a great evil that must be extinguished. But they won't attack until they are ordered by The Great Eggplant to do so. They become nicer when water finally drops and their vines grow.

    The Great Fusilli 
An alligator stage owner that finds people wishing to make famous stage stars/actors and make him puppets on his stage for an audience that actually isn't even there. When they act on stage, strings come down from the masks and transforms them into puppets.
Voiced by: Jim Cummings

    The Magic Tree Of Nowhere 
A magic tree that granted whatever the person near it wished for from its branches that grew near the Bagges once... until Eustace cut it down out of spite.
  • Green Eyes
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He knows he'll eventually be chopped down. But offers his leaves in making a remedy that'll cure Muriel.
  • Literal Genie: Eustace said he wished Muriel had a bigger head while going through his rant about the Tree. Guess what Muriel got.
  • Synchro-Vox: His mouth is real life while the rest of him is animated.
  • Wise Tree

    Robot Randy 
A robot from a whole colony of similar robots that acts differently from the rest. Instead of wanting to destroy, he wants to pick up a hobby/job of making wooden reindeer. He is at first ridiculed for this but when it turns out to be a great business he is more accepted when he gets back to his planet.

An anthropomorphic cockroach who invites the Bagge family to a motel room in New York City, where just on the wall is a small mouse door that has something in there that is never directly known as all that's left of its victims are bones. Schwick is also a wanted criminal, and to hide his tracks he hires Courage to deliver a present to a scary apartment with rooms full of horrible things (one including a certain Violin Girl).

A deranged and confused burglar who is very prone to mood swings and personality shifts. Sometimes he's convinced that the Bagges are his own relatives.

    The Bananas 
Bananas that took over the world when Courage and the Bagges went a thousand years into the future against their will.

    Mayan Baker 
A mummy who was once the royal baker for a Mayan queen, who was a past incarnation of Muriel. He came back recognizing Muriel as the Mayan Queen, and Eustace as the Royal Pubbah, and looks for revenge.

  • Body Horror: The description of his torture. Including his mouth sewn shut.
    • Keep in mind the steps that go into the mummification process.
  • Misblamed: It was the Royal Pubbah who caused him to be mummified, as he was stealing cookies behind the queen's back and the baker had tried to stop him. Once Courage has the scene re-enacted (via hypnosis) only this time ending with the Pubbah revealed as the culprit, does he finally find peace.
  • Mummy
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • Show Some Leg
  • The Unintelligible

    Doctor Gerbil 
A Vacuum salesman that actually uses his stuff to capture people for experiments for his many products.

    Vastabael Backjurius 
A microscopic alien who tried to prevent the Bagges from fixing the sun.

    Katz's Mutant Jam 
A recipe of sentient jam that Katz cooks up in order to terrorize his rival in a cook-off, Muriel.

A clan of hooded men who guard the Hat of Gold Eustace tried to get his mitts on in one episode.

    The Captain 
A mean-spirited captain who mans the ship the Bagges use to see Carmen the sea monster (see below). Little do the Bagges know he's trying to capture Carmen.

The aforementioned sea monster.

    Kangaroo Monster 
A giant, prehistoric kangaroo. In one episode, Eustace and Courage turn into these after receiving bone transplants from the remains of this ancient creature.

    Alien Brain Visitor 
An alien who tries to extract the essence of kindness from Muriel for his master in one episode.

    The Whip 

    Evil Weevil 
A rather gentlemanly anthropomorphic Weevil that treats hosts seemingly good but actually drinks their life slowly to feed himself. If you're a Dragon Ball Z fan, it reminds you a lot of a certain other nightmarish insect like creature. Only Weevil's is even slower.

    McPhearson Phantom 
A ghost who haunted the Bagge household one day to torment Muriel and Eustace in order to destroy their marriage.

    Harvest Moon Spirit 
A spirit who warns the family (especially Eustace) that something must grow on the farm "or else".

    The Sand Whale 
A sand whale that has a vendetta against Eustace's father for stealing his Accordion. In which it has become a family heirloom according to Eustace's Mother.

    Dr. Zalost 
An evil, always frowning doctor that created Cannonballs that makes anybody in negative moods. He uses his moving tower that has tons of cannons to fire them around town. He has a pet rat that he simply calls Rat.

Dr. Zalost's assistant.

    Maria and Mano Ladrones 
Maria is a thief that crossed paths with the Bagges once. Her partner-in-crime, Mano, is a disembodied hand.

A robot half-sphere in a color scheme like Courage made by Di Lung in order to make "better dog". It does everything right that Courage can do but is defeated despite a heavy beating put on Courage by his own sheer willpower to survive.

    The Raccoon Twins 
Two violent raccoon who terrorized Courage and the Bagges when they went camping.

    Velvet Vic 
An old singer whom Eustace was a big fan of. His spirit is trapped in a record, and he comes out when played. He sought a victim to replace himself as a prisoner to his music.

    Storm Goddess 
A weather-based goddess who lost her dog, Duncan. She mistakes Courage for her lost pet. Chaos ensues.

    The Sandman 
A thin man who like other portrayals of the Sandman is like the god of Sleep. However he has a problem trying to sleep, that even his herd of sheep can not get him to lie down. So he chooses to take Muriel's deep sleep literally from under her nose. At least until Courage finds his Teddy Bear.

    The Virus 
A sentient computer virus who plagues The Computer one day and somehow takes Muriel hostage.

    The Valkyries 
Wandering valkyries who mistake Muriel as their lost sister.

    The Coralites 
Small creatures who live in colonies of coral that Courage and Bagges encounter when they go snorkeling. Their coral is apparently a popular material for wigs which Mama Bagge wishes to acquire, even if it means destroying their homes. Though Courage will have none of that.

    Conway the Contaminationist 
An old man who claims that he extended his lifespan through terrible hygiene. He attempts to get Eustace and Muriel to follow his philosophy, but it makes the family miserable.

    The Bullfrogs 
A tribe of bullfrogs led by a king. After their pond dries up, they take over the Bagges' home and forces them to make a new pond.

A giant alien girl who lost her pet worm.

    Mona Lisa 
The Mona Lisa brought to life by the planets aligning over the Louvre, when the Bagges were visiting it.

    The Thinker 
The Thinker also brought to life by the circumstances above. Becomes the unwitting target of Mona's affection.

    The Scarecrow 
A scarecrow that came to life and became a nuisance to the Bagges in his quest to become tougher.

    Mondo the Magician 
A hideous monster disguised as a human magician who tried to take Muriel as his bride.

    Baby Birds 
Some baby birds who required sustenance from Muriel and Courage, courtesy of their mother.

     Mama Bird 
The aforementioned baby birds' mother. She picked up Muriel to act as a babysitter for her while she flies off to find a husband.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: For a massive, vulture-like bird monster, she's remarkably polite if not eccentric. It's made clear that she posed no malice against Courage or Muriel, and the one time she threatened either of them it was for a perfectly justifiable reason.
  • Feathered Fiend: While not evil or cruel by any stretch of the imagination, she's still very intimidating and makes it clear that she would not hesitate to eat Muriel if anything bad happens to her kids.
  • Giant Flyer: Her wingspan is very large and impressive.
  • Kidnapping Bird of Prey: Grabs Muriel for the purpose of being her babysitter.
  • Mama Bear: As this exchange illustrates:
    Mama Bird: And if I see one feather out of place on their precious little heads, I'M GONNA EAT YOU WITH THIS CEREAL SPOON!
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Her voice and mannerisms bear a strong resemblance to those of Fran Drescher.
  • Toothy Bird: Probably justified though, since she's obviously not supposed to represent any real bird species.

    The Fishtionary 
A fish who tries to "convert" the Bagges to live life as fish.

    Mr. Nasty 
The living embodiment of Eustace's meanness, made possible by a magic camera filmed by Benton Tarantella.

    Evil Plants 
A bunch of carnivorous plants that cause trouble for the Bagges when their home is turned into a giant glass dome to harbor these monsters.

    Elisha and Eliza Stitch 
Siamese twins who try to get Muriel to join their club. And by "join their club" we mean "become a part of their magic quilt".

    King of Flan 
A round fellow who advertised his flan around Nowhere, hypnotizing people to desire nothing but flan with his commercials.

    Chief Wiki Wiki 
A tribal chief who makes the Bagges's vacation to a tropical island difficult.

    The Beaver 
A beaver whose giant dam flooded Nowhere.

    The Dancing Rats 


    Dr. Gerhardt 
A lonely doctor whose sentient house keeps him from having neighbors.

    Windmill Vandals 
Ghostly horsemen who attack the Bagges should their windmill ever stop spinning.

    Big Bayou 
A narcissistic snake who captured some slugs. Said slugs were vital in curing a disease Muriel had.

    The Buck 
A deer who decides to turn the tables on hunter Eustace and hunts him instead.

    Swamp Monster 
A confused swamp monster who thinks Muriel is his bride.

    The Goat 
The lone guardian of a magic spring which dried up thanks to humanity.

    Mutated Carrot 
An experimental missile in the form of a giant carrot that causes anyone who eats it to grow to a size of a farmhouse, then explode.

    Silhouette Maker 
A man who cuts peoples' portraits in paper, desiring his creations to one day take lives of their own.

    Kitty and Bunny 
Two best friends who need Courage's help to reunite, thanks to an evil dog.

    Mad Dog 
The aforementioned evil dog.

    The Evil Empress 
Di Lung's aunt who happens to be a Chinese empress. She desires Muriel's bones to grind up into a concoction that'll restore her fading power.

    Shirley's Giant Starfish 
A giant monster that's the result of Shirley's curse that won't stop causing destruction until Muriel speaks.

    Jojo the Dolphin 
A cocky dolphin that goes against Eustace in a set of competitions, as a result of Eustace's claim that he can do better than him.

A dragon who appears in the episode "Food Of The Dragon". He devours Eustace and threatens to eat Muriel and Courage unless Courage can teach him how to fly. He chases after Courage and Muriel and discovers that he's actually a water-dwelling dragon (which is why he cannot fly) and is reunited with his long-lost brother). Oh, and he takes Eustace out of his own stomach.

  • Evil Brit: Subverted.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Well he is a dragon. subverted in that he was just going along with what his foster family does. When he tastes fish for the first time and likes it, he admits he didn't really like the taste of humans.
  • Long-Lost Relative: He has a brother that is also a water dragon.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Turns out, the reason he can't fly is because he's a water dragon that got seperated from his family as a baby and was raised by flying dragons.

    The Starmaker 
A female, space-dwelling squid who was tragically and heartrendingly separated from her husband, who was devoured by a space whale. She ends up crashing onto Earth as the last of her kind... and getting progressively sicker. Unfortunately, the government discovers her and wants possession of her- right when she's pregnant with babies. Courage saves the squid's babies... but the mommy still passes away, turning into a field of flowers, while her eggs hatch into newborns, fly off into space, and give birth to new stars.

    The Chicken from Outer Space's Son 
The son(/s) of the villain from the pilot of the series. They have 3 heads consisting of a leader, the smart one (who tends to flash a camera), and an idiot one They are sent down to Nowhere to take revenge for the death of their father by killing Courage. If they don't kill him they are told they can't come back home. They of course fail to kill Courage and after seeing them cry thinking they can't go back home, Courage opts to fake a beating using the camera.

    Jay and Captain Lazzo 
Two multi-armed aliens who use Eustace and Muriel as lab rats in order to cure a disease affecting their species that causes their extra arms to keep punching themselves.

    Creature in the Wall 
A creature living in a sewer that the Bagges fell down in that forces them to provide entertainment.

    The Librarian 
A librarian who curses the Bagges due to an extremely overdue library book.

    Evil Veterinarian 
Quite possibly the worst villain of the entire series, he stands out as Courage's biggest nightmare. Why? This screw-loose "vet" came up with a horrible idea back when Courage was a puppy- abduct dogs and rocket them off to the moon to make them into super breeds of space dogs. Tragically... He captured Courage's beloved mom and dad, and Courage himself, with plans to send them into space. Although Courage's parents came to the rescue, the doctor sealed them up in a rocket with a one-way trip to the moon in store. Courage was too terrified by this predicament to do anything but escape harm through a garbage chute- only to watch his parents be catapulted into space- in tears. Fortunately, a younger Muriel discovered the young pup in the dumpster and gave him a happy home. Many years later, the maniac doctor, albeit considerably older and balder, still continues his twisted plans... but now Muriel and Eustace get trapped in a rocket themselves. But this time, Courage refuses to stand by and watch his family be taken from him again, freeing the two of them. In the struggle, the evil vet gets himself locked inside his own rocket and propelled to the moon... where every dog he victimized is waiting for him- including Courage's decidedly furious parents.

  • Aborted Arc: Officially set up a storyline that would've brought the show's biggest question to resolution: Will Courage reunite with his long-lost parents? Cartoon Network, you cancelling bastards.
  • Bald of Evil: A huge heap of his hair falls out over the course of time since Courage grew from a pup to dog- which makes him look far scarier than we first saw him.
  • Beard of Evil
  • Bigger Bad: Remember every villain ever portrayed on this show? He's the one who directly traumatized Courage as a child.
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Fat Bastard
  • For Science!: His primary motive.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Absolutely no soul at all.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His own rocket and every dog he ever sent to the moon.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Apparently sending a dog to the moon makes it strong. Well considering what happens in the ending...
  • Jerkass: He's as unpleasant as he is evil.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Arguably the darkest villain on the show behind Katz.
  • Mad Doctor
  • Mad Scientist: AND HOLY SHIT HOW.

    "Perfect" Teacher 
A perfectionist teacher who shows up in the Bagges home out of nowhere and forces Courage to be her student.