Characters: Courage The Cowardly Dog Minor Recurring Characters

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    The Computer 
Voiced by: Simon Prebble

A Jerkass helper who Courage commonly goes to for advice on stopping the Big Bad of the episode. His advice for the most part works well, but his insults and sarcastic vibes gets contempt from Courage.

    Di Lung 
Voiced by: Tim Chi Ly

A guy of implied Chinese descent that makes small cameos in episodes where he almost runs into Courage (usually in his car) and says his catchphrase.

    Dr. Vindaloo 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

Nowhere's resident doctor. Not very reliable.

    Ma Bagge 
Voiced by: Billie Lou Watt

Eustace's mother. Rather equally a Jerkass to her son as he is to Courage, she insults Eustace at every opportunity and as a contrast to her son she is nice to Courage. Occasionally she is the antagonist of a few episodes especially when it's something about helping with a company that helps with wigs.

    Charlie The Mouse 

    Shirley the Medium 
Voiced by: Mary Testa

A Wizard/Gypsy chihuahua that offers help or sells magical objects at her trailer. She is able to place curses on those who cross her (Usually Eustace) and Courage has to go find her in order to reverse them.

A recurring character. A short, bald man.

     Horst Bagge 
Eustace's deceased brother.

    Officer/Professor/Captain/Pilot/Mayor/General/Park Ranger Frith 
Another recurring character. A Top-Heavy Guy with a square jaw and a large mustache, with is red or white, depending on what character he's playing in the episode.

    Parachute Lady 
Another recurring extra. A slim lady in a green jumpsuit.

    Nowhere Newsman 
The anchorman of Nowhere News. You'll know him as the guy who narrates the show's opening.