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    Violin Girl 
Nothing is much known about the character itself, but it's one off appearance in "Big Stinkin' City" is one of those sights a Courage fan never forgets. From the back it looks like a normal girl playing Violin (Though even this is considered Uncanny Valley considering everything else around is animated). But when it turns around it has a scary looking claymation face that brings the Uncanny Valley Up to Eleven as there's realistic looks, animated background, and claymation all in one spot. Though it seems that the girl's face is not always like that, as she appears normal on a television that Eustace is watching later in the episode.
  • Demon Head: Really catches you off guard the first time you see it... (Especially if most likely as a kid you haven't seen headturn scares before). Though interestingly subverted when she appears in the same episode again on Eustace's TV with a normal girl's face.

    Lint Lady 
An insane, tiny, old lady with an obsession with lint. Doc Gerbil performed an expiriment on her that gave her plungers for arms and legs, but she is still able to grab stuff using the suction cups.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: Like many characters in the show, she has one.
  • Laughing Mad: Implied to have gone mad from being confined for so long by Doc Gerbil.

    The Water Dragon 
A water-dwelling dragon that Courage and Muriel meet towards the end of the episode "Food Of The Dragon". He seems scary at first, but turns out to be very friendly. He's William's long-lost brother.

    Perfect Trumpet Thingy 
A blue... thing that appears in the first of Courage's nightmares in "Perfect". Probably one of the series' scariest things, if not the scariest, joining the ranks of King Ramses and the Harvest Moon Spirit in terms of CGI abominations. It appears to be a warped trumpet with a horrible human face stuck on it, or possibly a deformed fetus with a horrible human face stuck on it.Currently serves as the image for the series' Nightmare Fuel page.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: It's a blue, hazy, floating broken bugle with a face stuck on it, with weird tendrils attached to its head with thorns for ears and a whispery voice, often described as a "fetus." Words cannot describe it.

     The Blue Fish 
A bizarre, blue-scaled, red-finned, green-eyed fish that appears in the bathtub to tell Courage that it's alright to be imperfect and accept his flaws as what makes him unique and beautiful.
  • Eat the Dog: Poor guy ends up being eaten for dinner. Played for Laughs- although he's now beer-battered, he's still alive and gets off a goofy laugh that basically takes the show to the point where things can't get any weirder, closing out the series poetically.