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    The Chicken from Outer Space 
Voiced by: Howard Hoffman

The very first monster to disturb the Main Characters' house. In the pilot, he harasses the chickens out in their henhouse and he is thwarted after he accidentally shoots himself via a mirror from Courage. He would later return, albeit as a cooked chicken, in a later episode where he looks for a new head. It is revealed later he had a wife and a kid with 3 heads.

Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

A tall, skinny Anthromorphic cat that is in many episodes implied to have several victims, like in the motel and his island. He seems to have great skill at games such as Handball, and an expert at staring contests. He is probably the first villain to appear that can be Nightmare Fuel-inducing considering his debut is the first episode after the Chicken from Outer Space pilot kinda leaves it open to what the show will get through from the start. He is also the most recurring villain on the show, appearing in a total of five episodes.

    Le Quack 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

A French duck that disguises himself as many jobs but is actually a thief that steals riches from his victims. After his debut his plans are more towards getting revenge on Courage while at the same time trying to steal stuff. He always seems to escape capture every time, and repeats "They have not seen the last of...Le Quack".

    Benton Tarentella 
Voiced by: Peter Fernandez

An evil zombie director who puts his "actors" in a position where they'll listen to everything he says where they can be Killed Off for Real on camera or torture themselves for humor on a live TV show.

    The Snowman 
Voiced by: Paul Schoeffler

A snowman who dreads the disapperence of his snowman friends and the easily meltable substance they're made out of. He tries to avoid ever melting by extracting the Anti-Melting gene of humans in order to maintain himself as it gets warmer where he lives. He's the Last of His Kind, as all the other Snowmen melted, until Courage repairs the hole in the Ozone Layer, reviving the others and saving his home. Is also one of the few recurring foes to find redemption.

    Three Government Ninjas 
Voiced by: Earl Boen

Three ninjas dressed in spysuits who assist the General and the Lieutenant.

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