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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Well, in a minor way. For the Western market, this is an early Tales game, so otherwise not too groundbreaking, maybe a Cult Classic, they'd see more to Tales of Symphonia when it comes to the Tales game, while respecting that Destiny is the first Tales to come to the States. However, in Japan, it is much more considered important next to Phantasia, to the point that it got a sequel, remake, and bonus appearance in Namco × Capcom. Why? Two words: Leon Magnus.
    • The orginal Leon is this to much of the Western fandom. Its hard to enjoy a game with adventure when there is a guy holding a shock collar button threatening to kill you all if you don't do as he tells to. Leon regularly belittled and insulted the party telling them how little any of them meant to him, yet Stahn kept insisting on trying to befriend him. Even Stahn's sympathy toward Leon when he is revived as a zombie feels like Character Shilling considering all the terrible things he's done toward Stahn in pursuit of his personal ambitions. In Japan, there was a number of Japanese exclusive Drama CDs and other media that toned down a lot of Leon's sociopathy and made him more sympathetic. The remake and Tales of Destiny 2 starring a redeemed Leon were also never translated.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: One of Johnny's Blast Calibers summons a dozen amps out of nowhere, and the other one summons him an electric guitar to perform a solo. The game takes place in a middle ages-like setting. These events are never referenced or questioned outside of battle.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Leon in the PS2 remake. Quite a few people love the changes making him much more sympathetic, while others see it as Badass Decay or pandering to the fangirls.
    • The orginal Leon was either considered a badass loner that tragically could not escape his flaws, or an abusive asshole that made the game feel Darkerand Edgier than it needed to be, and got what he deserved, drowning in a river he tried to use to kill the party.
  • Cargo Ship/Ho Yay: The 'bath skit' in Leon's side of the remake, Played for Laughs. Essentially, Philia asks how long Chatlier and Leon have known each other, and Chaltier states they're never apart, even when Leon takes baths. Philia's reaction, and Leon's comment about 'weird rumours', says it all. There is also a cutscene where Chaltier asks if they could do anything to help Johnny, and Leon acts very upset at the prospect of giving up Chaltier, that could be interpreted this way.
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  • Complete Monster: Kronos (known as Miktran in Japan), the millennia-old King of the Aetherians, is a racist who uses his people's well-being as an excuse to commit genocide against the populace of the Earth, known as the Er'thers. When the Er'thers tried to kill him, he killed one of them and overwrote their Swordian's personality in order to remain alive. Once he's unearthed a thousand years later, he possesses Hugo Gilchrist, making him kill his wife and abuse his son for 16 years and nearly causing several world wars to erupt as a means to gain the Eye of Atamoni. Though he uses the well-being of the Aetherians as an excuse to laser the Earth both before and after his "death" and to kill hundreds of people, he has no true care for his people, as shown by him ignoring the descendants of the Aetherians living in the wasteland of Calvalese. A cruel and petty man, he takes amusement from the suffering about others and will stop at nothing to revive his kingdom.
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  • Disappointing Last Level: After Dycroft is activated and you finally get to go up to the Aethersphere to save the world, you're treated to... a barren new world map littered with a handful of identical pyramids that must be completed in a gauntlet of tedious, confusing, nearly identical multi-level mazes, all with that fun high encounter rate. With little plot development. Yay.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: A hotly-contested example in Leon: it's unanimous that he's a complete dick with sympathetic reasons for what he's doing, but fans are divided on just how many squishy points this gets him.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Leon Magnus constantly tops favourite Tales series character polls in Japan, returns in the sequel as Judas, and has a tendency to appear as a major player in other games like Namco X Capcom. The remake even gave players an option to use him as the main character. But he still dies the same way.)
      • Leon's ascendancy seems to have been eclipsed by Yuri-Freaking-Lowell, but considering Judas ranked as the 29th most popular character, were one to combine the number of votes Leon and Judas each gathered, Leon is still the most popular Tales character.
      • It's to the point now that Namco has officially retired both Yuri and Leon into the Hall of Fame for the popularity polls. They can no longer be voted for in the official main poll for most popular Tales character. However, Judas can still be voted for...
    • Kongman is a rather hilarious example, actually. He's a very minor optional character in the original, but his portrayal in the remake vaulted him into popularity to the point where he personality was more developed in the remake. People love to hate him, and Namco's bonus DVD's waste no effort in ripping the piss out of him.
    • Lilith's quite popular, considering she's a minor character. May be because she is an Ascended Glitch.
  • Game-Breaker: Leon is arguably the strongest character in the ToD remake. He may have crappy defense and low HP, but once powered up, he can kill things before they even have a chance to lay a finger on him. Let's see...
    • Combine Chaltier with his Chaser ability that grants extra CC points, and if you get critical damage, you can kill any normal monster with a single combo. Oh, and Leon has the highest critical damage rate.
    • Gen'eijin is more spammable than spam itself.
    • Then there's "Marian...". Sword Artes typically hit nearby enemies or far away ones. With this one you can hit enemies that are close and far away by creating a damaging force field and firing a Sword Beam. Oh, and by the way, Leon is immune to damage while he's using it.
    • Arte extensions. You know how a character can normally only have 4 artes equipped at once? Yeah, about that...
    • Demon Lance Zero is also more spammable than spam itself. It also doubles as a self buff that gives 5 Penetrate with each use (can't be staggered for the next 5 hits).
    • But he dies long before we even get to the Big Bad! How do we fix this? That's where the Narikiri Dolls come in, a set of items that allow you to give any character the skills, balance, and sprite of any of their teammates. Though you can't get them until very late in the game, Leon's is the cheapest, and you can get multiples of each doll. Which means you can have a battle party of 4 Leons. Have fun.
    • For a change of pace, how about Johnny/Karyl's ultra-cheap Maware Rondo? Maware Rondo is a multi-hit move that moves in an upward spiral and hits enemies in an upward direction, essentially making it combo with itself as long as you have CC left to use it. Enemies are always staggered by this, allowing you to loop them without fail. It it such a powerful move that in the Director's Cut, even trying to use the move once during the Miktran Excessive fight will get countered by a Hi-Ougi.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Sometimes, treasures will disappear thanks to glitches.
    • If you enter the house with the movable bushbaby statue in Harmentz, a chest in Terazzi Castle will disappear.
    • If you get the Kite Shield in the temple in Kalviola, a chest in Helraios will disappear.
    • Just entering Dycroft causes some of its treasures to disappear, while causing blue treasure chests throughout the game to reappear.
    • A worse offender is a glitch affecting Johnny's Score G cutscene. Go to speak to Sakuraba too soon and when he plays the piano in Johnny's room, the scene won't transition properly, forcing you to reset when you get locked in an endless piano loop. There is a very long dungeon before this with no save points in it, and its very easy not to save before going to get Score G.
  • I Knew It!: Leon and Rutee are siblings!
  • It Was His Sled: Leon betrays the party and dies.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Leon. The abuse he went through wasn't at all justified, Jerkass Façade or not. The Jerkass part of his character was toned down substantially in the remake, making him come across as more of a straight woobie there.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Again, Leon. As the fan favourite, he's been paired with everyone. Marian, Stahn, Philia, Chaltier, Rutee, Hugo, Judas, Lilith, sometimes even Yuri. Oddly, Judas is rarely shipped with anyone besides Harold or Philia.
  • Memetic Badass: Leon. He's a Deadpan Snarking Game Breaking Bishounen Ensemble Dark Horse with an awesome flashy move set and was Too Cool to Live. It was bound to happen.
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Hugo is quite possibly the single best example in the series, no thanks to this bit of Memetic Mutation. Becomes a subtle Ascended Meme in the remake when he gives Leon a mushroom known to resemble certain anatomy just to make Leon uncomfortable. Another part of this status can also apply to Miktran himself due to him being the one who was manipulating and possessing Hugo.
    • Kongman also got a very creepy moment in a bonus skit on DVD, buying a knockoff Philia Swordian and stating she was going to be his forever. The sword looks terrified.
  • Memetic Mutation: Miktran/Kronos's original final form is a GIANT STEAK!
  • Moral Event Horizon: Miktran, whilst possessing Hugo, officially crosses the line when he sends Leon to fight Stahn and the others in the mine, resulting in Leon's death.
    • He crosses it much sooner in the remake in Leon's story, either by repeatedly taunting Leon about how weak and powerless he is for obeying him for Marian's sake, or beating his son into a five day coma after Leon hears Marian tried to commit suicide for his sake.
  • Too Cool to Live: Leon.


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