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    Tales of Phantasia 
  • While not exactly useful against bosses, assigning [Sylph and Arche's weaker spells to your hotkeys basically ensures an instant win against the incredibly powerful monsters in Shadow's cave. Being able to cast high level spells much faster than your characters can is not as useful as you'd think when the other guy is constantly knocking you out of your casting with a puny little ice needle. Of course, everyone should thank Dhaos for showing it to us with Tetra Spell, which basically fires all three of the weakest spells in the game at you at once, knocking you off balance for the truly epic ass-kicking he's following it up with.

    Tales of Destiny 

Tales of Destiny

  • The Director's Cut version of the Remake takes Leon's Demon's Lance spell from the original and buffs it to amazing levels, even renaming it "Demon's Lance: Zero". He's hard to stagger out of casting, and on release it fires a massive, screen-filling attack and also grants him immunity to the next seven hits.
    • Leon also has access to the sword arte "Marian...", which fires a sword beam, creates an energy aura, and makes him immune to all attacks while he's using it.
    • Leon's Chaltier also has the highest critical chance of any Swordian (plus a chance to petrify) in a game where criticals restore CC, letting you continue your combo as long as you keep getting them.
    • Johnny doesn't gain his Maware Rondo until fairly high level but it allows him to easily stunlock many bosses including Bonus Boss Barbatos who is weak to its sound element.

Tales of Destiny 2

  • Magic in general is usually this, due to how much more damage it inflicts compared to melee, but special mention goes to Harold's full Crazy Comet hi-ougi chain. It's usually a One-Hit KO, dealing much more damage than any other attack in the game (people only showcase it on bosses because it seems to kill everything else too quickly) and healing your party. It's really only balanced by how much TP it consumes to cast, but since items don't have a time limit like in several other Tales Games nothing's stopping you from just getting all the other characters to heal her TP. Worse, it didn't even count as a true hi-ougi in this game (this was fixed in later games with the spell) so Harold doesn't have to go into overlimit to use it.
  • Harold at high levels is incredibly powerful against solo bosses, able to combo-lock them with either speed-cast Divine Saber spam (her highest-level Light spell) or her base melee techniques Raigashou (Light elemental) or Chouishou (Dark elemental), as these videos show.

    Tales of Eternia 

Tales of Eternia

  • Max equipped with the Canceler accessory is beyond belief. The Canceler gives him the ability to charge a weak spell, then cancel the spell and cast a high level one in its place. His best skill, Elemental Master, counts as a high level spell with no other requirements other than a long charge time (and a long sidequest to get it). Elemental Master covers the screen and shoots around sixteen laser beams. Have fun spamming it.
  • Even without using Canceler, Max has the Aqua Spiral tech which is obtained fairly early, hits only a single target but does absolutely insane damage (slightly above Elemental Master, even) and is fairly easy to use (unlike the slightly stronger Rage Laser which requires specific spacing between Max and his targets). Most bosses are destroyed with just a few casting of this, even the extremely powerful bonus boss Sekundes.

    Tales of Symphonia (and its sequel) 

Tales of Symphonia

  • Any Mystic Arte with the prerequisite of "health in the red". No, you can't use the same Mystic Arte more than once in one battle (without healing to full and falling to the red again). Yes, you can deliberately avoid healing and just spam, say, Falcon's Crest at the start of every battle until someone cheap-shots you.
  • Spell canceling attacks. You can perform an essentially infinite combo by attacking twice (non-directional), then quickly pressing B, then X, then attacking twice again, cast and cancel, repeat. This works with any enemy that can stagger, and since the spell doesn't activate, it consumes no TP. Needless to say, it makes the arena a piece of cake. The best part is that anyone with access to any sort of spell can perform it (everyone except Lloyd and Presea, though Genis won't be making much use of it because of his already slow attack speed and strength).
    • However, it's very possible for White Mage Raine to solo the Bonus Boss Abyssion using this tactic, combined with the fact that for some characters, it's ridiculously easy to get immunity to the elements. See here. They tried to fix it in the PS2 Updated Re-release, but it still works if you have a spell you've used 999 times.
  • Lloyd:
    • He has one Tech that lets him keep combos going on his own for as long as he wants. Which one? Demon Fang. That's right, the first Tech he has, is also his most useful. Simply put, it picks up enemies that are Knocked Down, whether due to his own attacks (Technical Knockdown) or due to the number of combo hits (Inevitable Knockdwown). A simple and pretty infamous loop is Demon Fang > Twin Tiger Blade > Repeat. Demon Fang chains into Twin Tiger Blade, which knocks the enemy down. Then you pick them up with Demon Fang and then knock them down again. There are many combo videos and videos of Lloyd taking down the Bonus Boss solo by keeping him locked in this loop.
    • The Devil's Arm quickly becomes infinitely more powerful than any weapon in the game (doing more than 10 times his next most powerful), because its power increases when the character makes a kill (even if they haven't found them yet), Lloyd, being the main character, is in the party for all but two short sections and gets the lion's share of kills over the game (and kill count can be carried over for New Game+).
  • Colette:
    • Para Ball, only uses 14 TP, is stronger than most level 3 techs, and has near-guaranteed hit stun (and ability to stop all spell-casting by itself). She's an absolute monster in the arena for that reason.
      Also, once you get the hang of spell canceling, you can perform an essentially infinite combo with Colette if you have an angel tech set to B. Attack twice (non-directional), then quickly press B, then X, then attack twice again, cast and cancel, repeat. This works with any enemy that can stagger, and since the spell doesn't activate, it consumes no TP. Needless to say, it makes the arena a piece of cake.
    • Toss Hammer, a Level 1 Tech that randomly activates instead of Pow Hammer (fairly often) after using the latter 200 times. Easier than it sounds; Pow Hammer is gotten at a very low level, and through the course of battle you'll end up using skills a lot. Alright, so what's so bad about Toss Hammer? The poison damage it does is fast and hits hard, being percentage based- to the point of being able to take out 240,000 hp within a minute and a half. Right here. You can see the HP tick down when he uses a Magic Lens at 01:31. Oh yes, this Colette's at level 6. And it goes even further. Once Pow Hammer has been used 200 times, her Pow Pow Hammer and Hammer Rain skills will randomly include at least one Toss Hammer. If the tech glitch has been used to get Hammer Rain alongside Para Ball...
  • The Compound EX Skill "Lucky Unison", a result of "Taunt" and "Personal" on anyone except Kratos and Zelos, allows a chance for the Unison Attack gauge to stay full after a Unison Attack. At worst, you'll get a few lucky breaks. At best, you can throw out five consecutive Unison Attacks, which may potentially mean five consecutive rounds of Prism Stars.
  • One of Genis's possible EX-Skills is Randomizer (combine Tough and Rhythm). This skill makes his spell-casting times random; every once in a while, the spell will cast instantly. If you control Genis, you can alternate between the B and X buttons (which will repeatedly start and cancel a spell) until the spell casts instantly; this oftentimes makes the spell cast very quickly, even for high level spells, and you don't have to worry about being interrupted in the middle of spellcasting, making the tactic a quick way to bring down even the toughest bosses with a near-constant onslaught of powerful magic.
    • You can also do this with Raine's EX-Skill Quick Spell (Neutralizer, Spell Save, and Happiness), which causes a spell to cast instantly about 10% of the time.
  • Sheena has the Hard Hit EX skill, which increases the hitstun caused by her attacks. She also has the Force Seal spell, which also increases hitstun (and stacks with Hard Hit). Finally, her Serpent Seal Pinion has extremely low recovery, to the point that if you have Hard Hit and either cast Force Seal or attack from behind, the enemy's hitstun lasts longer than the recovery from SSP, allowing you to repeat your melee combo > SSP over and over again to keep the enemy perpetually stunned. With this strategy, Sheena can easily solo some bosses like Seles without letting them get off a single attack.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

  • The most notable is Speed Cast Marta. Marta gets a total of 3 (stackable) Speed Cast skills, and equipping all 3 enables her to be able to instantly cast any spell. Using this with Photon, a multi-hit move, and you can trap any enemy in an infinite combo.
  • Emil. With the skill Accelerate (which he can only get from two weapons, the Echo Tracer and the Nether Traitor, the former being forgable as soon as you reach Triet Ruins and strong enough to be Emil's best weapon in stats until the Lightning Temple, and the latter being Emil's best weapon, after a lengthy sidequest), the lag on his moves is significantly reduced. What this means is that Emil can now pull off incredibly long combos (and two separate infinite combos) with ease, or just spam Havoc Strike until the enemy dies.
  • Lloyd. While not even close to being as powerful as he once was, he also has an infinite combo which you admittedly won't be able to use without a lot of TP restoration items. Even without that though, he's fast, outrunning everyone in the game but Emil with Fiend Fusion.
  • Monsters in general can break the game clean in half very easily. It's not difficult to get a monster 20-30 levels above everyone else.

    Tales of Rebirth 
  • It's possible for one with enough time and knowledge of the enhance/inherit system for equipment to make a weapon that makes the wielder cause 32 times more damage.

    Tales of Legendia 
  • Shirley, when you finally get her. Some also ignore her because she has the lowest INT, but she's able to combo at range when she's not casting. Shirley's main problem is a lack of unique spells until Tidal Wave, so most people ignore her.
  • When both equipped on the same character, the Extreme Symbol and the Persian Boots. The Symbol doubles all damage in exchange for cutting defense in half, while the Boots negate this drawback by halving all damage that character takes. Putting this combo of accessories on Senel or Chloe will have your party tearing through trash mobs with ease.
  • Any equipment with "periodically heals TP" in its description allows you to keep spamming Eres attacks without needing to waste items to recover TP.

    Tales of the Abyss 
  • The Glory AD Skill. A character equipped with this bad boy is completely immune to stagger, meaning you can continue spamming melee attacks and channeling spells, save being hit by Overlimit or an enemy Mystic Arte.
  • Guy. The game uses a strange combo system for attacks, where using a level 2 or above elemental spell or arte produces a Field of Fonons that was about 25-50% complete. In order to use them, you kept using those attacks until it was 100% formed, and then anybody standing inside it could use an appropriate spell that would absorb the Fonons and make a newer, better spell. Character skills and spells and techniques were customizable with Chambers, one of which (Sunlight) allowed you to use a Field of Fonons before it was complete. Guy had an Arcane arte that created an incomplete Wind Field and also tossed the enemy in to the air. You could immediately combo it in to a Base technique (Void Tempest) which would immediately use the newly made Wind Field to become Dragon Tempest, hitting the enemy before they managed to hit the ground, stunning them AGAIN, which meant you could start the combo up again. This is Guy in action taking on the Bonus Boss starting at one health, never healing, and winning using this tactic.
    • To elaborate on the combo system: normally it goes normal attack to either a Base arte or Arcane arte, but Base can chain to Arcane. Arcane can't chain to Base though; there's a noticeable delay in comboing, which will kill the combo- unless you get the the skill Super Chain. However, a Fo F skill such as Dragon Tempest can be chained FROM anything and can chain INTO anything... so yeah, there's an infinite combo for you. Let's also throw in the fact that Guy is usually the character to end up with the most speed, and all his techs are fairly rapid already.
  • Anise's Ant Lion Man doll. It restores her HP and TP by 8% every 2 seconds or so. On paper, this doesn't look like much, but in practice this is an insane amount of healing. Imagine a mage who never runs out of TP, is a Mighty Glacier, and can only die to a One-Hit Kill thanks to their Healing Factor.
    • Anise can also get a accessory that restores her HP and TP periodicly.
  • Even more disgusting is the Jewel of Lorelei, which you get automatically through story events, and gives the same benefits to Luke. So you can have two effectively invincible fighters on the team, one of whom is a combo fiend and front-line fighter. It's a shame that, except for a glitch only found in the original Japanese version, you have to give it up.
  • By using the map glitch, you can get Luke a fancy sword as soon as you can explore the world map. By why stop there? If you saved up enough Gald and carried it over to your new game, you can go to Keterberg and buy the party Mythril weapons and armor, and stock up on gels and bottles. Now you can go outside and fight all the high level monsters (the party will still die a lot, but you stand a better chance with the weapons and armor you just bought). You can get from level ten to level thirty in about an hour (it's even better if you started with an EXPx2 or EXPx10).
  • Jade. Impressive, especially, since he has no healing abilities. He's strong, and his fonic assaults are powerful. He really reaches gamebreaker status when you re-play the game and have Tutti on him for his Capacity Core the whole time, since it's +4 for everything, and is thus the best in the game, and his stats shoot through the roof. Also notably, he has the only melee arte in the game that creates a field of fonons for the same element as its FOF-change form (Thunder Lance), meaning he can easily chain powerful FOF artes by himself.
  • Even Natalia is fantastic. With the right set-up, she becomes a beast; already the second fastest AND the second most durable, along with having a very effective ranged move, which is repeatable, it's very easy to make the princess an unbeatable, untouchable Goddess of death. If an enemy gets close? She has quite a few moves to keep the distance. Or, she can run. Incredibly fast. That's not even going into her Mystic Artes...she's one of only three characters who has an UNDODGABLE mystic arte, and her second is one of the most damaging in the game. Add to the fact she has healing magic, her artes are VERY easily reusable, and her physical power is ironically really good, she could solo the bonus boss just as easily.
    • To elucidate more as to the nature of this 'repeatable' move, Natalia can use an arte called Gallant Barrage, which is obtained after a fairly easy sidequest that happens just before the midpoint of the game, when you've likely had Natalia for about ten to twenty hours if you've been going at an average pace. Gallant Barrage is ridiculous; not only does it have barely any recovery lag, it's two attacks in one; first, a cone-shaped spread of arrows that will hit anyone close or moderately far from Natalia, then a barrage of arrows focused right in front of her. This arte alone effectively fixes Natalia's most glaring weakness (she doesn't have many answers if she's forced into melee combat besides Aerial Laser, which requires her to literally be right in front of her enemy to work well) because every hit of Gallant Barrage stuns the opponent briefly. If you can get it off (which isn't hard to do) and the enemy isn't in overlimit, you can effectively stunlock most foes, take large chunks out of their HP, easily retreat to buff and spam your normal attacks, or any combination of the three should you desire. This isn't to say Gallant Barrage alone makes Natalia a force to be reckoned with, given how powerful Aerial Laser and Piercing Line are, and how easily she can tactically retreat to continue her ranged assault, but it certainly helps to make an already formidable character more powerful.

    Tales of Innocence 
  • In the original, Nintendo DS, version:
    • "AKA Yum Yum", the very final recipe, which can only be obtained after getting every other recipe in the game, and a key item. The effect? 90% EXP bonus for 9 turns. Now, get grinding!
    • However, the one that ultimately takes the throne here is the recipe that comes just before it: "Manhan Quanxi"note . It requires 9 types of ingredients in varying portions, which makes 18 portions per dish, and lasts for only one turn. What does it do? 40% DEF bonus, and 80% Physical damage reduction. It's practically made for boss fights, and indeed, makes them ridiculous it does.
    • The final ability unlocked by Versus Style; you know, the ability that grants no stat bonuses and only unlocks self-crippling abilities? "Risk & Reward": -90% HP for +90% EXP bonus. Even discounting the cumulative EXP you can milk together with "AKA Yum Yum", the ability alone is pretty much gamebreaking if you can defend/evade well.

    Tales of Vesperia 
  • Once the player unlocks the true form of the Fell Arms, granted that pretty much everyone will play as Yuri, the Blazor Edge Abyssion will have somewhere in the range of 2500-3000 more attack power than any other weapon in the game for Yuri.
  • Estelle can learn a skill called Eternal Support, which gives any buff cast on her a chance to last until the end of the battle or until Estelle is knocked out. Estelle also has an arte called Force Field, which grants temporary invincibility to an ally. Due to an oversight, Eternal Support can work with Force Field and make Estelle completely invincible for the rest of the encounter. This makes her marathon battles (like the Colosseum runs) trivial. This was removed in the PS3 version.
  • By using Overlimit carefully, Rita can lock down the entire field by casting Tidal Wave instantaneously over and over again. The trick is to rack up enough hits with each Tidal Wave that Rita earns an additional bar of Overlimit which she can immediately burn to continue the combo.
    • Rita with anything in Overlimit is broken. PERIOD. But even her basic Fire Ball is a game breaker if used often enough, as it can shoot up to ten fireballs at 5000 uses.
  • The enhanced form of the Fell Arms weapons. After you defeat Duke's true final form the Fell Arms go from lousy weapons to great weapons. Their strength is based on how many kills you have. Ridiculousness ensues.
  • Yuri actually has an unbreakable combo attack based on Shining Fang, Dragon Swarm, and Overlimit. Yuri can gain skills which allow him to enter Overlimit for free once he has racked up a large-enough combo; by using Overlimit to spam Shining Fang and Dragon Swarm consecutively and without pause, it is impossible for a lone enemy to break the combo.
  • The PS3 version adds several:
    • Patty's Critical Moment arte is a dice roll, but one of the possible results is an effect that grants Overlimit to your entire party. It's telling that Patty strategies in optional boss fights boil down to "spam Critical Moment until you get All Overlimit". The main drawback is that some of the negative outcomes include emptying the Overlimit Guage and decreasing the entire party's stats. However, this can be mitigated with the Safe Bet skill, which prevents good and bad outcomes from happening. With the skill equipped, the worst that can happen with Critical Moment could be everyone on the battlefield falling on the ground or a rain of Pow Hammers, both of which can easily be mitigated. Safe Bet still allows access to Overlimit, but only OVL 1 and OVL 2. But Safe Bet significantly cuts down the list of outcomes to a very small number, which means a higher chance of the entire party being in Overlimit.
    • Patty's Gamble Cast allows her to use some of the most powerful spells in the gamenote . She learns the arte at level 43. The rest of the party learn these spells above level 50. Combined with Brainel Speed Spell (which she can learn at around the same time), she can easily decimate most fights. And that's without the possibility of her using Marvelous Fountain, which damages all foes and heals massive amounts of both HP and TP.
    • Yuri gets the "Limits Team", Limits Team 2" and "Limits 3" skills that allow nearby allies to go into into Overlimit for free when he activates it. Combined with Limits Plus, which makes him into overlimit one level higher than the one activated, he can make the team an unstoppable Mystic Arte spam squad.
    • Flynn has a skill that allows him to turn his TP into HP. This allows him to survive anything, allowing him to go through some of the more difficult challenges of the game without being in OVL 4. And this is before you put a Spirit Symbol or a Final Symbol on him to make sure his TP can't run out.
    • Rita gains Indignation, which is the Tales series' most powerful spell, as her second Mystic Arte. It's so overpowered that it's virtually a guaranteed screen clearing insta-kill.
  • Investing the right skills and artes in Judith means she can perform very long mid-air juggles with enemies, and keep them going even longer with help from companions (like Rita's Tractor Beam or Raven's Tempest). It makes battles a piece of cake, and even works on bosses to a more limited extent.
  • Rita. Get the Spell End and OVL Boost 2 skills, equip the Risky Ring, shortcut Tidal Wave to the A button, set all of your other characters to taunt. Go into battle, launch the enemies into the air with a single level Overlimit, mash A. Have fun. And don't forget to use another overlimit when the overlimit ends. Alternatively, you can also use the Minimum Damage skill along with it to farm Grade off of enemies like no one's business.
  • Wonder trinket allows you to fit in even more tidal waves. Violent Pain is used the same way on single foes, to maintain permanent overlimit.
  • You have to work a bit to get Yuri's infinite combo going, it requires the enemy to be stunned (with the spinning stars) early on so they can't break out of it, and it only works against solo enemies, but once you get the hang of it and remember to reset the fallen enemy with his free-run slash, Yuri becomes impossible to stop, especially against human enemies. There are videos of Alexei, Flynn, Duke, and Kratos all being brought to their knees by an infinitely-comboing Yuri.
  • The PS3 version makes Yuri even more powerful with the addition of his Vesperia No. 2 weapon, which gives him a second Mystic Arte, Heavenly Bladewing. With the Combination skills, Yuri can build up a 100x multiplier to be applied to the next attack that hits the enemy. Heavenly Bladewing is one of the strongest single-hit attacks in the game, probably second only to Indignation. Throw in the Barbatos Ring, which gives an incredible stat boost at the cost of not being able to use items, and painful destruction ensues - imagine One Hit KOing every boss in the game.
  • It's possible to infinitely time stop anything in the game without much effort, completely removing any difficulty whatsoever. All one needs to do is get Raven's Stop Flow spell (Stops time for 5 seconds with a long cast time and high TP cost), equip him with the Risky Ring (Makes all Artes cost 1 TP), activate Overlimit 1 for instant cast time, and beat anything on the screen to death. With minor use of limit bottles, it's possible to maintain this technique for essentially forever.
  • Repede's Gale Dog arte is utterly broken, as it allows him to No-Sell any attack while using it, including Mystic Artes.

    Tales of Graces 
  • The Killer attribute (which deals additional damage to humanoids, including many bosses) can be obtained early by fusing Richard's Steel Sword with a Darkshine Crystal to create the Fame and Faith sword, then transferring the quality onto a gem anyone can use. This is highly advantageous as the Killer attribute is otherwise very hard to obtain and hitting weaknesses is vital on higher difficulties.
  • While it requires the late-game Accel ability from the epilogue arc there is a way to basically one-shot any boss, including the bonus bosses. Equip a "Boost Next Strike By Damage Taken" title, use books and difficulty settings to raise the damage you take as high as possible, then activate Accel the very instant the boss hits you. Thanks to Accel you won't die, and the next strike will one-shot the boss.
  • The Accel ability in general qualifies, since activating it fully restores your CC (action points), allowing for much longer combos) and instantly casts any spell that was charging when it went off. That's even without mentioning the character-specific bonuses while it's active, especially Cheria's which stops time. And that's without using costume titles to have four Cherias running around...
  • A particular set-up for Hubert allows him to one-shot the strongest enemy in the game, netting enough experience for as many as thirty level-ups. Said enemy respawns. This was toned down in the PS3 release. You can still pull off the One-Hit Kill combo, but Rockgagong no longer gives you any experience points. (You get a Trophy, but that's it.)
  • In the original version of the game, probably as the result of a technical oversight, Hadoumeppuu, was capable of murdering everything on the screen while being cheaper and stronger than his final arte and, just like said final arte (Kyokkorenge), it destroyed Nova barriers. One fan-translator referred (jokingly) to it as "Cheapass Infinite Fiery Rape Range Attack" for a very good reason. It was toned down in the re-release.
  • Asbel's Plasma Shock. On your first playthrough, it's amazing because you get it right before World's Eye, after which point every enemy in the game is weak to it, it deals a lot of damage and even tosses enemies into the air. On subsequent playthroughs, when inheriting titles, you will find that its secondary elements still mean that 90% of the rest of the game are weak to it. It is, however, balanced by the fact that the epilogue goes out of its way to make sure almost nothing there is weak to it.
  • While she has a high learning curve at the start, Pascal becomes an absolute beast once the intricacies of her fighting style are gotten used to. She's got many things going for her; ranged combat, incredible spells, an attack for any situation, the fact she learns her mystic artes first, and the fact those mystic artes are just as powerful as all the others is just scratching the surface. What really makes Pascal broken are her stats. Perhaps to make up for the learning curve, Pascal has THE best statistics in the game; her attack power, which, once again, is ranged is only slightly behind Sophie and Hubert in terms of strength, her magic is the strongest, no questions asked, and she has, bar none, the best defense in the game. What this means is that Pascal's only real downfall is magic attack, which, since you'll be using her at a range anyway, is moot, because you can easily see the attacks coming and dodge accordingly. She might have a little trouble with getting swarmed...until about two-thirds through the game, where she gets an arte that hits everything around her, breaks nova, and heals her and her allies. And that's not even getting into her summon magic! Remember Sheena's summons? Rather powerful Artes that were unreliable at best due to the fact you had to wait for a foe to knock you into Overlimit? Well, they return in Graces, and it turns out Pascal is a summoner. A far better one than Sheena, in fact; unlike Sheena, Pascal's summons can be used as more than just her mystic artes. In addition to being her Mystic Artes, she can use her summons as actual attacks. Picture Sheena's summons, except Sheena doesn't need to go into Overlimit, and you get Pascal's summon spells. All three are downright gamebreaking, as they provide high damage, knockback, stun, and are all unique in how they are used, meaning that there is a summon for any situation. Enemy far away from you? Cast Bloodflamme! Enemy nearby? Cast Grim Sylphie! Best of all is Cyandine; not only is it excellent crowd control that forms in a circle around Pascal, it also hits twice, and for the most damage of the summons. Oh, and their casting times? Not a problem, since Graces lets you shorten the casting times of spells exponentially by preforming combos. Note that dodging counts as part of a combo. Meaning you can dodge twice, cast Cyandine in about two seconds as enemies move in on Pascal, and then cast it a second time in a single second to end the combo. In conclusion, great spells, great range, the ability to tank and hit back like a truck, in addition to having a move for any situation makes Pascal an unstoppable God once you learn how to use her. And all that doesn't even take into account the fact she has a self-buffing arte that boosts her damage to Hubert levels and gives the one part of her combos that doesn't have long range capabilities, her first attack, incredible range! Seems to be somewhat hindsight-based when she's actually a bit of a frustrating boss to deal with via her cameo in Tales of Hearts R...

    Tales of the World 
  • The third game introduces such a large cast that many just make the game a cake walk.
    • Van. He's a Glass Cannon sure but he's got amazingly high magic attack and all of his magic artes are high end spells like Judgement or Frigid Coffin.
    • Emil also too. He's got great speed and yet really damn powerful artes.
    • Radiant Drive in RM3. It's basically Vesperia's Overlimit that locked you away from using Mystic Artes. With it, you can replicate BLAH BLAH BLAH TIDAL WAVE here.
    • Fog in Narikiri Dungeon 3. Every fight can be won by just spamming Elemental Master.

    Tales of Xillia (and its sequel) 

Tales of Xillia

  • All elemental damage has a chance to inflict status effects on enemies. Light-element attacks have the chance to inflict the Confused status, which makes a combatant attack their allies. Milla gets a powerful Light element spell late in the game, a little bit before she can pick up the Aerial Spell skill. With her Double Jump, Aerial Spell is a game breaker on its own, since Milla can jump too high for enemy AIs to detect and attack her, and Aerial Spell keeps her floating there until the spell resolves. But once you boost her chances of inflicting status effects on enemies (usually by boosting her Intelligence stat), Milla is an absolute monstrosity against any group of multiple opponents, as she can get them to kill each other with ease. What's worse is that most of the powerful boss fights in the storyline (including the final battle against Gaius and Muzet) have them come at you in groups. Difficult boss battles become hilariously trivial when you can confuse them into using their Mystic Artes on one another.
  • For a two-player tactic, Rowen and Leia linking together can use the Linked Arte Stop Flow (Stops time for a few seconds). Have one player distract whatever you're fighting and the second do nothing but cast Tightening Chains while paired with Leia, and depending on how many hits player one can get in the Overlimit bar will always be high enough to at least start casting another Stop Flow before the first one ends. With careful timing nothing but player 1 will ever be able to move again.
  • A first for the series, Elize. After gaining several abilities, she becomes a rare mage who can become a huge threat against everything the game throws at her. Her Pow Hammer stunning ability can stun bosses, for example.
  • She also has a passive skill that grants her extra EXP depending on how much she healed people during the fight. This doesn't seem so bad at first, but then you realize that this is percentage-based, up to 300% of the original EXP, and that coincidentally, the fights with the most need to heal are also the fights with the most EXP to gain. Thus, expect Elize to always at least gain twice as much EXP as everyone else after boss fights and leave the rest of the party in the dust.
  • Jude after gaining his Shattering Demon Fist, and the skill Grounded Stance/Glory, which prevents staggering while on the ground means he'll make most fights a complete joke. They are somewhat balanced by the fact that they aren't available until post-game, though they can be transferred in subsequent playthroughs. Similarly Jude's Coil and Savage Roar allow him to create combos in a otherwise not-possible game.
  • Milla in general, especially once she regains access to using the Four Spirits. She's a well-balanced Magic Knight who can hit hard with physical and magical attacks, the Four Spirits are pretty strong with their attack - with Sylph being easy to use to create a lock-down combo - and once Milla gains access to skills that allow her to jump high above the battlefield and cast her hard-hitting spells in complete safety, she is unlikely to die again.
  • Jude and Rowen's Splash Beam/Splash Line. When you can first use it, every enemy you meet is weak to it, it deals several hard hits and tosses even bosses into the air.
  • Rowen's Tidal Wave spell is completely broken and an extremely easy way to farm the Coliseum for gald and exp. It has an extremely long casting time, but once you gain the skill that totally prevents staggering while casting a spell...
  • Jude and Leia's "Tempest Pirouette" Link Arte. It has massive AoE, draws in nearby enemies, hits 14 times, and inflicts a crapload of dmg. Doubly so, if Jude and Leia are armed with elemental weapons that the enemy happens to be weak against or Leia cast the Elemental Impulse spell on both of them beforehand. Once the player has access to it, there's almost no reason to pick anything else. Simply have Jude rush into the center of a group, use "Whirlwind Snap", then link "Tempest Pirouette" and watch as everything dies. Follow up with Jude's "Shattering Demon Fist" to pick off any survivors.
  • Several other Link Artes qualify as well. Milla and Elize's Chaotic Fusion, Elize and Rowen's Azalea Blade, and damn near every Link Arte between Jude and Milla (some stand-outs being Spirit Spiral, Torrent Impact, and Scarlet Fang).
  • Rowen and Leia's Stop Flow isn't particularly useful in one-player, as the effect doesn't last long enough, but it's a beast in two-player, letting one person attack and the other cast Stop Flow after Stop Flow. It's helpful, since two-player's bosses are a lot harder due to the way linking works.
  • In a leveling sense, the Slenderman-esque enemies (Gentlemen). After a little practice, most are easy to deal with, and they give ridiculous amounts of experience for each one killed, often five or more times the other enemies in their dungeon.

Tales of Xillia 2

  • Ludger's signature Chromatus mode is absurdly powerful, as it allows for combos that are only limited by the duration of the mode itself (Which is extremely long once you get all of the abilities that extend it), but most notably, maintains the damage bonus you get from exploiting an enemy's weakness for as long as you can maintain the combo, meaning it's entirely possible to almost a minute of time to exploit a 5X damage multiplier when it would normally fade away after a few seconds. Not even the strongest bosses in the game can live through it if you can activate it while the damage bonus is at its max.
  • The Combo Spell ability is another extremely potent ability, as it reduces the character's casting time proportionate to the number of hits they've scored. This basically means that characters with it can keep casting spells back to back to gradually decrease their cast time until everything they use triggers instantly, allowing you to completely fill the battlefield with spells that can keep even bosses locked down indefinitely due to the status ailments some of them can inflict.
  • While they start off as Boring, but Practical skills, Assault Step and Mirage Step become this when used together. Assault Step turns your forward dash into an attack that does damage. Mirage Step lets you dash forward and back without using AC and makes it possible to get closer to the enemy quickly just by dashing repeatedly. Considering how you can cancel an attack with a dash, these two skills basically give you a free way to extend your combos and AC usage.

    Tales of Zestiria 
  • Armatization forms combine the stats of both characters and generally have incredible AOE in both spells and attacks, making them very exploitable. Linking Armatization Mystic Artes is one of the best ways to get a lot of Grade and can decimate most bosses. Mikleo's bow tends to get the most attention due to how powerful the damage it can dish out is.
  • Sorey has the unique earring Draupnir which automatically comes with Fides and a 20% chance to quadruple Fire damage. Once blessed, the damage boost becomes x8. And since that damage applies to his Fire Armitization as well...
  • The Asterisk skill makes it so that your damage output doubles when your hit number is a multiplier of 10. Sorey, Edna and Zaveid can stack 3 of them for 6 times the damage.
  • Rose's Dream Slasher. It can be chained into itself very quickly, and has an insanely high amount of damage multiplier for a hidden arte. On any target with a decent size you can simply start a weakness combo (skip if the enemy is already weak to wind), then spam Dream Slasher to rack up damage very quickly.
  • Stacking 16 of the same skill slot gives you access to the skill "Eternal", which removes the default 4-move cap the game has in place, allowing you to chain as many moves as you want if you have enough SC. Add in 15 slots from another skill and you can have Lucifer to cut all SC costs by half. (Of course, by the time you can get this setup, probably nothing much in the game can pose any threat to you to begin with...)

    Tales of the Rays 
  • Ix in general is a pretty useful character and continues to be such as time goes on. He is a universal anima character, so he gets x1.5 stats for all missions, regardless of anima. If you apply overray to him, he gets x2.0 stats, a full mirrage gauge right at beginning of a quest, health constantly regenerating, and the cost of all artes being reduced by one cc. Furthermore, he has many very useful artes like Rising Falcon, Obliteration Surge, and Shredding Talon, all of which allow Ix to move around enemies with ease. He also has an Overray Mirrage, which speeds up his normal attacks and increases the amount to six - enough to allow him to use Master Artes much earlier - in exchange for poisoning himself, which means very little with a healer. The best part is that, being the protagonist, Ix frequently shows up in many banners, so there are plenty of chances to gear him up to be a respectable fighter.
  • Barbatos. His stats are through the roof due to his boss status, and he has super armor to boot. On top of that, his selection of artes is incredible, with False Guilty being able to knock down when enhanced, the majority of his artes being able to re-stand knocked down enemies, Dead Inforno being a huge aoe that pulls in enemies and launches them a little, ideal for crowd control; and even an anti-air grab move that goes through Iron Stance. His Gacha Mirrage Arte is also the highest launcher in the game and has almost no recovery time on top of that, making it an ideal mirrage chain ender since it's one of the few where it's not only possible, but easy to combo afterwards. This is on top of the damage it does, and the CC recovery it gives when enhanced.
  • Mithos. Just like Barbatos above, Mithos has stats through the roof and has super armor of his own as well. His arte selection is also impressive as well, but two particular artes really make him stand out. Distortion Blade has a large Ao E and can be enhanced to easily break through iron stance. Eternal Slasher allows him to teleport behind enemies, allowing him to safely combo with his other artes as well. His Gacha Mirrage Arte, Eternal Divide, has everything that makes Mithos broken. It is one of few Mirrage Artes that are capable of damaging all enemies in the battlefield, has great damage output and can be enhanced to recover health with each hit (which can add up the more enemies there are in the battlefield). The best part about it is that it pulls all enemies towards the center of the battlefield. This allows it to be great in a Mirrage chain no matter when it is activated. It can be a great opener to a Mirrage chain, since it'll allow all other Mirrage Artes afterwards to easily hit multiple enemies at once since Mithos's already pulled the enemies to an ideal position. It can be used after a Mirrage Arte that caused multiple enemies to be spread out again, allowing Mithos to reposition them, or it can be used as the finisher to a Mirrage Chain, where its damage output is at its highest in a chain.
  • Victor. At this point, it's fair to assume every boss character will have Game Breaker status. In Victor's case, he's versatile in being able to fight up close and from afar. And for newer players, his recruitment chapter is available as soon as they complete the tutorial. However, Victor's main highlight is debuting with an Overray mirrage arte. As a blue anima character, Overray has an additional effect of nullifying all enemy spells for about half a minute, more than enough time to decimate mages who can rarely defend themselves from melee onslaughts. Victor's only real drawback is his lackluster self-healing which hurts his long-term survivability, but his massive HP pool and up to three allies supporting him practically makes that negligible.


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