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Nightmare Fuel / Tales of Destiny

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  • Hugo's backstory. Imagine you excavate a cool sword, said to have been held by a great warrior and having his personality. Soon after, you start having strange thoughts. Under the influence of these thoughts, you murder your wife. You're able to send your older daughter away with another of the cool swords before you can kill her, but you can't get your youngest child out in time before madness starts taking hold. You're then powerless as you watch yourself abuse your son for years and set off a plot to destroy the world. By the time your eldest daughter comes back along with her friends, trying to stop you, the sword's personality has been revealed to be an ancient evil and has taken over your body. You manage to fight back long enough to save your daughter's life and buy her and her friends time, but it's too late for your son. Not only does he think you never loved or appreciated him, but you've already sent him to betray his only friends and his death.

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