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  • Tales of Destiny: Rutee in the original game. She's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Tsundere Only in It for the Money with too much emphasis on the jerk part, too much story sympathy, and violent interactions with characters who don't deserve it. Added with the Die for Our Ship from Stahn/Leon fans, she's not well-liked at all, though her Jerkass tendencies were toned down in the remake, much like Leon's, and she shows remorse for some of her actions, like insulting Philia.
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  • Tales of Symphonia: Chocolat, who is a Damsel in Distress the party must save twice. She's kidnapped by Magnius and his Desian goons and taken to the Human Ranch near Palmacosta. When Lloyd and company show up to save her, Magnius reveals Lloyd killed Chocolat's grandmother Marble back in Iselia. Chocolat freaks out, refuses to accept that Lloyd tried to save Marble, only killing her because she asked him to, and Chocolat willingly allows the Desians to take her away rather than be rescued by Lloyd. Much later in the game, the group must infiltrate the Iselia Human Ranch, and Chocolat still refuses to thank Lloyd and only allows the group to save her begrudgingly. The game does attempt to redeem her by having her call out the Hate Sink Mayor of Iselia, but in the eyes of many players, it's too little, too late.
  • As for Tales of the Abyss:
    • Anise gets scrappy points for her involvment in Ion's death and being forced to be a mole by Mohs. Also, she gets additional scrappy points for being too Easily Forgiven for her transgressions compared to what Luke goes through after his screwup.
    • Arietta for whining at the party for killing her Liger-mama, refusing to hear any sort of explanation and for having a screechy, high voice. The original Ion is also disliked for partly creating a lot of Arietta's issues, not to mention for having a Jerkass attitude in general, a stark contrast to his replica.
    • In-universe parody, Mieu. He's a Ridiculously Cute Critter with a high-pitched voice who helps the party solve puzzles and not much else. Even after Luke's Character Development, he still calls Mieu "annoying" to Mieu's face. That and you kill a bunch of Ligers because he burnt down some of the forest making the wolves desperate to survive As well as a little girl's (Arietta's) 'mommy.'
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  • Tales of Innocence: Coda. It's not that he does something to be hated - it's that he doesn't do anything at all for the whole game. He has no backstory and no plot purpose. He's just there for the sake of being the game's mascot and tutorial. And rag on about food. The game actually acknowledges this numerous times, so this is most likely intentional.
  • Tales of Vesperia:
    • Sodia also tends to get a lot of hate, mostly due to stabbing Yuri at the end of part 2. To be fair, she instantly regrets it. In her case, it doesn't help that many view her as a Clingy Jealous Fangirl or that she's Easily Forgiven, the latter being false because Yuri makes it perfectly clear that she is not forgiven and that Flynn not knowing is only because he needs someone he can trust by his side.
    • Zagi is also this. He only shows up just to fight the player and has no real bearing on the plot whatsoever (outside of nearly destroying Zaphias.) He has no particular allegiance to any other antagonist past the first act, he just shows up out of nowhere to cause trouble. Many also consider his creepy obsession with Yuri to be very annoying. It doesn't help that he's fought a total of five time throughout the game.
  • Tales of Hearts: The Mechanoid Corundum, a loli with an excessively high, shrill voice and an annoying giggle... also, the only enemy Guardian Knight you don't get to own in a boss fight. In fact, she's a cameo summon in the original DS version. Thanks a lot, Tomoko Kaneda.
  • Tales of Xillia: Muzet, largely due to her Karma Houdini status. In Jude's path she outright murders most of the villagers in Nia Khera, just because they had heard stories about the schism, and to top it all off, also giving Jude a malignant Mind Rape about Milla's status as a double for Maxwell a bit too gleefully that he fell into a big Heroic BSoD. In Milla's path she does the same but we learn she also slaughtered many spirits out of suspicion that one may be Milla in disguise. Her feelings of being abandoned by Maxwell can come off as Wangst to the player. On top of all this, she's an absurdly cheap boss in Milla's story, one of the hardest in the game. That said, she is less disliked in the sequel due to making a Heel–Face Turn and showing legitimate regret for her past behavior.
  • Tales of Xillia 2: Rideaux is an in-universe Scrappy, but the game still goes out of its way to make you hate him with the same passion the game characters do. The least of which includes saddling Ludger with a 15 million Gald bill for treating his and Elle's injuries, and takes Elle hostage which forces Ludger to take out a loan to pay him. It's all his fault you have to deal with the above mentioned debt system.
  • Tales of Zestiria: Rose is generally viewed in Japan as being a Scrappy in part due to the whole Alisha controversy, but also due to the game's rather poor writing for her character, such as her being part of a group of "pure-hearted" assassins who only targets people who have bad intentions in their eyes, which is flimsily justified in game. Other reasons include her ability to Armatize with the Seraphs on the grounds that Dezel possessing her somehow allows her to do so, and how much of her character seems rushed including backstory and personality. The Alisha DLC made this worse for those who dislike her for Took a Level in Jerkass and becoming the Shepherd while Sorey is asleep. The backlash of all these combined was so strong in Japan that it's almost as well-known as the game itself. She's not as divisive in the west by comparison, but due to how well documented the whole issue is, she remains at best a Base-Breaking Character.


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