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Die For Our Ship / Tales Series

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  • Tales of Destiny: The slash fandom had it out for Rutee in the past, and more rarely for Marian, who got in the way of the popular Stahn/Leon pairing. Nevermind that Leon died.
  • Tales of Symphonia
    • Colette, the female lead who interferes with alternate pairings (both het and yaoi) for the male lead. She's detested by much of the fandom, mostly for being a Barrier Maiden despite, statwise and storywise, being an incredibly capable Glass Cannon. This already bad situation is completely destroyed by the presence of Sheena, a female with obvious interest in the male lead who has a tragic past and a Character Development is seen as better than Colette's nevermind the Break the Cutie that poor Colette herself goes through, and to top it off, is portrayed as a fully-capable Action Girl, which brings up the fangirls's misogyny.
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    • Zelos is loathed by some Lloyd/Sheena fans for his canonical interest in Sheena, who take the worst of his Handsome Lech persona and turn him into a straight up Jerkass. While it is possible to both kill off Zelos and pair Lloyd up with Sheena in the game, you cannot do both at the same time, and if you do kill off Zelos, you've not only thrown off the canon altogether, but thoroughly set Lloyd up with Colette.
    • At the shipwars' height, to people who shipped Kratos/Anna, Raine was a bitch and a slut stalking Kratos and trying to force him to forget the only true love he could ever have. To Kratos/Raine shippers, Anna was a blank NPC who Kratos didn't really love, but only felt sorry for. This was despite the fact that Kratos and Raine had fairly minimal subtext, that Kratos and Anna canonically had a child together, and that Anna has been dead for so long in the first game that she and Raine would never have needed to be in competition.
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    • Anna also gets the same treatment from some Kratos/Yuan fans, although they usually leave Raine out of it entirely. In this case, it also seems partly driven by Het Is Ew.
  • Tales of Legendia
    • Has this for Shirley, who, like Colette in Symphonia, is the game's female lead. She is perceived as interfering with alternate pairings for Senel (Senel/Chloe apparently being the overwhelming favourite), especially since she and Senel apparently become "engaged" at the end of the Main Quest.
  • ''Tales of the Abyss: Tear, and Natalia, get shoved aside for "being in the way" of any ship of Luke and Asch, respectively, that doesn't contain them... if they do not flat out want Luke and Asch to be together.
  • Tales of Graces
    • Cheria. Asbel/Cheria is the Official Couple, so Asbel/Sophie and Asbel/Richard shippers tend to play up the "tsun" part of her Tsundere tendencies while downplaying, or even outright denying the existence of, her Team Mom and All-Loving Heroine traits.
  • Tales of Xillia
    • Jude and Milla are the Official Couple. Since their moments together are YMMV on whether they are romantic or something else, coupled with the amount of shilling Milla gets in that game, the fact that Jude gets some teasing with all three of the girls in the party (and some of the guys) and the fact that Milla eventually becomes the new Maxwell and leaves for the Spirit Realm, it is very easy for Milla to be conveniently killed off or written out, to ship Jude with any of the others.
    • Milla gets it especially bad from hardcore Jude/Leia shippers, who think that Leia is a better match to Jude than Milla, since she has known Jude for such a long time. The fact that Leia even mentions wanting to be like Milla because of Jude paying attention to her, makes those shippers want Milla to hurry up and disappear all the faster.
  • Tales of Xillia 2 hits practically any character with this, who is in the way of a character getting into a relationship with Ludger.

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