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And The Fandom Rejoiced / Tales Series

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  • It's been a year since Tales of Graces was released on the Wii, and still no word on a US release. Tales of Graces F was released last December, and so far, given Namco Bandai's treatment of the series across the border, it looks like the Tales series' chances in the US is sunk...Wait, Graces F was just confirmed for a US release?! The fandom just exploded with joy!
  • Tales of the Abyss in 3D! But wait...It's a port...Of a Tales Series game that's already been released over here...On a DS type Console...Well there goes any chance of an English rele... IT'S BEING LOCALIZED IN THE USA AND EUROPE! THANK YOU NAMCO BANDAI!
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  • Tales of Xillia had also been announced the year Tales of Graces F was released, further dispelling fear that Namco Bandai had given up on the fanbase.
  • Tales of Xillia 2 had been announced for localization a month before Tales of Xillia's release.
  • Tales of Zestiria has been confirmed for localization mere HOURS after the game's official reveal. Making it the fastest localization announcement yet.
  • Tales of Hearts, specifically the PS Vita port, has been confirmed for localization Winter 2014!
  • Tales of Berseria is cross-gen? Aw man, it sounds like the PS4 version won't- WHOA is that running at 60 FPS? Glorious fast action!
    • And now it's coming westward, with a PC version!
  • Sucks that Xbox 360 owners and Western Tales of Vesperia players got shafted yet again with an updated version for the PlayStation 3 that never got released overseas. Welp, better get a modded PlayStation 3 to play the patc—wait, there's a Definitive Edition remaster coming this Winter and its coming overseas?! YES! Thank you for listening to us for all these years, Namco!
    • And it's not Xbox One exclusive, it's also coming to PC, PS4 AND Switch.
  • Tales Of Arise you say? What can you bri- HOLY CRAP IT IS GORGEOUS! And no cross-gen? Even better.


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