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YMMVs for the comics:

  • Broken Base: Red Mist's Alas, Poor Villain moment in Volume 3. Some feel it does humanize Chris somewhat, and he get's a Redemption Equals Death hammered in by the fact that even though he's sorry, Hit Girl dismisses his apology because of all the harm he's caused. Others feel it's a cringeworthy attempt to try to ring out sympathy for a truly hateful character, and tries to bank more on his film portrayal than the monster he's always been in the comics.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Anyone who seems to be in the right is quickly revealed to be naive or secretly an asshole; the main character is a spineless worm who's deluding himself into thinking he can be a hero, while the primary hero character is an utter tool who has turned his daughter into a violent criminal to live out his own dreams. And yet the people they fight against are even worse. There's a reason a lot of people prefer the movie's significantly more idealistic take on the story.
  • Foe Yay: Red Mist being... Red Mist: "...and if I'm absolutely honest, I've wanted to see you in pain since the first night we met. I've even jerked off about it. Does that sound weird?" Yes, Red Mist. Yes it does.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The end of Volume 1, where Chris sets up his Avenging the Villain story-line by quoting The Joker, with volume 2 crossing the Moral Event Horizon by causing a mass shoot-out in a suburban area. The Aurora Theater shootings make this uncomfortable to some. The fact that he started with a group of children makes it even worse after the Newtown shootings.
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  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: After the Motherfucker's defeat in Volume 2, he promises to never bother Dave again if he lets him live. Volume 3 shows that he very well kept his promise.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the Hit-Girl interquel, Hit-Girl mentions that she hopes to gain friends in school with knowledge on The Hunger Games. Not only was Chloë Moretz considered for the part of Katniss, but Aaron Johnson for Peeta.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Red Mist and his father manage to cross it at the same time, after setting up Kick-Ass and the others. First, they beat the shit out of them. When Hit Girl tries to fight back, Johnny G orders his men to shoot her in the back, which they gladly do, sending her flying out a window. Red Mist then raves about how awesome that was, demonstrating that he's either a total sociopath or at least isn't very good at separating comic books from reality. In either case, that's the moment when both of them stop being mere villains and cross the line. Interestingly, the film turned this into a humanising Even Evil Has Standards moment for Red Mist by having him instead be suitably horrified.
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    • Also the revelation that Big Daddy isn't an ex-cop and dragged his daughter into the lifestyle after running away from her and lying to her about the fate of her mother. This is one point where a decent amount of people seem to prefer the film version of the character over the comic due to the absence of this.
    • In Volume Two, they pull out all the stops to make the villains seem unstomachably cruel, clearly in an attempt to eradicate any surrogate thrill the reader might get from their exploits. Don't-give-a-shit wanton violence is such a primal power-fantasy, they really wanted it to seem as disgusting as it would in real life. Most common criticism is that they went too far in this, parts of the book are just really unpleasant to read.
  • The Scrappy:
  • Squick:
    • After Kick-Ass gets hit by the car, if you look at his legs, you can see part of the bone sticking out.
    • Kick-Ass shoots John Genovese in the tunk. You get to see the end of his dick fall to the floor.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: As mentioned above, Chris can be seen as this in Volume 3. His Heel Realization and his Redemption Equals Death moments may have somewhat balanced out the character, it seems too late for him to apologize given how atrocious his crimes were, even with his redemption.
  • Wangst: Dave's narration can be accused of this. But everyone else has their moments too.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • Dave Lizewski wants to become a real-life superhero. After a few weeks spent walking on walls and wearing his costume under his clothes, he decides he wants to start fighting crime for real. His first attempt to do so ends as well as you might expect with him getting beaten up by a trio of vandals, stabbed, and finally getting hit by a car. Ultimately he manages to survive and recover from all of this, and although he tries to give up the superhero lifestyle, he soon gets drawn back into it.
      You'd Expect: That if Dave was insistent about being a superhero, he'd try and take some martial arts/self-defense classes, or do something to give himself more chance in a fight, as soon as reasonably possible.
      Instead: He does absolutely nothing of the sort until the next series.
    • The Motherfucker wants revenge on Dave because of the latter's role in the death of his father. He decides to go after the people Dave cares about.
      You'd Expect: The Motherfucker to try and limit his victims to those connected to Dave, and not cause unnecessary bloodshed.
      Instead: While going to attack Dave's crush, he and his supervillain friends massacre an entire suburb, respectively killing and injuring about 30 and 100 innocent people, including children. This results in the Motherfucker's friend Vic Gigante withdrawing police protection from The Motherfucker. And then, he decides to start another massacre in Times Square, seemingly for no other reason than it sounding cool. Ultimately, this course of action leads to his downfall, and his actions turn him, and his secret identity, into figures of public hate.
    • Pointed out by Kick-Ass in Volume 2, after he & Hit-Girl find out that the Mother Fucker's plan is to burn New York to the ground - Chris is asthmatic, so what's he going to do when he blows up all of the pharmacys & hospitals, and he needs his medication?
  • The Woobie: Dave and Mindy suffer a whole lot through the story. Angie Genovese becomes this in Volume 3 where she becomes a social pariah for the crimes Chris did.

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