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Blue Yonder is a Superhero Web Comic about Jared Davenport, Blue Yonder. In the prologue, he and his sister, Maiden Flight, are fleeing their enemies; in flashbacks, it is revealed that their parents, the rest of their superhero team, were taken out by the Cape Busters following them.

Then his sister sacrifices herself to allow Jared's escape, and he ends up at Claremont Apartments, a place on the Wrong Side of the Tracks and filled with washed-up "capes". Yuri, their leader, tries to talk some sense into him, but Jared, suffering from unusually realistic post-traumatic stress, is bent on finding his family.

Tropes included

  • Cat Scare: Lena scares off some attackers with a cell phone.
  • I Work Alone: A villain described the Davenports as (collectively) like this.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Two sets of capes are annoyed that the other came to help Jared.
  • Love Triangle: Kevin thinks he's in one with Lena (who's not his girlfriend) and Jared (whose attention is wholly on his family).
  • Magnetic Hero: A villain describes Jared as this.
  • The Medic: Someone in the apartments looks after the seriously injured Jared
  • Missing Mom: Lena's mother is dead.
  • The Promise: Jared, semi-conscious, is told they will go after his family; he asks for, and gets a promise.
  • Romantic False Lead: Kevin thinks Jared is this because he does not realize that he is not her boyfriend.
  • Three-Month-Old Newborn: His mother is still in a wheelchair and complaining that the umbilical cord could have held Jared — who can sit up and fly.
  • Wait Here: Maiden Flight tells this to her brother in the prologue.