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A Vlog Series that puts all your favorite fairy tale characters in college.

Walt University senior Ella Cinders, along with friends such as Rapunzel Cheshire, Rose Red, Belle Beaumont, Ari Waters, and Snow White, is part of a program called "University Ever After". Said program entails the involved students living together in a dorm, making a series of videos showing their lives at Walt U, and posting the videos online for prospective students to watch.

Ella doesn't expect the videos to be too drama-filled, until someone starts sabotaging her fashion projects for a competition to get an internship at the prestigious Charming Company. Meanwhile, the camera keeps turning on and off by itself, and no one who knows who's editing the videos or why they choose to keep in material that was not meant to be shared. And who's that princely guy Ella danced with that one night, when she had to leave at midnight before she told him her name?

The Character Sheet can be found here.

The videos can be watched here.