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  • Channel Awesome isn't in the habit of keeping its former producers' content on their web site, so really anyone who leaves automatically becomes this. However, there have been several occasions where the site did this purposefully:
    • Daniel Rizzo, a.k.a. That Aussie Guy, was an early personality at Channel Awesome who was fired after slutshaming Lindsay Ellis during the filming of the TGWTG Year One Brawl and inappropriately editing pages on Channel Awesome's Wikia site, among other "issues, ill-advised actions, and other various events." As a result, Rizzo's videos were abruptly taken down from Channel Awesome without much fanfare and the wiki only briefly mentions him.
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    • Brad Jones was forced to do this to Jerrid Foiles, first in 2012 (under circumstances similar to Rizzo's dismissal from Channel Awesome) and again in 2014. Despite making limited appearances between those dates, Jerrid disappeared again and his characters have either vanished or have been killed off. However, Brad has clarified that he is still friends with Jerrid, he has just stopped making appearances. It ultimately ended in 2017, as Jerrid eventually started appearing in the Midnight Screenings again.
    • Brad also did this to "Angry Jake" Norvell in early 2015 after Jake stole his girlfriend. Jake's characters were either discontinued or replaced, while Brad and the rest of Team Snob cut ties with him.
      Brad: [announcing Jake's firing on Facebook] The term "dead to me" may be overused, but it serves a purpose sometimes.
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    • Allison Pregler AKA Obscurus Lupa was fired rather controversially in early 2015 from the site (allegedly over being out of the house while CA management was trying to contact her), which caused her boyfriend Phelous and Andrew Dickman to quit in protest. Within five minutes all of their content was removed from the site (in Phelous' case, videos that dated all the way back to 2008) with the exception of a few crossover appearances. Made worse by the fact that fellow long-time contributors Lindsay Ellis, Kyle Kallgren and Smarty also left around the same time and were all given a "farewell" period to say their goodbyes to the site. Allison was the first of many ex-Channel Awesome employees to state her case against the site in this document which calls the management out on how they operated. Later on in 2019, Allison announced that she would be removing crossover reviews that she did with Brad Jones and cutting his cameos from her other videos after the disintegration of their friendship.
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    • In 2018, four years after his suicide, it was revealed that Justin "JewWario" Carmical was a sexual predator who assaulted at least two women, and that one of those attacks was the previously-undisclosed reason he had been let go from Channel Awesome shortly before his passing. After these crimes came to light, former Channel Awesome producers took down Crossover collaborations with Justin, excised or replaced his Cameos in their videos, and removed JewWario hats that had been prominently placed on their sets in tribute to him (this even extended to creators not affiliated with Channel Awesome - Smeghead, for instance, took down his review of The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach!, which had been made in tribute to JewWario, after the allegations came out). MarzGurl, who had made the movie Farewell, FamiKamen Rider in Justin's memory, averted this by deciding to keep that movie online for "historical purposes", while stating she would have never made it if she was told about Justin's true nature and adding a disclaimer to the movie making it clear that it no longer reflected her opinion of him.
  • When Blip went under, Nash Bozard moved most of his videos to Youtube... except those featuring his former partner JesuOtaku, leading to the number 21 being skipped in the prerecorded episodes, orphaned references in MAGfest specials to a review of the Wonder Woman (2011 pilot), and the loss of one the late Jew Wario's guest appearances.
  • In season 2 of The Guild Bladezz deletes Tink's online gaming character Tinkerballa, removing permanently from existence her gold, reputation and "two years of [her] life". She even phrases it as "I don't exist anymore."
  • Fine Structure has "informational weapons" that can destroy specific kinds of knowledge, both in living brains and in recorded form. That could prevent everyone from ever remembering or perceiving a person again, even if he were standing right in front of them. This was done to Thomas Muoka. The effect was so strong that it even encompasses the guy who did it, and the reader of the story, so it's even impossible for us to learn what he did to deserve it.
  • SF Debris has as a Running Gag the idea that Jonathan Archer was considered such an embarrassment that he was wiped from Starfleet's history books. For unknown reasons, he was also wiped from the Klingon history books, and those who know the truth flatly refuse to speak about him.
  • Game Grumps
    • Following his departure, JonTron was not mentioned by Arin or any of the new Grumps — all of whom were apparently good friends with him — in their newer videos, and almost any mention of him was done so in a roundabout way so as to not say his name or include his involvement. While speculation abounds as to whether he had a falling out with the rest of the cast or not, Arin's only official mention of Jon was to say that it's not out of disrespect or to ignore his contribution, but because Arin feels talking about Jon on the show unintentionally drags him back to it and stops all of them from moving on. As of Episode 109 of Arin & Danny's Pokemon FireRed series, however, Jon has been mentioned occasionally by name, more than a year and a half after his departure.
    • After ProJared's wife publicly accused him of having an affair with Ross's ex-wife Holly Conrad and Jared was alleged to have solicited nude pictures from his fans, every episode where he appeared was removed from the channel.
  • The Hyacintho Mental Collective from Void of the Stars will wipe the memory of any citizen who wants to leave it. Finding someone in the Triarian Collective who hasn't had their memory wiped or altered is all but impossible.
  • Looking up The Best Page in the Universe on a computer that's on display in an Apple store will net you a redirect to a MacBook Pro ad or a 404 error. Maddox had a field day with this, making the guess that the ban is due to his anti-Apple posts (especially his anti-iPhone post).
  • Speaking of Maddox, the final episode of his abruptly cancelled podcast "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" was recorded without his co-host, Dick Masterson, who is also not mentioned once throughout the episode, including the ending where Maddox thanks every single person who's contributed to the show. Over the next few months, it was revealed that personal issues that had been brewing for many months had come to a head and resulted in an ongoing public feud.
  • Noob:
    • The first Wham Episode can be summed up as this trope happening to one of the top players as part of what seems to be a Revealing Cover-Up. The webseries and novel versions make it quite clear that anything done by the player's avatar never happened, up to having a character actually say something along the lines of "[That avatar] not longer exists. Actually, it has never existed.".
    • The webseries all but confirmed that this happened to Spectre's first avatar after he retired, probably thanks to the hacker trying to drive people off MMORPG in the present day being his former teammate.
    • According to the novel version, the Fictional Video Game's gods did this to the Syrial continent in addition to freezing it in time and surrounding it with a Perpetual Storm. This is the reason for which no version of the story ever mentions the people who became the Order before the installment introducing the faction.
  • Played for Laughs with Rooster Teeth. After Ray Narvaez Jr. left Achievement Hunter, they go out of their way to act weird around Ray's name being used for kicks, usually playing him off as some no-named wanna-be or mysterious player they have friended. In all honesty, he's still on good terms with the group and shows up from time to time on their podcasts.
  • TomSka had done this with one of his earliest and most frequent collaborators, Christopher "Bing" Bingham, in 2014, removing his name from credits, subtitles, and video titles after a falling out. It was later revealed on Tom's Tumblr page that this had been Bing's request, as he no longer wanted to be associated with Tom or his channel after their falling out a year prior, and after a talk with Tom in 2018 where they addressed this, the credits and subtitles were restored.
  • RedLetterMedia unlisted all of their videos featuring Max Landis after several women accused him of sexual abuse in June of 2019. This included their most popular Best of the Worst video ever, with over two million views.

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