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Erivale has been a long-time reader of TV Tropes, and a much-less-long-time contributor. She is also known as Xavier1161, which he used until her brother hacked it.

He has an unhealthy addiction to manga, anime, and role-playing video games. She also reads far too much, mostly fantasy or sci-fi.

He likes to hang out either on the pages of works she likes (where he will often do mass edits if she sees a problem) or on the Complete Monster discussion thread, although he'll occasionally get involved with some YKTTW or the other if it interests her. He's also started a few TRS or Image-Pickin threads.

She also likes to think of himself as the unofficial Page Guardian of the Air Gear, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, and Hayate × Blade pages.


Pages she tends to work on more than others and would appreciate help with:

  • Air Gear (Erivale performed some much-needed cleanup on the page and added most of the examples on the character page. He's quite proud of herself)
  • Dogs: Bullets & Carnage (He is in the middle of an ongoing project to clean up bad examples on the main and character pages and add several subpages. She also did a major overhaul of the character page)
  • Hayate × Blade (As with Dogs, Erivale is in the middle of cleaning up bad examples, overhauling the character page, and adding subpages)


Pages Erivale has helped launch:

  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves (Cleaned up the horrible grammar in the description and examples, and provided the final trope image used)

TRS Threads Erivale has started:

Image Pickin' Threads Erivale has started:

YKTTWs Erivale has started:

Works Erivale likes and would highly recommend:

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