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This troper is mostly a Lurker(and the real life equivalent...) so don't expect many edits to be done.
and don't expect me to make this page alphabetical or anything because i shun you people and your order. ;)

Troper Appearance:

  • a unkept beard that should look like a Van Dyke(Goatee+Fu Manchu) when i shave.(too lazy to do it often)
  • haircut consisting of PeekABangs and and a ponytail, the rest is shaved...(2-3 times a year.)*
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  • facial expression looks indifferent most of the time but turns into a smirk once in a while, other expressions are mostly not shown since im stroking my beard or shewing my nails...
  • Glasses with slightly opaque lenses.
  • Mostly wearing jeans and a hoodie but sometimes wearing a longcoat above that...

Troper Personality:

  • In addition to being a lurker this troper is actually quite friendly when you get to know him.(if you aren't scared away by the creepiness that is...)
some have even said that he is too kind for his own good.(others get the opposite idea and thinks that I'll become a mass murderer or something...)

Troper Interests:

  • Obviously books, movies, anime and even some games.
  • searching for those rare movies and animes that no one heard of or at least no one from my generation. also those ones that are known for being too violent, cruel, depressing, surreal etc. for normal people.
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  • the above interest led me into mangas because many works never goes beyond printed media... and since live in fuckin' Sweden i have to resort to scanlations.
  • lurking
  • piracy
  • Transhumanism and The Singularity
  • Have none myself but i have a interest in body modifications

Watch list

Maybe i add some of what I've seen... some other time...

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