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Recap / Big Finish Doctor Who 140 A Death In The Family

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Previously On Doctor Who. Thomas Hector Schofield, known to his friends as Hex, was shot in 1845 Crimea. Taking their friend to the hospital they first met him, the Forge, a shady organisation the Doctor faced once before (and would again in his future) under the leadership of Nimrod fought a plague of alien bugs simply labelled "the contaminants". When Nimrod reveals to Hex what happened to his mother and what she really was, Hex' faith and trust in the Doctor is absolutely shattered and he leaves the crew of the TARDIS. But before the Doctor and Ace depart, they're informed that one of the symbols in the TARDIS is in the Forge archive as well... Which means a Time Lord is buried there.


But what the Doctor finds seems to be beyond possibility, and in tow comes something far worse, and the return of an old friend can spell doom for them both.



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