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My sense is a lot of people’s headcanons have Gamzee as the tallest troll.

I’m gonna go ahead and canonically confirm that Gamzee is in fact the shortest troll of all.

Busted fan artists.

Andrew Hussie yet again, via his tumblr

Apparently I 'confirmed' a romantic relationship between Sherlock and Irene Adler. Despite my 140 character limit can I be very clear that I

BadWolfInk: If you kill Rory again in this episode, I'm getting my pitchfork.
Steven Moffat: You'll have to PULL IT OUT OF RORY first!!
This Twitter exchange

To my wonderful readers:
Sorry about that last cliffhanger
Not really, HAHAHAHA
But seriously, I love you guys.
Dedication for The House of Hades

Nordling: It reminds me, do you like torturing your characters? Is it more fun to torture them a bit?
Jim Butcher: I don’t like torturing my characters, I like torturing my readers. It happens to be that torturing the characters is the best way to do that.
Abstruse: You and Joss Whedon are going to put me in my grave.
Jim Butcher: That’s the idea. I want you to lose sleep and miss work and all kinds of thing.
Jim Butcher being upfront about this trope

That's the best part, actually. I never really lied. I just said true things and let people misconstrue the shit out of them.
"How's SotM2 coming along?" "I think people are going to really like the MA overhauls we're putting into the next release."
"When is sorcery going to be revamped?" "Within a year!"
"Why are you introducing Liminals when Lunars are still bluh bluh huge Lunar fan" "Liminals won't be getting a book until Lunars have been revised and shined up."
and a hundred more
allllllllllllll true
neeeeeeeeeeever what you thought you were hearing
(I had to cultivate this skill or go fucking mad.)
Holden Shearer after revealing that he'd been working on Exalted 3E for several months before announcing it

So experience the swagger of a movie studio drunk on its own power, as Marvel trolls the world with balls-out middle fingers to the audience that they know they have in the palm of their hand. Oh, you like superheroes? Well, how about a movie that stars a f***ing raccoon and a f***ing tree?! You like Vin Diesel? Yeah, well we cast him—and he only says one f***ing line! You want more pedigreed actors? We'll put 'em in silly outfits and make 'em say space bullish*t—because who doesn't want to be in a f***ing Marvel movie? Hey, recognize that chubby idiot from Parks and Rec? We're gonna turn 'im into a sex symbol! That would be hilarious! Remember the worst movie we ever made, Howard the Duck? Stick that after the credits when everyone's expecting Avengers 2! It'll totally fuck with our fans, and they'll love it anyways! Speaking of which: remember Thanos, from that one scene at the end of The Avengers a few years ago? Well, we're bringing him back—and he's still not doing sh*t! Why? Because F*** YOU! WE'RE MARVEL! THAT'S WHY!

I mean, who's going to actually decide to take the facts that the show has been offensively defanged and that its budget has evaporated entirely and throw them back in the world's face while bellowing a subversive scream about anti-capitalist revolution? Who would be cynical and bitter enough to do that?

Ah. Right. Robert Holmes.
Dr. El Sandifer, TARDIS Eruditorium

Fans brought tons of signs for ring girl Athena to shows. Although fans at The Asylum loved Athena, TNA didn't properly introduce her to the PPV audience for several months...After a tag match, (Vince) Russo came out and responded... He talked about how he gave the fans everything they wanted, then mentioned Athena. Russo eventually brought her into the ring, attempted to get her to flash the audience, slapped her when she refused, and repeatedly called her an "ugly wench". The Harris twins eventually came out for the save, but swerved the crowd when they hit their finisher on Athena (twice). TNA Security didn't think it necessary to intervene until after Athena was already long laid out. This whole segment lasted a good ten minutes.

Soon as they like you, make 'em unlike you.

"Wow, Krypto. Out of so many famous DC characters..Krypto. Speechless. Krypto. You advertise the launch of a new DC game with Krypto. Krypto."
"I hope Deathstroke never comes out because the tears of impotent rage are hilarious time and time again."
"I'm pulling for us to add Sportsmaster.
—A displeased fan, a fan who has gleefully joined in the fun, and a staff member, Infinite Crisis subreddit

"Yes. I lied. Because it amused me. Get used to it."
Nimbus Llewelyn, after responding to requests for the reveal of Harry's animagus form by inserting a crack scene wherein Harry's form is... Captain Jack Harkness.

"Last year, Chandler [on Twitter] told us to stick to pancakes [after the controversial name change to IHOb]. Well Chandler, we heard you. Introducing our new... "pancakes!"note  Wow, look at those "pancakes," with all-natural black angus beef. We're excited for everyone to try our new "pancakes." Even you, Chandler."


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