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Quotes / Trollhunters S 2 E 12 Mistrial And Error

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Claire: Let's try “good cop, bad cop.
Blinky: I think I know where you’re going with this. I shall play this game.[Claire knocks on door] Open up, RotGut, or I'll kick down this door! [RotGut answers.]
Gut: Ailment or curse?
Claire: Neither, you two-headed dirtbag! We need information. Gunmar’s got a mole down here, and you're gonna tell us who it is!
Rot: Why is she being so mean to us, Gut?
Gut: We don't share this sort of thing. Salesman-client confidentiality.
Claire: Oh, you wanna obstruct official Trollhunting business? Is that what you wanna do? Now you've done it! I feel my anger rising. I can't control it. You might want to talk to my partner, because I'm about to explode! [Claire winks to Blinky. He winks back.]
Blinky: Ahem. [Blinky shouts and pulls out a live dwärkstone.] If you don't tell us what we need to know this instant, I'm turning us all into a smoking crater! [RotGut shuts their windows.]
Gut: Are you insane? You're gonna kill us all!
Claire: Whoa whoa, Blinky, what are you doing?
Blinky: I’m buying baby. I'm buying the farm if they don't start talking!
Claire: Wait, I thought I was the bad cop.
Blinky: I thought I was the bad cop. Your performance felt a little ho-hum.
— Blinky and Claire interrogating RotGut

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