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  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Haley's motive for collecting money. She favoured helping the dirt farmers even though there would be absolutely no reward. Notably, she called Roy out for assuming that she wouldn't want to help them — yes, she likes money, but just because she expects compensation for adventuring doesn't mean she won't help people in need!
    • Belkar Bitterleaf, a Chaotic Evil halfling who on one occasion used a kobold's head for a salsa bowl, has recently adopted the late Lord Shojo's cat, Mr. Scruffy. While he justifies it by using the cat for a weapon at one point, he seems to genuinely care for it. Then again, he also liked Lord Shojo for being a Magnificent Bastard, to the point of going berserk when Miko killed him. ("YOU KILLED THE WACKY OLD DUDE WITH THE CAT?!?")
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    • Miko seems to have a genuine affection for her paladin steed, leading to a few Pet the Horse scenes, especially her final moments.
    • Tsukiko seems to be getting one of these in her deluded, but still caring, attitude towards the undead. Then again, since she's a self-confessed necrophiliac, her motherly behaviour towards them might make it even worse.
    • Gannji and Enor have an ever-so-slightly heart-rending shared Pet the Dog moment during the Gladiator Games, when they refuse to duel each other and Gannji has to persuade Enor to kill him in order to prevent them both being executed.
      • This moment was so moving it inspired Belkar to have one of his own by releasing a dinosaur into the arena to allow them to escape since their relationship reminded him of his bond with Mr. Scruffy. The carnage that resulted was a bonus.
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    • Malack gets one when he spares Mr. Scruffy before trying to kill Belkar. Later does it when he doesn't tell Nale where the Order of the Stick is hiding to honor Durkon's dying request
    • The bugbear who just returned home from trying to kill some of the protagonists has a literal one here. Also, she works for Redcloak.
  • Richard of Looking for Group has a rather shocking Pet The Dog moment when he saves a child from an explosive blast. The reason? The child wasn't afraid to die.
    • A more straight example is how Richard seems to like the rabbit the rest of the group jokingly gave him as a mount when he was shrunk. Well, at least, it's one of the few woodland creatures he's run across that he didn't immediately immolate.
  • In 8-Bit Theater, Black Mage's love for White Mage.
    "Look, I don't do this... uh, ever. But you guys are basically like kittens stuck on a leaking lifeboat in a typhoon. Just run."
    • Sarda seems to like Fighter more than the other three, probably because he realises that he's actually good as opposed to Black Mage, Red Mage and Thief. For example, in one instance, Fighter asks for a reward (and hopes that it is candy), but Sarda says something about the next quest. In the end, Sarda tells Fighter, "By the way, Fighter, here's the candy." Also, Sarda (after resurrecting Fighter and Thief, who have been killed by Black Mage) states that the Light Warriors are "all selfish monsters who need to die for the good of everyone else." Black Mage asks surprised if that also applies to Fighter, and Sarda answers he isn't. While Fighter cheers, Sarda explains that he still has to kill him anyway. And then Black Mage cheers.
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  • In Girl Genius, volume 12, Tarvek drags a wasp weasel handler, a nest of baby wasp-weasels, and a Jager out of danger, followed by attacking a Wasp Queen — with a wooden sword.
  • In xkcd, Black Hat Guy gets such a moment which includes baking a cake. Aw...
  • The Ork from Da Real Wurld 40k seems to like the grots that infest the character's house. The Dark Eldar chick constantly demands he do something about them, and he seems genuinely saddened when she shoots one off his head. For an ork, he's surprisingly well-balanced.
  • Rowasu of Juathuur doesn't kill Juinn when he has the chance. Not only that, but he doesn't kill his crow, who ate one of his eyes!
  • In Goblins, Minmax the Unstoppable Warrior is the first antagonist the heroes face, and his party's slaughter of a goblin village is the catalyst for the Goblin Adventuring Party's formation. He is painted as a mostly unsympathetic jackass who is technically Chaotic Good, but assumes all goblins are just XP fodder. When he eventually meets the Goblinslayer, he is overcome with hero worship. But when he finds out the latter has a sapient snake-woman whom he rapes and tortures nightly for fun, he throws him through a window.
  • Homestuck. The guy who would go on to become Spades Slick had one such moment during the Hivebent Intermission. Begins here.
    "Saddest story you ever heard. Got to do something to shut him up."
    • Even the kid's version of Jack Noir gets one. Thanks to Bec's prototyping, he's incredibly loyal to Jade - so much so, that when Courtyard Droll kills her (as per Jack's earlier orders), he takes her to her Quest Bed, more-or-less willingly undoing her death. Jack's sole motivation is to kill everything in existence.
    • Equius spent most of his time onscreen as kind of a racist, classist prick with an intricate arrangement of creepy fetishes, but managed to get in a few of these, such as building the low-caste Tavros bionic legs to heal his paraplegia. The best example, however, was when he was certain he was going to die accurately, as it turns out, and took a moment to say goodbye to Nepeta and thank her for being his moirail.
  • Seymour from Nosfera deciding to spare the life of the Medusa Head in front of her children.
  • In City of Reality, an unnamed villain who's revised the timeline gives a seemingly heartfelt apology to a little girl she's had to Mind Control for her ends and in the original timeline had been forced to kill.
  • In Nip and Tuck, the Show Within a Show Rebel Cry introduces the admiral hunting our hero by having him remonstrate with his superior about harsh treatment and get slapped down.
  • Black Monday Blues of Dead Winter saves a little girl he stumbles upon before walking into the sunset.
  • The Kingfisher: Demetri picks Jack out to be thrown into a deadly game (be a vampire or be food?) and tries to sway him with moral relativism, but he does have cute pets.
  • In Sinfest, the wistful looks of the Enlightened Illuminati drones keeps the green succubus from actually abandoning them. And she gives Monique a hug on the house, even though she's supposed to get souls.
  • In Red's Planet, Red's generally self-centered behavior gives way she lets Tawee come with her, and later offers food.
  • The Nightmare Knight from Cucumber Quest seems to have a soft spot for Princess Parfait, as seen when he stops Sir Tomato from harrassing her and agrees to listen to her vent for a bit later on.
  • At the end of chapter five, Norbert Olsen from The Overture tucks his favorite daughter Angela into bed. Up until this point, Norbert has either been abusive or neglectful to his other children so it's shocking to see he generally loves Angela with all his heart.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Diane isn't the the nicest person around, but the first sign she's not a completely bad person is when she looks for her friend, who ran out of the classroom crying over forgetting her homework. She calms her friend down, gently tells her not to overreact like that, then promises to resolve the situation by having the teacher call the friend's mom to confirm the homework was done. When she sees Grace nearby, also looking upset, she awkwardly but nicely asks if she can do anything for Grace as well. Later, it's also shown that for all Diane complains about her sister, she's genuinely scared to see Rhea brainwashed along with everyone else at the New Year's Eve party and later suggests to Ellen that it is a good thing to keep the truth from her, if only so her sister doesn't get upset over what happened.
  • Dani from Between the Lines in Chapter Four where he admits to Shay that despite him being injured and being caught by his mother for dressing as a girl at the end of the First Chapter (Byberry), he acknowledges that feels much more comfortable dressing as a girl as it gave him a bit of a rush [1]. He even makes out with Razly, who admits to Dani that he looks cute as a girl [2]. And given what happened to him throughout the Third Chapter (to the point of attempting suicide and being stuck in a mental hospital for about two months), it's nice to finally see Dani in a happy mood for change.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent:
    • In the Denmark portion of the prologue, Michael is introduced talking to his boss on the phone, telling him that he's on a ferry taking his cat to his sister's farm because he doesn't trust a cat hotel to take good care of it. His boss, meanwhile, is furious at him for taking the trip too close to an important meeting. When an announcement reveals that the ferry will not be making its return trip because of sudden travel restrictions, Michael acts as a complete jerk about it and threatens all of the boat's waiters with a Frivolous Lawsuit if they don't get the ferry to turn back. Everyone is so scared to deal with him that they end up sending Signe, a collegue that is described as "Was fired from her last job. And the one before that." to talk with him. However, the reason Michael was on the boat in the first place makes him getting fired over the phone a little after a well-deserved chewing out quite sad, his story ending with Signe coming to cheer him up over it comes across as a very much needed silver lining, and his apparently devoid of redeeming qualities Mean Boss ends up being the Hate Sink.
    • Emil, who's introduced as a self-centered former rich kid who sees the expedition as an easy path to promotion (and is completely oblivious to the "you have to survive first" catch), gets strangely attached to a Plague Zombie dog both before and after getting attacked by it. Events eventually contrive to let Emil give the dog a Mercy Kill, but it happens in circumstances that keep him from burying it until the next morning, and he apologizes to it. He also freaks out when he finds out Lalli has skinned it the next morning, not knowing that the skinning was part of a ceremony meant to actually free the dog's spirit, something that the killing alone didn't actually do (Emil doesn't believe in spirits, Lalli knows better).
  • A-gnosis' comics on Greek myth has an in-universe version: a human household is terrified to learn that one of their visitors is Hades, the dreaded God of The Underworld — who's cooing over and petting their dog at the time. Readers know that Hades isn't actually a bad guy, but the family is, if anything, even more scared that he'll kill the dog.


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