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And this doesn't even cover half of what Aku says.

Seasons 1-4
  • Jack himself has quite a few memorable quotes:
    • "AKUUUUUUUUU!!!!"Explanation 
    • "JUMP GOOD!" Explanation 
    • "When does the [X] begin? ...There is no [X], is there?" Explanation 
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    • "SHUT UP, I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" (scowl) Explanation 
    • "OH YEAH! PORRIDGE!" Explanation 
  • Let's face it, pretty much anything that comes out of Aku's mouth is this.
    • "Long ago in a distant land..." (Or humorously, "Long Ago in an (EXTRA THICK!/EXTRA THICC!) land...") Explanation 
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    • "FOOLISH SAMURAI!" Explanation 
    • "BEEF JERKY!" Explanation 
    • "GREAT FLAMING EYEBROWS!" Explanation 
    • "EXTRA THICK!" (often misspelled as "EXTRA THICC!") Explanation 
  • The Scotsman's 20-second-long insult, which gained a considerable degree of popularity upon the show's revival (see that section below).

Season 5
It seems like Genndy went an extra mile to make every scene of Season 5 as memorable as possible. With the addition of thousands of hyped fans over the Internet, every episode produces something that gets shared a lot.
  • GUN Explanation 
  • Many jokes have been made about the Daughters of Aku cult and their seeming ignorance of how easy Aku is to contact. Aku's seeming ignorance of their existence only makes it funnier.Explanation 
  • YOU SWORD LOSIN'... Explanation 
  • "And I care, because?"Explanation 
  • "Hey, isn't that the guy who just slayed the embodiment of evil a couple of years ago? Let's mug him!" Explanation 
  • The still shot of Jack carrying a kanabō has gotten a lot of edits.
  • The pose that Ashi strikes in S5 E4 has become quite popular.Explanation 
  • "Whip it out!" Explanation 
  • "What a freak! Looked like a talking penis!" Explanation 
  • "The Daughters of Aku were naked the whole time?" Explanation 
  • The image of child Ashi screaming after falling on the rocks has become one in terms of Black Comedy.
  • The "S" symbol the rave people give for symbolizing Samurai Jack.
  • Scaramouche is the Scatman. Explanation 
  • The cat aliens from Episode 8 have written letters on their uniforms, leading fans to make some amusing edits.
  • Samurai on Motorcycles Explanation 
  • Ashi owes Jack a new bike. Explanation 
  • Ashi killing the High Priestess has led to jokes about how Timmy Turner "finally killed Vicky" Explanation 
  • Ashi's appearance in Episode 8 has sprung up some memes. This one based on the final episode Cross the Line Twice.
  • Fans have been making jokes about the similarities between Season 5 and Berserk, although later on fans are getting increasingly concerned on how the season is slowly becoming ''Berserk'' and are also getting increasingly concerned about the fate of the characters and the direction the show is going, specifically the equivalent of the Eclipse happening in Samurai Jack. To the point that when somebody makes parallels between the characters between Samurai Jack and Berserk it's almost always replied by fans posting comments or reaction images that show their concern.
  • Looks like you got your father-daughter relationship after all. Explanation 
  • They pulled a Nia on us again.Explanation 
  • DAMN YOU, TARTAKOVSKY!Explanation 
  • Jokes about how Genndy Tartakovsky keeps doing everything in his power to ensure that Jack always loses a shirt.
  • Now do Sym-Bionic Titan!Explanation 
  • Aku may have been your father, but he wasn't your daddy. Explanation 

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