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Drinking Game / Samurai Jack

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General Drinking Game

Season 5 Edition

Bonus Games

  • Hardcore Edition: After you've watched Season 5 from start to finish, rewatch it from the start. Take a drink every time anything involving Ashi is cast in a new light due to the revelations in later episodes. Ex; when she screams that "Aku is the father of all fathers" or how Jack tells her he doesn't want to become just a memory. Note: it's best to start this game with a clean slate.
  • Ultimate Edition: Go back and watch the series from start to finish and take a drink every time you notice the animation style goes through subtle changes and evolutions, such as the frequently Off-Model nature of Jack and Aku in the pilot three-parter compared to Season 1, Season 1's more limited animation and continuing off-model tendencies compared to the higher budget Seasons 2-4, and especially how different Season 5 stylistically looks to Seasons 1 through 4 due to major advances in digital animation technology between 2004 and 2017.
  • Meta: Drink every time you go on YouTube videos of Dean Martin's "Everybody Loves Somebody" and you see comments related to this show. Have an ambulance on standby.