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The ability to heal damage to both the "heart" and "body," and to rescue those who have lost their way.
This power is called "Soul Rescue."

Soul Rescue is a two-volume action/adventure/drama shoujo manga starring angels, demons, and co-starring God.

In another world and time, the angel Renji is infamous for his violent nature; though Heaven's most accomplished warrior, he has no interest in an angel's duty of tending to Mankind. To fix this glaring flaw in his personality, God Himself exiles Renji from Earth until Renji has 'rescued' ten thousand human souls. To facilitate this, Renji is given the Soul Rescue: An ability to negate the darkness in a person's soul that happens to be focused through his lips. Renji's also given a babysitter, the Elite Angel Kaito, whose straitlaced demeanor clashes with Renji's personality. And with that the pair is sent to Earth to commence their journey.

Among the way they meet various ladies in need, battle a pair of demons, and become friends.


The mangaka, Aya Kanno, is best known for her serialized works in the Japanese Hana to Yume manga anthology; her best-known work in English is Otomen. Licensed and published in English by Tokyopop, Soul Rescue is perpetually incomplete.

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