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  • The very premise of the show; preteen twins find an old journal written by a relative that disappeared years ago, that also doubles as a guide to the secret mystical world around them. Sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it?
  • Wendy lives near the forest, has a manly father and three brothers, all redheads. Sounds familiar...
  • Mabel's goal of restoring the wax sculpture with her "arts and crafts skills" feels reminiscent of the story of the Botched Spanish Fresco, when the episode would have been written long before that story broke.
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  • The scene where birds appear and land gently on Soos is so much funnier when you find out that, according to Word of God, "Soos" is short for Jesús.
  • "Soos and the Real Girl" features animatronics at a pizza place coming to life and attacking people. Sound familiar? Alex Hirsch actually had to make a statement confirming that it was a complete coincidence, thanks to Animation Lead Time. The same episode also has an anime girl from a dating sim who became self-aware at some point in the past, falls in love with the player (not the player character, the player) and tries to win him by affecting how the game works and by "erasing" her competition. That exact concept is the infamous plot twist to Doki Doki Literature Club!. So yes, this show essentially predicted two popular indie horror games... with one episode.
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  • An all-seeing wish-granting demon possesses a youth, using his new body to further his own nefarious purposes and keep others from stopping his goal.
  • The game .GIFfany hails from is called Romance Academy 7.
  • .GIFfany's status as Soos' Psycho Ex-Girlfriend is a bit hilarious when you remember that her character designer, Paul Robertson, had done the sprite work for another group of evil exes a couple of years prior.
  • From Northwest Mansion Mystery: When the ghostly antagonist starts rampaging on the wealthy party-goers, they all turn into warped tree versions of themselves. Bonus points for the entirety of the mansion temporarily becoming a forest. Not to mention the sheltered girl kept in line by a certain sound: "The ringing of the bell commands you!"
  • Blanching is a real word, not just some Unusual Euphemism. It means skin turning pale. So "Straight Blanchin'" is about vampires.
  • In "Legend of the Gobblewonker" Mabel makes up a rap of all the words that rhyme with her name, and Soos remarks they should write it down. Fast-forward to "Society of the Blind Eye"; Soos reveals that for half the summer he thought Mabel's name was "Maple, like the syrup"! They SHOULD have written it down so he could remember.
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  • Around late 2012, a fanfiction was made titled "Pacifica's Revenge" that featured Pacifica making Dipper her butler as revenge for telling her that her grandfather never actually discovered Gravity Falls. Parts of the story involved Dipper being forced to wear a butler outfit and eventually becoming Pacifica's boyfriend. Northwest Mansion Mystery also featured Dipper in a butler outfit (though under the request of Pacifica's father instead of Pacifica herself) as well as signs of possible romance between the two characters.
  • The main three Pines been given When Life Gives You Lemons... quotes becames this when Stanford Pines aka The Author was voiced by J. K. Simmons, who voiced one of the most famous subversions of that old saying.
  • Stan and Ford's childhood dream of building a boat and exploring the vast, wide world beyond their childhood home.
  • The revelation that Grunkle Stan stole his brother's identity and has been living under his name for thirty years made for some of the most serious scenes in the series so far, but it's made extremely giggle-worthy when you realize that his brother, the Author of the Journals, is now technically legally married to Old Goldie the mechanical gold panner.
  • More proof of why Alex Hirsch is a Trolling Creator: for about half of season two Dipper, Soos, Wendy and Mabel assume that the laptop in the bunker belonged to the Author. When we get to "A Tale of Two Stans", the Author shows his contempt at the thought of personal computers becoming successful.
  • In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons", we're introduced to a mystical die that is able to manipulate the laws of reality depending on the number rolled. Sounds similar to a certain Die of Power.
  • Tad Strange mentions liking bread, which is ironic given that his voice actor was responsible for announcing a ban of all wheat and its byproducts.
  • Bob Odenkirk was asked to do the voice of Stan. He's known for playing Amoral Attorney Saul Goodman, who became the main character of a spin off called Better Call Saul. Said spin-off goes into detail about Saul's past as a con-man, his arrest records, and even having a falling out with his more responsible brother. Made funnier by the fact that Stan's father is voiced by Jonathan Banks, who starred on both shows with Odenkirk.
  • Back in season one, Quentin Trembley was heard on a recorded message saying: "The only thing we have to fear is gigantic, man-eating spiders!" Guess what we meet later on in season two? Perhaps he knew about them?
  • Gravity Falls is infamous for its schedule slip and constant hiatuses. Shortly after Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future aired, it turns out that Gravity Falls is still airing new episodes to at least November 23rd, while nearly every other animated series it shares fans with (i.e. Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, etc.) is currently on hiatus until at least 2016.
  • At the end of "Boyz Crazy", upon witnessing Several Timez being freed, Candy believed that they wouldn't last a week out in the wild. They show up alive in the Weirdmageddon and help out the other survivors to fight Bill and survived in the end.
  • 5 months before the finale landed, a fanartist drew a scene depicting Bill Cipher making a deal with Stan, only to have been conned by Gravity Falls' greatest conman. During the climax this is part of how Bill is actually defeated. Doubles as Awesome and Harsher in Hindsight considering that it also marks Stanley's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • While the show was on its way out, JK Simmons played the villain of Kung Fu Panda 3, who turns kung fu masters into jade zombies, keeping them as ornaments on his belt when they're not being used. It's not quite making a throne of human agony, but the same ballpark.
  • There's at least one fanfiction with a Rule 63rd Mabel named Mason. As it turns out, according to the Defictionalization of Journal #3, Mason is Dipper's first name.
  • This wouldn't be the last Disney-owned series to feature a character named Mabel.
  • In "The Love God", Mabel is revealed to have had a crush on the "guy from the ten-dollar bill". A few months after that episode aired, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton came out, and soon thousands of other people were falling in love with Alexander Hamilton.
  • "The Stanchurian Candidate" has Stan's mayoral campaign becoming unpopular with the public due to his controversial opinions and outrageous ideas for solving problems, basically saying whatever crazy rhetoric pops into his head. Sound familiar? There's even a bird ("mayor pickin' eagle") that picks the mayor & Stan gets attacked by a few eagles at one point, eerily prescient of the "Birdie Sanders" meme and the video of Donald Trump provoking a bald eagle.
  • Nearly a year before the finale, someone posted a fan-comic origin of Bill Cipher, in which he was banished from his home dimension but vowed to return for revenge. Come the finale, Bill reveals that he was once a citizen of the Second Dimension, and it's hinted that he destroyed it.
  • The series has a show called Ducktective, which is about a duck that solves mysteries. Around the time Gravity Falls ended, it was announced that Sean Jimenez (the art director).and both Dana Terrace and John.Aoishima (two of the directors for the series) were lending their talents to DuckTales (2017).
    • Made even funnier now that it has launched, with Dewey Duck trying to crack the mystery of his missing mother. So he is in fact a Ducktective. The other similarities (a missing twin, a greedy great uncle, a rift between guardian figures, etc) aren't hurting either.
  • After all of Dipper's embarrassment at Mabel's antics, Jason Ritter's next show Kevin (Probably) Saves the World has a premise that could have popped right out of her head: a guy who has to save the world by giving people hugs.
  • In one Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained, there is a character named Lefty that turns out to be a robot controlled by little aliens. So in other words, something controlling something else that seems to operate on it's own. Come 2017, and another character named Lefty has a similar concept.
  • Summerween becomes this, once you realise Disney's most iconic Halloween Cult Classic was in fact released in July.


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