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My ex-wife still misses me...BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!Explanation 
  • The gnome puking rainbows from the first episode.
    • Someone actually being five gnomes in a trenchcoat.
  • "Bill Cipher is a magic Illuminati dorito", a reference to his triangular shape and heavy involvement in the mythology of the show.
  • A fanfic has been created, titled "Dipper goes to Taco Bell", and it's gained... infamy due to its content; it's consider similar to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's Cupcakes. So now pictures have been created associating Dipper with a fear of Taco Bell or tacos in general, and a few pictures of Dipper going to Taco John's, while putting John Egbert in the picture as well.
  • Another Gravity Falls troll fic has gained infamy, though not to the same extent as DGTTB. It is called Grunkle Stan the Rapist, and those who have read it have claimed that is even ''worse'' than the former.
  • A fandom example, but some fans have been prone to saying "I jumped off the [insert Dipper ship here] and onto S.S. Pacifica" since "Northwest Mansion Mystery", which had a staggering amount of Ship Tease between Dipper and Pacifica, and they left their previous shipping for this one.
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  • A couple of videos of Dipper saying "Talk dirty to me" followed by a saxophone jingle has humored quite a few. This has also caused the phrase "Talk Dippy to me" to get thrown around.
  • Any and all talks about "the Hiatus" like it's some sort of all-devouring monster and/or contagious disease with the power to drive people insane.
  • The "Dramatic Author" Meme exploded after tumblr users Mermandos and Phantomrose96 created it. It quickly went out of control. Even fandom celebrity MoringMark got in on it!
  • Editing any scene with Ford with another line from his voice actor, J. K. Simmons. His roles in Spider-Man, Portal 2, and Whiplash seem to be the most popular targets.
  • Princess Ford.
  • Stan's radio interview in "The Stanchurian Candidate" becomes memetic In-Universe, to the point that one of the memes based on it parodies the "One does not simply walk into Mordor" meme.
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  • Ford being White and Nerdy. Gets even better when you realize who voiced the villain in the episode most of those clips are from.
  • BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL… (This reference has been more or less common from Cipher's inception, but caught fire as a fandom response to the ominous ending of "The Stanchurian Candidate", which foreshadowed Bill's return.)
  • ...BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!... HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER! (The punchline of Stan's ex-wife joke from episode 2. Very often used as a reply to people saying they will "miss" the show now that it has ended.)
  • JOAJE.note  This and "HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!" later became overused to the point of becoming dead memes.
    • For some, since the thing was a dead joke to begin with, just taking a break will make it funny again.
  • Dipper Selfie Collections.note 
  • Dryly announcing another hiatus.note 
    • "tfw no gf", a common complaint. (The original meme, of course, stands for "that feel when no girlfriend.")
  • "People stealing credit for Bill's evil."note 
  • "Friendly reminder: we've never seen [character]'s eyes."note 
  • "Bill Cipher Did Nothing Wrong 2k15". note 
  • The phrase, "Listen up, you one-lifespan, three-dimensional, five-sense skin puppets", as well as variations thereof, appears to be becoming memetic. note 
  • "Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, BYE!"
  • One Punch Stan. With a single punch, Stan defeats Bill in the finale. Cue "OOOOOOOOONE PUUUUUUUUUUNCH!" as a popular caption for the scene.
  • #DemonBaby - When Bill's statue was found in the Cipher Hunt, the streamer's baby brother, Bodhi, shook his hand. Fan art exploded, ranging from Bodhi being possessed by Bill to Bill hanging around as a Not-So-Imaginary Friend. Bill seems to blur the line between fiction and reality just enough to make it unsettling.
  • It's popular to take the scene of Grunkle Stan complimenting the sad clown painting from "The Hand That Rocks Mabel" and photoshop something else onto it.
  • "Whoa! This is worthless!" note 


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