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Memes / Garfield and Friends

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  • You! You're not Sylvia! You're one of those Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage... 2! Explanation 
  • HEEEEYYYYYY, KIDS! Explanation 
  • People who sing like that should be dragged out into the street and shot.Explanation 
  • We are The Buddy Bears/We always get along!Explanation 
  • The Klopman Diamond. Explanation 
  • * SPLUT!* Explanation 
  • I'm Nermal, the world's cutest kitty cat! Explanation 
    • Shut up or I'll mail you to Abu Dhabi! Explanation 
      • "Abu Dhabi, it's far away, Abi Dhabi, that's where you'll stay ..." Explanation 
  • "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Whoop-de-doo, whoop de doo..." Explanation 
  • "Hey, wait a minute!" This one shows up a lot in YouTube Poop, especially those otherwise unrelated to Garfield.
  • "Garfield, there's a mouse in the house!" "Let me sleep!" Explanation 
  • "Oh, we're the ants who ruin your dinner!" Explanation 
  • The title card of "Binky Gets Cancelled!". Explanation 

     U.S. Acres 
  • Denying the existence of U.S. Acres on any Garfield-related topic. Explanation 
  • Help! Oh, HEEELLLLPP!!!! Explanation 
  • Anything related to Aloysius Pig tends to become a meme. His memetic status increased after Kevin Meaney, his voice actor, died. Here are some examples:
    • "A meme? That's not right! That's over 9000 demerits for you!" Explanation 
    • Fans making up their own scenarios in which the U.S. Acres gang tries to do something, but get interrupted when Aloysius does his "that's not right!" gig. Explanation 
    • "This is a cartoon show, NOT Masterpiece Theater! Strike the set!" Explanation 
      • "So is beating up people who work for...DA DUM! The Network!" Explanation 
      • "There once was a pig named Aloysius..." Explanation 
    • "I FIRED THE (PERSON)!" Explanation 
      • Aloysius' "Robinson Crusoe" fantasy. Explanation 
      • "Couldn't you just send out for a PIZZA?" Explanation 
      • Aloysius staring at the viewers as Orson looks angry. Explanation 
      • Aloysius holding a large piece of paper. Explanation 
  • "How often in the past have I proven untrustworthy?" "I don't know. What show number is this?" Explanation 
  • "What do you mean this is the only show you could get me on? Isn't Hanna-Barbera casting? What about cable? I heard they're doing a funny version of Ren & Stimpy."Explanation 
  • This image of Wade Duck from "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Alpha Centauri". Explanation 
  • An image from "Wanted: Wade" in which Wade hugs Orson. Explanation 
    • "What Harm Can It Do?", the episode's song, has also become a meme because of the animation looking trippy and the background music being a cool rock song.
  • Roy in his underwear. Explanation 
  • Proud Wife Of A U.S. Acres Explanation 
  • Anything related to "The Bunny Rabbits Is Coming". Explanation 


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