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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season One 
  • While "Imaginary Friend" was treated seriously, there's something funny about a man of Maxwell's upbringing and class accidentally "fingering Imogen" when he meant "to clear her airways".
  • "Here Comes the Brood":
    • Towards the beginning, C.C. tries to win Maxwell's affections by saying she wants to spend time with the Sheffield children.
      Maxwell: C.C., this is a side of you that's rather unexpected...
      C.C.: Maxwell, I adore children. It's a natural thing. A female thing.
      Niles: I hear some females eat their young.
    • The children get some good lines, too.
      Grace: I don't wanna go to the zoo! I had a nightmare about fangs and claws and snarling!
      Maggie: Gracie, they keep the animals locked in cages.
      Brighton: She's talking about C.C.
    • And later, when Fran says that C.C. can take the kids to the zoo while she takes Maxwell to the dentist:
      Grace: This is just how my nightmare started.
  • "Deep Throat":
    • When C.C. is down about where she got in life:
      Maxwell: Aw C.C., don't be so down. You got a successful career and... (Beat) well, a successful career.
      Niles: Yes, how DO you balance them both?
    • After Fran gets her tonsils removed, she can't speak. C.C. takes advantage of this by teasing and insulting her, all the while drinking a yellow liquid from a glass. Fran gleefully writes down on her whiteboard that what C.C. is drinking is not apple juice. Cue C.C.'s disgusted expression.
  • Pick any scene in "Schlepped Away.” It's nothing but funny.
    • CC sleeping with Niles, thinking he's Maxwell. "If you're looking for the hot water bottle, that's not it."
    • Either scene where everyone's watching Wheel Of Fortune was good. "Oh, buy a vowel, you twit!"
    • Also, when Sylvia presents Niles wearing Morty's "World's Greatest Lover" T-shirt.
    Niles: I hope no great expectations accompany this outfit.
  • In "Sunday in the Park with Fran", C.C. makes Gracie go on a playdate with Frank Bradley Jr., as a way to curry favor with his father Frank Sr., a prominent Broadway critic. In her phone conversation with Frank Sr., she tells him that Gracie is her daughter.
    Gracie: I'm not hers. (worried) Am I?
    Fran: (reassuringly) No, angel, your skin doesn't shed.
  • In "I Don't Remember Mama", Niles says to C.C. "You have no power here. Begone before someone drops a house on you." The kicker? C.C. briefly looks upward as if she actually expects it to happen. And she looks worried.
  • Yetta: Wait, whose purse is this?
  • "A Plot for Nanny" has Fran starting to get serious with a potential boyfriend, leading Maxwell to speak to her about setting boundaries regarding anything physical between them happening in the house. Niles, when informing C.C of this, phrases it very particularly for the purposes of messing with her.
    C.C: Where's Maxwell?
    Niles: He's gone upstairs to discuss with Miss Fine the possibility of having sex in her room.
  • "Frannie's Choice" has Danny (yes, THAT Danny) take Fran back and Fran agrees, so she's going to leave to get back with him and work at his bridal shop. The children, Maxwell, and Niles are all crushed, having gotten to like her by now, but C.C. is of course ecstatic to be rid of Fran. The children are in the kitchen, devastated by the news, and this exchange happens when the excited C.C. insists they ought to be happy for her:
    C.C.: Do you know what always cheers me up?
    Fran: A fifth of Vodka and a fresh pack of batteries?

    Season Two 
  • In "The Nanny Napper", Fran gets accused of kidnapping an infant in the subway after volunteering to hold it for the mother, only to get separated.
    • When they first get home with the baby:
      Fran: Niles, do we have any old nipples around the house?
      (the door opens and C.C. comes in)
      C.C.: Hello, hello!
      (Niles bites his coat to keep from making the obvious joke)
    • C.C's reaction to finding out about the baby.
      C.C: What kind of evil, cold-hearted woman abandons a poor little defenseless creature?!
      Niles: Oh, that reminds me: Yellow Cab called, you left your dog in the taxi. Again.
      C.C: Oh my God! THAT'S where I left my Gucci umbrella! (runs off)
      Niles: Ten to one she comes back with the Gucci and not the poochie.
    • Fran and Maxwell try to take the baby to the police station, but it's too crowded, so they come back.
      Maggie: Hey, the baby's back!
      Gracie: Oh, Daddy, can we keep him?
      Maxwell: Gracie, he's not a lost puppy, he's somebody's baby.
      Gracie: All right... can I have a puppy?
      Maxwell: No, you cannot have a puppy.
      Fran: Well, I don't know, it may help to fill the void after we have to give away our baby boy...
      Maxwell: Miss Fine...
      Brighton: We need another boy in this henhouse. There is far too much "Blossom" on the tube.
    • The Sheffield children immediately bond with the baby.
      Maggie: Oh, I can't wait to have a baby of my own...
      Maxwell: Yes, you can wait. You can wait a lot.
      Brighton: (cooing) Can you say "Nintendo"?
    • When C.C. shows up at the police station:
      C.C.: Maxwell? Is everything all right? Has she been incarcerated? Did I miss it?
      Maxwell: C.C., you could show some concern for Miss Fine...
      C.C.: Maxwell, my concern is for you. Before Nanny Fine entered our lives, we never had to set foot in a place like this.
      Hooker: C.C.? Girlfriend! Got you again, huh?
      C.C.: You must have me confused with someone else... (to Maxwell) I've never seen this person before in my life.
      Hooker: Ooh, is that your game? That's cool. Just stay off 2nd Avenue. Leon's looking for you.
      C.C.: Maxwell, I swear!
      (the hooker goes over to Niles, who pays her)
      Niles: (handing her money) Here you go.
      Hooker: How'd you like it, sugar?
      Niles: Oh, it was so good, I could do it again and again and again.
    • In the end, after getting cleared:
      Fran: (finding Gracie eating ice cream) Oh my, would you look at this mess?
      Gracie: I'm binging. I'm a little depressed about giving back the baby.
      Fran: Aw, well, sweetie, we had to give him back, he wasn't ours.
      Maxwell: That's right, he didn't belong to our family.
      Gracie: Then why don't you two make a baby?
      Fran: Take it away, Mr. Sheffield...
      Maxwell: Well, um, we would have to be, you know, you have to be married first.
      Fran: Oh, right, married...
      Maxwell: There has to be an engagement...
      Fran: I'd want a big ring, a party, don't ask...
      Gracie: Then why don't you two get married?
      Maxwell: (to Fran) I took the last one.
      Fran: Thanks. Well, you have to be in love with the person.
      Gracie: (to Maxwell) Don't you love Fran?
      Fran: Yeah, don't you love Fran?
      Maxwell: Well, in a Nanny-friend-boss type of way...
      Fran: Yeah, and I love your father in a "Thanks a lot, you British cold fish" type of way.
      Gracie: But you could have a baby and get married if you wanted to?
      Fran: Well, uh, we'd have to be best friends to see if we can live together and, of course, there'd have to be a very strong physical attraction...(the two of them reach for the same thing, their hands brush and their eyes meet) Would you go to bed?!
      (Gracie leaves)
  • The infamous scene from "Close Shave" where Fran, masquerading as a nurse, is told to shave the genitals of Mr. Sheffield. It is possibly the longest period of Studio Audience laughter ever.
    • Charles Shaughnessy was barely holding back from laughing, and instead was clearly giggling.
    • Indeed, it was the longest period of studio audience laughter in the show's entire run. What makes the scene hysterical is Niles' reaction: "Bucking for a raise?"
  • "A Kiss is Just A Kiss":
    • C.C. tries to ambush Maxwell with a passionate kiss...she instead gets Niles. Her horrified expression is priceless.
    • Mr. Sheffield doubts Fran's "kissing prowess", so she proves him wrong right there on the couch, inducing a Post-Kiss Catatonia for Mr. Sheffield and dispatching him with one awesome quote:
      Fran: Sorry that I had to get tough with you, but you had to learn!
  • "A Fine Friendship":
    • Fran makes friends with a male nanny named Kurt she assumed was gay so she let him into her room while she tried on clothes to decide which ones to take back. Kurt kisses her and Mr. Sheffield rushes in, thinking she kissed him. Then Fran realizes she doesn't have a shirt on and tries to get a dress on but it gets stuck so Mr. Sheffield pries it off of her, causing her to fall on the bed. Niles walks past just as this exchange happens:
      Maxwell: All right, Miss Fine, we'll get it on! (Niles immediately looks into the bedroom in shock)
      Fran: (with the dress over her head) No, you'll rip it! (Niles leaves again) Oh, Mr. Sheffield, I'm so hot!
      Maxwell: (Niles returns again) I can't do this standing up, just... just get on the bed! (He tosses her on the bed and takes the dress off and then sees Niles in the door way grinning like he’d won the lottery)
      Niles: If you let me tell Ms. Babcock about this, I'll work free for a year.
    • When he does tell C.C. about what happened:
      Niles: Mr. Sheffield made me promise not to say a word. (hands C.C. a piece of paper) Read this.
      C.C.: (reads the paper, steadily looking more and more devastated, then slams her head on the counter, wailing) WHY?! (starts tearing up) I want to die!
      Niles: (with false reassurance) There, there. (places a cleaver in her purse) Now don't do anything rash.
    • The Miss Conception subplot with Gracie, where she mistakenly assumes she's pregnant after mishearing a conversation by Fran with Kurt.
      Gracie: I was late for The Lion King because we slept together!
      Willie: So?
      Grace: So P.S., I'm pregnant!
      Willie: I better get a job!
    • Later, in the same episode:
      Grace: You did this to me!
      Willie: I know! I just wish I knew how!
    • There is a Running Gag where Mr. Sheffield wears jeans—a rare sight, he's always in a suit—and twice Fran tells him she thought she saw something on his ass. She didn't. She's just checking him out. Then, in the final moments of the episode, Mr. Sheffield claims she sat in something, observes her ass instead, and then says, "Nevermind, you're good," revealing that he caught on to what she had been doing.
  • From "I've Got a Secret":
    • Marvin Nathan's drag performance as Cher, full stop.
      Maxwell: When was the last time he passed for Cher, Sea World?!
    • And before his appearance;
      Maxwell: I was just thinking before I hired you I never had the need for an emergency transvestite.
    • Then there's The Stinger, with Ira unable to hail a cab, chasing one futilely as it speeds off.
  • "A Star is Unborn":
    • A very cute little scene:
      Fran: (to Niles, since she and Mr. Sheffield aren't speaking) Well, you can tell Mr. Sheffield that I am a grown woman and can seek fulfillment anyway I wish and that he is a doodiehead. (exits the room)
      Niles: (deadpan) To synopsize, sir, you are a doodiehead.
      Maxwell: (disgruntled) That's the part you choose to repeat?
      Niles: Translator's prerogative.
    • Fran's Bad "Bad Acting" as Juliet.
    • The kiss that Maxwell and Fran share, followed by Fran nearly falling down the stairs due to weak knees.
  • "Everybody Needs a Bubby":
    • The intro all the way from Fran, Sylvia, and Yetta walking through the front door to "Whose purse is this?" The three Fine women arguing together are comedy gold.
      Sylvia: Meanwhile, why does nobody ever eat these fruit?
      Fran: Because they're wax!
      Yetta: (looks up, mouth full) Even the grapes?
    • Grandma Yetta stays at the Sheffields as her retirement home gets fumigated, much to the irritation of Maxwell. At one point, they smell smoke in Yetta's room, but it's not from Yetta's cigarettes.
      Fran: (finding Yetta in bed with an elderly man) Oh my god, Yetta!
      Yetta: What a coincidence! Saul said the same thing not ten minutes ago!
      Maxwell: What the devil's burning?
      (the smoke is, in fact, coming from a toaster)
      Yetta: Oh, Saul, I ruined your bagel!
      Fran: Oh, no, no, you can just scrape off the top. It's still good...
      Maxwell: Miss Fine!
      Fran: What did you do with all the cream cheese?
      (Yetta and Saul pull the comforter up)
    • Then there's what Niles says afterwards.
      Niles: [nonchalant] Oh, good morning, Ms. Rosenberg. Mr. Knasel.
      Maxwell: You knew about this!?
      Niles: Yes, my room is directly beneath theirs. [looks in room.] Bravo. [walks away, eyes wide]
    • Later that night:
      C.C.: Oh, dear, sweet, pompous Niles. Maxwell and Nanny Fine are on the outs and there is nothing you can do to ruin this glorious feeling I have!
      Niles: (smiling smugly) You wanna bet? (He urges her closer and she walks over, looking confused and a bit worried) Grandma Yetta, aged eighty, living in a home, got a heap o'good lovin' last night. And you?
      C.C.: (sadly and dejectedly walks out with her head low) I hate my life!
      Niles: (takes a deep bow) Thank you! (studio audience applauds)
  • "Lamb Chop on the Menu":
    C.C: God, I have to move out of my house to get my floors redone and I can not find a kennel.
    Niles: Oh, treat yourself to a hotel.
    C.C: Not me, my dog.
    Fran: Chester? You're going to put Chester in a cage somewhere? Oh, I think that's terrible to take a dog out of its warm, and loving environment... [pauses] Hrm... well, anyway, you still shouldn't do it, my uncle Manny put his dog in a kennel and he was never the same again. Would you like to know what happened?
    Maxwell: Not really.
    Fran: He put his German shepherd King in a cage with male poodles. P.S: All hopes of breeding him were over.
    C.C: Oh, for heaven's sake, he's a small dog. He fits in a wet bar fridge!
    [Fran, Maxwell, and Niles all pause to look at her]
    C.C: Never mind how I know that.
  • "Strange Bedfellows":
    • Fran gets home after a night of drunken partying, but mistakenly enters Maxwell's bedroom, taking her shoes off and getting into bed with Maxwell. The next morning, Niles finds them together and C.C. shows up announcing it's her birthday, so Niles "convinces" C.C. that she should take breakfast-in-bed to Maxwell.
      C.C.: (sing-song) Maxwell... Oh, Maxwell...
      (C.C. draws back the curtain and screams when she sees Fran in bed with him. Her scream awakens Maxwell)
      Maxwell: (surprised) C.C., what the devil are you doing here?!
      C.C.: What am I doing here? What is sh-she doing here?!
      Maxwell: Who? (he sees Fran's hair) Oh... (he brushes Fran's hair back) Aah! Miss Fine?!
      Fran: (smacking her lips) Oh, I'm having that dream again. (she touches Maxwell's face, then jumps out of bed screaming, using the blanket to cover herself) Oh, Mr. Sheffield! What are you doing in... your room?
      Niles: (to C.C., mockingly) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, Miss Babcock, happy birthday to you...
    • The end of the episode where Niles brings in champagne and dims the lights because he thinks Maxwell is finally going to propose to Fran, but it turns out he just offers to buy her a condo instead.
  • You realize, of course, now I'm going to have to kill you.
  • In "When You Pish Upon A Star", Fran messes up and says something that gets a child star Maxwell has for a show quit. He makes her try and entice him back, where she reacts to elegant dinner, no expense spared, very put out.
    Fran: There's no way you're making me take the limo!
    Maxwell: Oh yes you are!
    Fran: But there's no way you're buying me a new dress!
    Maxwell: O...(pauses, twitches as he realizes he's nearly been had) GET OUT!!! (leaps across the desk to grab her as she flees.)

    Season Three 
  • In "Franny and the Professor", Fran goes on Jeopardy! and wins a measly $200 by being the only one who answers "Final Jeopardy!" correctly, but first going into overly-long detail about how she got it, leading Alex Trebek to shout "MISS FINE!!!"
  • "Pen Pal":
    • The scene where C.C. thinks Maxwell is behind her in the office and tries to seduce him. It's actually Niles. She asks him what he wants her to do and he tells her to cluck like a chicken. She does. Hilarity Ensues, as Lauren Lane struggles to not laugh.
    • Later, Niles and C.C. end up throwing insults at each other.
      C.C.: I loathe you.
      Niles: I despise you.
      C.C.: Servant.
      Niles: Trollop.
      C.C.: Bell-boy.
      Niles: Brunette.
      [cue them begin to passionately kiss each other]
      • And then Maxwell and Fran walk in, both with an absolutely stunned expression on their faces.
        Maxwell: How much did I have to drink tonight?
        Fran: Not as much as them!
      • And the kicker is that both C.C. and Niles stare at the two for a moment before acting like nothing ever happened, only to suddenly whisper more insults into each other's ears at the door as if flirting.
        C.C.: Swine.
        Niles: Chicken.
        [C.C. shivers with a perverted expression]
  • At the end of "The Two Mrs. Sheffields", Maxwell apologizes to Fran for proposing to her just to make his mother angry. She has the perfect method of payback.
    Fran: Well, you can return this. It's what I was going to wear on our honeymoon night.
    Maxwell: There's nothing in here but lip gloss...(He pauses as he gets it)
    Fran: (She smiles and winks) Suffer.
  • "Val's Boyfriend":
    • This little exchange:
      Maxwell: How about I be your new best friend? What would you two normally do together?
      Fran: Uh...make out? (flirty smile)
    • Fran decides to spend some time with C.C., so they go to a Japanese restaurant. When Fran gets confused over a packet of wasabi, having never had it before. C.C. says it's like mustard, and Fran piles it on her sushi. You slowly see her eyes getting wider, until she falls over.
      Fran: (in a completely normal and deeper voice) You know, that mustard REALLY clears up the nasal passages! (beat) I like it! I wonder how long it's (switches back to her real voice) going to last. Oh. (shrugs)
      • Fran Drescher's physical and facial acting is the stuff of comedic legend here, but possibly even funnier is C.C being so utterly absorbed by her own self-pity that she doesn't even notice when Fran topples off the chair next to her (despite several other customers turning to look). When Fran's hand comes up above the edge of the bench, scrabbling for the water glass, C.C obliviously picks it up and drinks from it, causing Fran's hand to clench into a fist.
  • After Fran loses her memory in "Where's the Pearls?", she thinks she and Maxwell are married, so she slips into his bathtub while he's not paying attention. Naturally, Maxwell freaks out and tries to explain she isn't his wife.
    Maxwell: The truth is that I hired you.
    Fran: (gasps) I'm a hooker?! (Beat) Well, that explains my shoes...
  • "Oy Vey, You're Gay!":
    • Fran finds out that Sydney Mercer, the gorgeous public relations agent Maxwell has a crush on, is actually a lesbian, meaning that she is no longer a threat. Her reaction is the best part.
      Fran: You're gay? OH, THANK GOD! (she hugs her and then stops when she thinks about how that sounds) Um... I'm letting go and you're not. Why?
      Sydney: Aren't you gay, too?
      Fran: Me? No!
      Sydney: I just assumed. You're over 30, never been married, there's no man in your life...
      Fran: Oh honey, I'm not gay. I'm just pathetic!
    • This exchange is quickly followed by Sydney noting she would've asked Fran out, with another great reaction from Fran.
      Fran: Oh great, a gorgeous professional finally asks me out, and it's a woman! ...You're not Jewish, are you?
      Sydney: Sorry.
      Fran: Eh, too bad: we were this close to making my mother happy.
    • The scene where the PR agent has Maxwell walk up the stairs in his new wardrobe:
      Niles: Did you see how many holes he has in his jeans?
      Fran & C.C.: (longingly) Twelve.
  • The scene in "Green Card" where Filipe hits on C.C. Everything from "'Allo, Ca-Ca!" to "Did Ca-Ca do a no-no in the kitchen?!"
  • In "Val's Apartment", Val and Fran move into an apartment together. Fran spots a cockroach and tells Val to "Take off your shoe and kill it". So she takes off her shoe and stomps her bare foot on the cockroach. Fran's reaction makes it all the funnier:
    Fran: Oh my God. I've moved in with Forrest Gump!
    • In the same episode C.C. gets a rare Team Rocket Wins moment. After deliberately spilling coffee from a cup on a bench Niles is wiping down while openly bragging about it on the phone Niles tries to get back at her while her back is turned to wring his sponge back into the cup. Once off the phone she grabs the cup and then...
    C.C.: Maxwell, your coffee's ready!
  • In "Fran Gets Mugged":
    Maxwell: The manuscript was in Fran's purse.
    C.C.: I'll KILL you! (She grabs a pillow and tries to smother Fran on the couch)
    Niles: Sir, aren't you going to stop her?
    Maxwell: (watching passively) Oh, I will.
    • And after they get a call.
    Niles: Sir, they've found the perpetrator and Miss Fine is the only witness.
    Maxwell: (pulling C.C. off of her) Stop! Stop, we need her alive!
  • "The Party's Over":
    • Every guy Fran dances with that has some kind of flaw, she says "Have you met my friend, Val?" One of them is German with sprayed on hair that looks realistic, she tried to brush it but smeared it in a certain way, then she accidentally touched his upper lip, looking like a certain little mustache.
    • This dialogue:
      Uncle Manny: (to Fran) Is that skirt a little snug?
      Niles: Maybe just a little..
      Uncle Manny: You hear that, your Honor? The skirt is snug. And if the skirt doesn't fit, you must acquit!
    • Fran begs on her knees not to be thrown in jail.
    • The judge is happy to have the insane hearing end.
  • In "The Kibbutz", Fran comments on how hard it is to plan a vacation when you're single to Niles who has this to say.
    Niles: Yes it's much better when you have a family, so you can haul around their ski equipment and listen to 'Niles get me a brandy' 'Niles get me a comforter' 'Niles go out into that blizzard for a pizza!'
    Maxwell: (entering) Niles.
    Niles: (angrily) WHAT?! (Quickly drops to the floor and begins scrubbing Maxwell's shoe) is that on your shoe, sir? Let me get that for you!
  • Niles and C.C. crying over the latest development in a Spanish soap opera, in broken Spanish. When Maxwell comes in the room and angrily asks if they have anything better to do, the two leave the room together muttering stuff about Maxwell in Spanish.

    Season Four 
  • The epic Dynasty spoof from "Kissing Cousins".
  • The episode "The Fifth Wheel" when Fran and C.C. give up men after C.C. discovers the man she was talking to online was really Brighton. And C.C.'s reaction when she processes what really happened.
    C.C.: I am so embarrassed! The things I said! The things he said! You know he's got quite a vocabulary for a fifteen-year-old.
  • Niles tricking CC into singing the "Popeye" theme like Popeye.
  • "Danny's Dead and Who's Got the Will?":
    • Niles FINALLY finds out what "The Thing" is.
      Maxwell: (about Fran quitting) I suppose I should've seen it coming. A man can't tell a woman he loves her and then just take it back.
      Niles: You WHAT?!
      Grandma Eloise: (walks in) Maxwell—
      Niles: (stands up and points to the door) GET OUT, OLD WOMAN!!!
      Grandma Eloise: (leaves with a very confused look on her face)
      Niles: (looks at Maxwell) Did you just say that you told Miss Fine that you loved her?
      Maxwell: (mumbling) Mm-hm...
      Niles: And then you took it back?
      Maxwell: (mumbles) Uh-huh...
      Niles: That's it, isn't it?! THAT'S "THE THING"! Oh, I could kick you in the seat of the pants!
      Maxwell: I beg your pardon?
      Niles: I said, "I need to press the pleat in your pants", but that's beside the point.
      • It gets even better when after this, Niles, Maggie, Gracie, and Brighton all demand that Maxwell go find Fran, apologize, and beg her to come back.
        Maggie: Dad, I don’t know what you did to hurt her, but you better hope that she forgives you!
        Maxwell: I didn’t do anything to her!
        Niles: Bet you wish you did now.
      • And then it gets even better immediately after that, when that little snark comes back and kicks Niles in the seat of his pants. Literally.
        Niles: OW! What was that for?!
        Maxwell: To get you back for kicking me.
        Niles: But I didn't kick you!
        Maxwell: (mockingly) Bet you wish you did now!
  • In "The Tart With The Heart," when C.C. is reading about the plane Fran and Maxwell were on.
    C.C.: Oh Maxwell, what an ordeal this flight was. I can't imagine anything more terrifying!
    Niles: (holds up a reflective metal tray) Booga, booga, booga.
  • In "The Nanny and the Hunk Producer", Maxwell and Fran discuss what could've caused a change in Maggie's personality.
    Fran: Do you read those pamphlets they send home from school?
    Maxwell: (increasingly concerned.) What do you think? Alcohol? Sex?
  • To which Fran walks up the steps, with an annoyed look on her face.
  • And later in the episode, Dr. Miller talking about what we're led to believe is Maggie lashing out to get attention, only for it to be revealed that they've been discussing Niles.

    Season Five 
  • When Shipper on Deck Niles finally gets tired of Mr. Sheffield's constant waffling about his feelings for Fran, he finally just grabs him, shakes him, and yells at him to "MAKE A MOVE!" Doubles as a Moment of Awesome. C.C. walks by and asks an enraged Niles what they were yelling about where he tells her that he asked Maxwell to throw Fran out. C.C. instantly runs in and yells at Maxwell "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, JUST DO IT!!"
  • "The Bobbi Flekman Story", the Celebrity Paradox / Intercompany Crossover in which Fran meets Bobbi Flekman.
  • C.C. gets a big one, along with possibly her only Moment of Awesome, in "First Date". Throughout the episode, Niles has convinced C.C. that Maxwell has four kids, using a picture of the family with Macauley Culkin. After the whole group goes out to a show, C.C. shows up with a little boy. Niles is understandably horrified and reveals that he lied about there being four children before he runs off to phone the police. It turns out that C.C. knew Niles was playing her all along and hired a child actor to play the boy she "kidnapped.” When she's paying him, we get this gem:
    C.C.: Okay you can go. Here's ten for you and ten for your mom.
    Boy: But you promised us fifty!
    C.C.: Well, if you had remembered the part about needing your insulin, you'd be getting fifty.
  • Also from "First Date", Niles is trying to sweep the hallway as C.C. follows him around, endlessly complaining about Maxwell asking Fran out on a date.
    C.C.: I just don't understand why Maxwell would ask Nanny Fine on a date.
    Niles: (Wordlessly sweeping)
    C.C.: I should be going to Elton John's dinner, not her.
    Niles: (Continuously sweeping)
    C.C.: I am the one with sophistication.
    Niles: (Still sweeping)
    C.C.: I am the one with savvy.
    Niles: (Still sweeping yet getting visibly annoyed)
    C.C.: Why would he pick her over me?
    Niles: (Finally fed up, stops sweeping and gives C.C. a Death Glare) HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU!
    (A long Beat to give the Studio Audience time to stop laughing)
    C.C.: (Weakly) Why?
  • In Mommy and Mai, C.C. mentions that in an episode of Seinfeld she rewatched, Elaine must've been 12 months pregnant and they didn't acknowledge it. Instead, they just kept hiding her behind huge props. Immediately afterwards, she moves her giant bag from one shoulder to the other, picks up a potted plant and carries it out, and then brings in a poster with "Baby" on the front.
  • "From Flushing with Love":
    • Niles and Fran agree that he'll not go to his Butlers convention so Fran can go to her family reunion. The moment she's upstairs he runs straight to Maxwell's office yet somehow Fran's already there in her usual place. Her comment seals the deal.
  • "The Dinner Party":
    • The episode, set immediately after Fran and Maxwell get engaged, features a classic Niles prank. He sends two tap dancers to CC's apartment and they sing this little gem (to the tune of "Yankee Doodle"): "Fran and Maxwell are engaged / It looks like you're a loser / She'll be happy all her days / And you'll become a boozer" before they dance off. The twitch Lauren Lane does at the end of the scene only adds to the moment.
    • Oh, but it gets better. When Maxwell contemplated how to break it to C.C., Niles smugly announced he'd taken care of it and... well you know the rest.
    • And then there's the fact that he was giddy as a school girl the minute C.C. came by the house so he could shove Fran's engagement ring in her face.
      Niles (after hearing the doorbell): Oh, I hope that's Miss Babcock! She hasn't seen the ring yet!
      (Checks the front door)
      Niles: It IS Miss Babcock, it IS!
    • And then she walks in, she hands Niles one of the dancer's tattered hats and says "Their next gig will be tapping on your grave." Niles giggles upon seeing this.
  • Everything about C.C. trying to stop smoking. Especially how Niles is just cooking and baking piles of food for her (she's worried about gaining weight, yet is always seen eating his things) and the scene where Maxwell is fed up with C.C. tapping nervously.
  • "Immaculate Concepción":
    • After discovering Maxwell's father left his entire fortune to his secret love child, Concepción, Fran and Sylvia at one point decide to speak with her about the inheritance. At the hotel they meet her mother, Consuelo, who is basically a Spanish version of Sylvia right down to the size of her hair.
      Sylvia: Listen, let's not beat around the bush. WHERE... is the the room service menu?
      Consuelo: Here it is.
      Sylvia: Okay.
    • A few moments later as they're surveying the menu:
      Sylvia: Oh this looks like it would be enough.
      Consuelo: No no, it says served from eight to eleven.
      Sylvia: Oh. Well that's no good.
    • When we first meet Concepción, Fran tries to break the ice and asks if she's got any family or a husband. Concepción says she lived with a man for several years but wasn't able to make a commitment. Fran immediately turns to Maxwell and declares "Well there's your DNA test!"
  • At Fran and Maxwell's wedding when the minister asks if there is anyone who would object to the marriage Sylvia turns around and gives a Death Glare to the attendees.

    Season Six 
  • "Honeymoon's Overboard":
    • Fran and Maxwell are stranded on a deserted island as something appears to sting him:
      Maxwell: I can't feel anything in half my body.
      Fran: Which half?
      Maxwell: The lower half.
    • Fran has to get the poison out of Maxwell by sucking it out.
      Maxwell: Don't swallow, or it will kill you.
      Fran: You mean my mother was right?!
    • Meanwhile, back at the Sheffield residence, Sylvia comes over and is greeted by Niles, who is still rather hung over from the wedding reception.
      Niles: I had the strangest nightmare, that Santa Claus was trying to have his way with me…
      (C.C. comes downstairs, nursing her migraine with an ice pack, and wearing a red bathrobe with white trim)
      Niles and C.C.: (mortified) Ohhhh my God
      C.C.: We didn't, did we?
      Niles: Well, I’m not sure… say "Ho Ho Ho".
      C.C.: No one can ever know that this might possibly have happened!
      Niles: Well, it ain't going on my résumé!
  • "Mom's the Word":
    • Fran tells Sylvia she's pregnant, but then says she hasn't told Maxwell because she has a problem. Sylvia then concludes: "It's not his?"
    • Later, when Fran is asked the same thing by a complete stranger;
      Fran: What is it with me!?
    • Yetta and Brighton go to the movies and lose one another. Yetta returns to the Sheffield House and tells C.C. what happened, and asks her not to tell Maxwell because it would devastate him.
      Yetta: The same thing happened to me in 1939. I lost my little girl, Sylvia. Never saw her again!
      C.C. (Aside Glance): ...she's in the living room.
      Yetta: She's back?! My baby!
    • Moments later, Niles enters the room and thinks that C.C. knows Fran is pregnant when she says "don't tell Maxwell about the kid". Niles had promised Fran he wouldn't say anything, and, thinking C.C.'s in on it, expresses amazement that she hasn't lost it upon learning that Fran's pregnant. This leads to a dramatic zoom in, complete with a soap opera organ chord, of C.C.'s completely shocked look as she learns that Fran's pregnant and all hopes of getting with Maxwell are completely gone.
      C.C.: Nanny Fine is... pregnant?
      Niles: That wasn't your secret?
      C.C.: No!
      (Cue dramatic zoom in on Niles' Oh, Crap! expression)
      • And when Niles is begging C.C. not to tell Fran...
        C.C.: (in exaggerated despair) I have nothing to live for!
        Niles: Please don't tell Fran! I'll be your slave!
        C.C.: (suddenly sounding very smug) And now I do...
        (Niles' expression very clearly shows regret with his word choices)
  • "The Producers":
    • Fran finds out why Niles has been trying to convince Maxwell to let him co-produce a play with him; to impress a woman he is in love with. Being the romantic that she is, Fran urges Niles to tell this woman how he feels, but he says that she'll only ever see him as "just the help" and would never consider him. Fran then asks him, "What woman wouldn't be thrilled to have you in her life?" In walks C.C.. The look on Niles' face which clearly says, "That's who", doubled with the look on Fran's after she puts two-and-two together, are priceless.
    • Then later, after C.C. leaves:
      Niles: (dreamily) I love the smell of Nair that lingers when she leaves a room...
      Fran: ...WHO ARE YOU?! Are you telling me that all those years that you put dishwater in her coffee, and changed her lip balm for glue stick, and called her a cow, you were flirting?!
      Niles: What, no good?
  • "Yetta's Letters":
    • Fran and Maxwell check on Niles and find him and C.C. in bed together. The look of shock on both of their faces is priceless.
    • And immediately afterward:
      Maxwell: I-I just don't understand! What happened? Five hours ago, they were at each other's throats!
      Fran: Well, apparently they decided to move downward.
    • Niles' Broadway song.
      Niles: I scrub and I dust and I do what I must
      For a millionaire with a full head of hair
      But it doesn't matter what I'm paid
      'Cause I'm finally getting...
      Chorus: Six bucks an hour! Includes a room and shower!
    • After having sex with Niles, C.C., often an Enemy to All Living Things, comes downstairs and starts singing and dancing with animals like a Disney princess.
  • In "I'm Pregnant", Niles is calling an ad about a used car, but when he realizes he's talking to C.C., he decides to trick her into singing the Popeye theme in Popeye's voice.
  • "The Baby Shower":
  • "The Finale":
    • C.C. starts getting bouts of nausea after accepting Niles' marriage proposal. She chalks it up to pre-wedding jitters, so the two decide to get married in Fran's delivery room while she's giving birth. C.C. is relieved that the nausea is gone, but then the doctor she spoke to earlier comes in with the results of the tests he had done. It turns out that her nausea wasn't from anxiety… she's pregnant. She and Niles promptly faint after receiving the news.
    • The Reveal of C.C.'s full name.note 

  • How much of a Butt-Monkey is C.C.? During the opening credits she gets the door slammed in her face and is the only one not in the group photograph at the end.
  • Let's face it, practically EVERYTHING Niles quips.
  • Anytime Yetta makes an appearance.
  • The implication that C.C.'s and Niles quips repeat regularly:
    Fran: It's Monday morning which means Mrs. Babcock has just arrived. She's handing Niles her coat. She's saying "Careful, I just cleaned my fur" to which he responds "Well, don't cough up any hairballs". Aaand right about now she's getting even with him.
    [cue Niles screaming in pain from another room]
  • C.C's attempt to bribe Niles.
    C.C.: What does it cost me to make you disappear?
    Niles: Try 50 bucks.
    C.C.: Done.
    [C.C. hands Niles the money and looks satisfied while he seems to be thinking]
    Niles: Didn't work, I'm still here.