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Funny / Nancy Drew (2019)

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Grim as it may, there is still some moments of light-hearted hilarity.

Season 1

The Phantom of the Bonny Scot

Season 2

The Fate of the Buried Treasure

The Drowned Woman

  • Once again it falls to Carson and Ryan to provide the episode’s comedy. Namely by deciding to spend their free time stalking Nancy in Ryan’s car. The most hilarious bit comes when Ryan admits his father had him followed all the time when he was younger and that their father-son bonding consisted of him discovering said spies and bribing them to give false reports. Carson’s expression is a perfect summary of the audience’s reaction.

The Riddle of the Broken Doll

  • The gang reacts to a body "following" Nancy home as one might expect.
    Bess: Did you...kill someone?!
    Nancy: What?! No, Bess!
    • It's how Nancy seems more annoyed while Bess thinks it's a logical question that makes it better.

The Bargain of the Blood Shroud

  • Odette having a hard time comprehending George's body when she and Nick visited a graveyard hunting for clues on the shroud.

The Spell of the Burning Bride

  • The specter smashes the window of a florist shop at night... just to steal a bouquet of flowers.
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  • George takes selfies of herself just in case as proof that Odette didn't do anything phyiscally to her body.
  • Nancy absorbs the lust trapped in the wedding dress, causing her to be completely Distracted by the Sexy every time she runs into a guy, complete with over-the-top shots from Nancy's POV of said subjects smoldering at her in a Dramatic Wind as a power ballad blasts.

The Scourge of the Forgotten Rune

  • The montage of the gang waking up constantly rewriting their memories and figuring out what went on.
    • Also them watching the videos Nancy leaves on failed attempts to destroy the monster. That includes Nancy saying "throwing knives won't work" — cut to Ace with a bandage on his leg.
    • Seeing Celia as a nice and friendly gal dancing with Nancy is hilarious.
    • Amnesia!George asks the team why they should believe anything about an investigation into a supposed Viking remains in Maine, Nancy shows her a photo of George holding a sign that says "Because you said so!".

The Trail of the Missing Witness

  • Jesse showing her dislike for cooking clam chowder as "murdering" the clams.

The Siege of the Unseen Specter

  • George's aunt possesses Ace's body just because she "wanted to know what it's like to be a handsome white boy."
    • The ghost in Ace mocking George for not keeping up with her education.

The Celestial Visitor

  • The fact that the gang, who regularly deal with ghosts, act like Tom Swift's ultra-advanced AI tech is the most fantastic thing ever.
    • Nancy seeming downright stunned at the idea she's going to be paid for helping.
    • Tom asking "are you all broomstick people?"

The Echo of Lost Tears

  • To cover Nancy investigating a wedding home for clues, Odette takes over George's body so she and Bess pose as a couple. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Covering for the gang peeking in, Bess screams in supposed terror at a picture of zebras with Odette outraged going "take us to a room with no pictures of zebras!"
    • Odette flees after the jig is up.
    Owner: You're not French?
    George: Not when I can help it.
  • Odette admits to George that she's a "helicopter ghost".

Season 3

The Warming of a Frozen Heart

  • When Ace tells Nancy, George and Nick that the victim's heart was taken out, Nick tells Ace that it's gross, but the information can be useful.

The Demon of Piper Beach

  • George said that Bess' fangry (Focused and angry) when she saved the crew from the Sandman via the Bess Bus.

The Gambit of the Tangled Souls

  • Ryan and Carson are exposed to a drug that reverts their minds to their teenaged selves. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Carson has to go to court on a case despite how, in his teenage years, he was terrified speaking in public.