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In comparison to Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom Legends puts more focus on story and Character Arcs than into the comedy. That said, however, it wouldn't be in the same universe as Boom without it's moments of comedy. Writer Fixers Channel has studied the show's plots and jokes well, and this has been able to pay off into plenty of funny moments.


Fox and Found

Informal Occasions

  • In the beginning of the episode, we're introduced to Wake, and we're given an Establishing Character Moment to learn what he's like. What's the moment, you may ask? Making a domino track out of Dawn's books.
    Dawn: Wake, that’s a letter, not a book.
  • Dawn then excitedly tells Wake that she won the "Reading Des’ Honour Award," which Wake simply says that says it sounds like the title to a depressing movie.
    • Apparently, she won the award for "Second Most Dedicated Reader" on Forgone Island. Now, you might expect her to be at least a bit upset that she didn't win First, as Wake is, but Dawn tells him that she's fine with it, because all you get for winning first prize is fame, glory, and a duck.
    Dawn: Yeah, but I’m not really a duck person. I prefer chickens myself.
    • For those who don't know, the "duck" is a Pun on the Dux Award, awarded in certain countries.
  • When Dawn finally gives in and asks Wake to be her escort, he quickly pulls a top hat out of nowhere, just for his gentlemanly side to be properly unleashed.
    • The next night, Wake escorts Dawn in a gentlemanly fashion, and got fully dressed for the occasion. Also, he speaks in an over-the-top polite voice, with hints of Flowery Elizabethan English. Seeing Wake, Wake, of all people act like this is hilarious. Dawn's uneasiness at the whole situation is also very funny.
  • In this episode, we are introduced to Forge, who in this episode, is the doorman for the event that Dawn and Wake, and well as Fixer and Alkira, are attending. Wake uses his new polite behavior on Forge, who can only sigh at all the "fancy talk."
    • Involving Forge in this episode, at one point, Fixer shows Alkira the bowl of punch. However, she is hesitant to try it, saying it "sounds too violent." If that Stealth Pun wasn't funny enough, Forge, as if on cue, zips over to the table, takes Fixer's cup, and says that he'll take the drink if they don't want it. The Stoic personality shown in the beginning of the episode flies right out the window, and he downs the drink and slams the cup down on the table. Alkira's nervous laughter in response to it is also very funny.
    Forge: Ahh, nothing like a bit of violence eh?
  • At the end of the episode, after the dreadful night she had, Wake decided to give her a break, and soften up her chair, so she could have a comfy place to sit. Dawn appreciated this a lot, and felt happy and appreciative that Wake had changed for the better... Until it turns out that Wake booby-trapped the chair with a glitter bomb, covering Dawn in glitter. Guess some things never change.

You Barked Up The Wrong Circus

  • Emily, like Amy would eventually do, offers everyone's assistance to Barker's circus. Unlike with Team Sonic, the first reaction that the team has is a Big "WHAT?!"?!
  • Because he had yet to realize that Barker had a remote to set up the Circus tent, Shift brought Forge along for the heavy lifting with setting up the tent, who says that Shift told him, "there would be pie."
  • When asked what he would do for the circus, Erik states that he'd always wanted to try "the plate twirling and cup stacking," since he's "pretty good at putting away dishes."
    • The way that Shift says he wants to be a clown is this mixed with Adorkable.
  • Despite the fact that Barker has them locked up in cages, Alley and Quayla are still able to spout out insults at the Stunt Bears. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, since it shows that their high spirits are unbreakable.
    • Also, for Keiran, (as a strategy to get Alley and Quayla free,) he complains to the Stunt Bears about how they draw him.
    Keiran: Have you seen how bad you both drew me on the new circus posters? Look, you guys can never get my nose right.
  • T.W. Barker is ultimately defeated via choking on bad sushi. Seeing T.W. Barker, of all people, get defeated by his own nephew is awesome, but going down THAT way is something both karma-tic and hilarious.
    • He also gets a Vomit Discretion Shot because of this.
      • Keiran's line during it is both awesome, and strangely hilarious:
    Keiran: How many times do I have to tell you? I. Hate. Sushi.

Translator in Disguise

  • Alkira's first shown reaction to U.T. is calling him cute, and giving him a poke.
    • After this, Fixer asks Alkira to go grab him the heater to fix the waterlogged robot, calling her "Kira" in the process. Shift then becomes suspicious of the nickname, to which annoys Fixer to no end. The fact that one could get She's Not My Girlfriend vibes from Fixer's reaction doubles the hilarity.
  • Tired Fixer. That is all.
  • U.T. translates Erik's fake compliment on him as, “He looks like a metal lunchbox on wheels.”
  • Later on in the episode, after Erik tampers with the wires and accidentally causes U.T. to tell nothing but lies, Erik goes to Fixer for help. Fixer, still bitter about Shift making him stay up all night repairing U.T., doesn't appreciate Erik's company.
    Erik: (to Alkira in the doorway) Hey, Alkira. Is Fixer home?
    Fixer: (from the other room) No, he is not!
  • When Erik tells Alkira and Fixer about U.T.'s problem, Fixer deadpanly asks if he tried turning him off and on again. Could possibly be a reference to The IT Crowd, or more likely, is a Continuity Nod to "Counter Productive," where Knuckles asks Charlie the same thing.
  • After having an argument with Lucas over U.T.'s translations of Lucas' words, Shift throws the tomato he was about to buy at Lucas' face. Just before this, they were having a slight argument on if tomatoes are fruits or vegetables, seeing as how tomatoes have seeds. So, in a 90-degrees turn from the tense mood, when Lucas wipes his face off with a cloth, he simply states, "Oh, tomatoes really do have seeds."

What's Mine Is Yours

Working Overslime

Meteor Not, Here I Come

Shipped At First Sight


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