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Recap / Sonic Boom S 1 E 14 The Meteor

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Team Sonic is enjoying the view of a meteor shower, when one really big one lands nearby. Tails advises that they investigate it carefully, but Sonic, in his typical fashion, challenges the others to a race there. When they reach the meteor landing site, Sonic celebrates his victory, but Doctor Eggman reveals he got there first and already called "dibs." Sonic corrects Eggman, saying he can't call "dibs" unless he's touching the object he desires to "dib." Sonic and Eggman race for the meteor, touching it and calling "dibs" at the same time. Suddenly, the meteor lets out a bright flash.


When Sonic regains consciousness, he finds himself in Eggman's lair. Spotting the evil doctor a short distance away, he jumps at him, only to slam into a mirror. It turns out that Sonic is now in Eggman's body! Orbot and Cubot dragged him back to Eggman's lair after the flash from the meteor knocked him unconscious. Sonic tries to say that he's not Eggman, but Orbot and Cubot just think it's Eggman pretending to be Sonic again, with Cubot adding that "he's not being Amy this time."

Back at Sonic's shack, we find Eggman, in Sonic's body, being tended to by Amy. Unlike Sonic-as-Eggman, Eggman-as-Sonic is enjoying this body switch. He knows that with Sonic's body, he can easy crush Sonic's friends! Unfortunately, his first test-drive with Sonic's speed causes him to crash into a wall. Meanwhile, Tails is investigating the meteor, even though its readings are off the chart! Fortunately, Tails has a bigger chart.


Back at Eggman's lair, Sonic-as-Eggman is still trying to convince Orbot and Cubot that he's not Eggman, with little success. Even his attempt to show off his speed fails, since Eggman's body isn't designed for being athletic. Starting to get desperate, Sonic-as-Eggman hopes to find Tails, who will know what to do. Meanwhile, Eggman-as-Sonic is having much better luck adapting to his new "athletically superior, though far less handsome, body," Eggman's ready to destroy those do-gooders for good. However, he gets distracted when Amy calls out that she's made milkshakes for everyone.

Sonic-as-Eggman has now commandeered Eggman's Eggmobile, and thanks Orbot and Cubot for letting him use it. This show of gratitude makes Orbot and Cubot suspicious, since Eggman never shows gratitude to them. Eggman-as-Sonic, having just beaten Knuckles in a video game, is checking his schedule to see when the best time to destroy Sonic's friends is, but with all the fun things on the schedule, decides to put it off until tomorrow. Sonic-as-Eggman ends up crashing the Eggmobile just outside, and tries to tell the others that he's Sonic. The others don't believe him however, and Eggman-as-Sonic points out that he's the real Sonic, and this must be one of Eggman's schemes they all admire him for. This causes the others to burst out laughing, thinking "Sonic" is making a joke. Eggman-as-Sonic then hits himself with a pie and blames Sonic-as-Eggman, causing the others to chase him off.


Sonic-as-Eggman is distraught, knowing he's no match for Eggman as long as he has Eggman's body. Cubot, however, points out that Sonic-as-Eggman now has an army of robots at his disposal. Sonic-as-Eggman soon returns with the robots, and a fight ensues. Meanwhile, Tails finally figures out what's going on when he sees a lizard and a fly switch brains thanks to their contact with the meteor. He quickly races back to tell the others, but Eggman-as-Sonic swipes the meteor, then drops it. Sonic-as-Eggman tells Eggman-as-Sonic to touch the meteor and give his body back, but Eggman refuses. Sonic-as-Eggman whips out a pair of scissors and delivers an ultimatum: Either Eggman gives him his body back, or Sonic will cut off his precious mustache. Eggman-as-Sonic, deciding his mustache is more important, touches the meteor, and Sonic and Eggman are returned to their original bodies.

Tropes Featured In This Episode

  • Accidental Misnaming: Eggman regularly mangles Knuckles' name. This becomes a Running Gag in this episode, and continues in later episodes.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Sonic and Eggman switch bodies.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Eggman has fun with Sonic's friends, drinking milkshakes, playing video games, and planning to see a chick flick, among other things. Subverted in that, at the time, Sonic's friends didn't know Eggman was in Sonic's body.
  • Hostage For Macguffin: A heroic inversion. Sonic-as-Eggman holds Eggman's mustache hostage, threatening to cut it off with scissors unless Eggman-as-Sonic gives his body back. Eggman does so to save his precious mustache.
  • Noodle Incident: When Sonic-as-Eggman tries to tell Orbot and Cubot that he's really Sonic, Orbot tells Cubot that Eggman's pretending to be Sonic again. Cubot tells him, "Well, I'm not going to be Amy this time!".
  • Out-of-Character Alert: Neither Orbot nor Cubot believe that Eggman and Sonic have switched bodies until "Eggman" says he appreciates their help. Obviously, the real Eggman would never do that.
  • Skewed Priorities: When Eggman has switched bodies with Sonic, he keeps getting distracted by the gang's usual activities, to the point he has to keep rescheduling destroying his arch-enemies. Also, he puts saving his mustache ahead of claiming victory and gives Sonic his body back.
  • Suntan Stencil: Orbot and Cubot set Eggman up to get a sunburn that leaves a Sonic-shaped mark on his forehead. Twice.
  • The "The" Title
  • Voices Are Mental: Averted; while in each other's bodies, Sonic and Eggman think in their real voices, but speak in each other's voices — though keep the same mannerisms.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Eggman-as-Sonic hits himself with a pie and claims Sonic-as-Eggman threw it at him.

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