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Funny / Son of the Western Sea

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  • The fact that the first thing the Greek Gods see of Percy after years of locking themselves away is the aftermath of a threesome between him and Japanese Gods. The sheer 'What the fuck' the Olympians have on the situation is hilarious.
  • "Yomi does not have the revolving door policy of your underworld." Tsukuyomi to Dionysius.
  • Hera's attempts to turn Tsukuyomi against Percy entirely bank on the foreign god bearing feelings of resentment towards the demigod for his relationship with Amaterasu. Little does Hera know that Tsukuyomi is actually in on the action. Susanoo is entirely unable to hold in his laughter.
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  • When Poseidon is lecturing Percy over his son's relationship with Amaterasu, he tells him to picture any of his friends with Zeus and ask himself why Poseidon is so concerned. Percy's response is absolutely priceless.
    Percy:...I rejected them both and they accepted it, everything that happened was consensual, and they still respected me in the morning.


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