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Funny / Son of the Seven Kingdoms

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  • Aela pulls a Stealth Hi/Bye on Theon. When he asks if she will ever stop doing that, her answer is "nope".
  • Syrio Forel's pet name for Delphine is Bunny. She's suitably embarrassed when he blurts it in front of William.
  • When seeing Jon, Craster bluntly asks Serana if the bastard is here to keep her warm at night. Also, Sam assures Jon he has absolutely no romantic interest towards the vampiress, which confuses Jon until Sam sheepishly confesses he thought Jon and Serana were together.
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  • Tyrion wants to know if there are Lannister lackeys in the inn which serves as the Thief's Guild HQ, so what does he do? Yelling "Long live King Joffrey" at the patrons then closing the door. When he opens it again, it's riddled with knifes and blades. Bronn promptly requests Tyrion to warn him before he does something like that again.
  • When William returned to Winterfell from taking Arya to see the Dawnguard's headquarters, Catelyn appears to ask him why he did not ask permission. His answer not being enough, she promptly takes him by the ear to punish him.
  • When Arya tells William about how she met Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood, all William can say is "What."


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