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Being a series that's building blocks are intensity, action, story and adventure, not to mention takes place on Bygone Island's neighboring island, clearly, Awesome Moments are to be only expected.


Fox and Found

  • Upon seeing Alkira being hurt by her abusive father, Ensham, Fixer has an immediate instinct to defend her, being able to successfully hold on his own against Ensham, who's far stronger and bigger than Fixer. And considering Fixer is an established Fragile Speedster, getting into a fight like that is very risky. But upon seeing Ensham about to hit Alkira, Fixer wastes no time smacking down on him!
    • Keep two things in mind:
      • For starters, this is the very first episode of the series, and as such, this is very much an Establishing Character Moment for Fixer. He's far faster than he is strong, and can be knocked down easy in combat, but when he puts his mind to it (especially when one of his friends is in danger,) he can and will win in a fight.
      • And let's not forget that at this particular point in the series, Fixer and Alkira has juts met, and barely know a thing about one another. However, whether it be platonically or romantically, it's clear as crystal that the two take a shine to one another. So it doesn't matter if you're as brutish or as intimidating as Ensham. If you harm Alkira, Fixer will not hesitate for even a second to throw down.


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