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  • Fanfics often give Anna specific powers:
    • Stories with fire or summer themed powers for Anna as a counterpart to Elsa's ice/winter, mostly because it makes so much symbolic sense given their personalities, provided they didn't decide to give Hans the fire powers instead. Some works include the fire powers having been sealed when the trolls removed her memories of Elsa's magic.
    • Fics have Anna controlling nature based on several works of concept art.
    • Anna with wind based powers pops up.
    • Giving Anna Super Strength isn't common but isn't unheard of, based on several rather amazing feats she does in the movienote , which were probably only supposed to be Rule of Cool.
  • Making Anna the Sword to Elsa's Sorcerer is popular since she is a Badass Normal in-canon.
  • The film features an animation cameo of Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled arriving for the coronation during "For the First Time in Forever" (when Anna is leaving the castle). That combined with the fact that Elsa and Anna's mother looks a lot like Rapunzel's mother (though others think their father resembles Rapunzel's mother), lead to the Fandom Specific Plot of the girls all being cousins (which itself wouldn't be unrealistic considering that by the start of WWI most of the monarchs of Protestant Europe were at least distant cousins). The movies don't even take place in the same century but that's easily ignored. Related to this, fanworks almost always mention that Iduna and Agnarr died going to either Rapunzel's coming-home party or her wedding (which is jossed in the sequel).
  • If Hans is needed to be brought back, it's compulsory that he gets a job in Arendelle's castle first, usually as a servant or a stableboy (although one fic had him become one of the guards, and another a sailor). He will be grouchy about this initially, but will get nicer over time. "Frozen Fever" confirmed this theory, though he is a stable boy at home instead of in Arendelle.
  • In much Elsa/Hans fanfiction, a reader can expect a lot of initial angst and tension between the two, before both slowly realize they're Not So Different. Also, Hans would be sent back to Arendelle as an unpaid servant (stable boy in most cases) to the sisters, to which he'll be grouchy about this, but will eventually mellow out after a long lesson on how being selfish made him an enemy of the sisters. Sometimes, the sisters and Kristoff will give a lengthy Kirk Summation to him, with his standard response being a lame I Did What I Had to Do excuse. Also in these fics, the trio will initially groan about having Hans as a servant, and will be distrustful towards him. Eventually, after learning about his backstory, which will often present a Freudian Excuse, they gradually warm up to him.
  • Anna and Kristoff having a daughter has become popular. The child typically ends up having her aunt's ice powers, leading to her becoming closer to Elsa than Anna, and Elsa ends up becoming a Cool Aunt to the child. Then Hans, or some other Big Bad (in at least one case, the baddie is Smaug), generally ends up kidnapping the unfortunate kid, requiring Anna and/or Elsa to go Mama Bear and rescue her. There are also many fanfics where Elsa displays fears of harming the infant and her sister has to soothe her worries.
  • There are literally dozens of Frozen Fan Vids, and even more fanfics and fanart, about "evil Elsa" and "dark Elsa". Several of these works are based on the villainous Elsa from earlier scripts, however most ask the hypothetical "What if Elsa was evil?" or "What if Elsa reacted more negatively rather than distraught?" A large majority of the AMVs are crossovers with Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.
  • "Fire Elsa" is the most popular of the "Elemental Elsa's". It's exactly what it sounds like: Elsa being born with fire powers instead of ice powers. This may or may not include her being born with red or brown eyes, having black hair, being Ambiguously Brown, and/or preferring red clothing.
  • Fanfics delving into why Elsa has ice powers are common. Common theories include it running in the family, her parents having had a run in with a previous person with similar powers (in particularly the Snow Queen from the Andersen tale that inspired the film), or it actually being a curse. Word of God states that an earlier draft of the film would give the explanation was due to the planetary alignment during Elsa's birth, and the sequel hints that it's a blessing due to her mother saving her father when their different nations were in the midst of a battle.
  • There are many fanfics which feature cute familial (or incestuous) fluff between Anna and Elsa that revolves around them sleeping in the same bed. It's usually Elsa's bed. Either sister comforting the other due to nightmares is optional.
  • Fics about Elsa needing to be married are a dime a dozen, usually either involving a prince OC, guard OC, or Hans if the writer doesn't want to create a new guy. Similarly, almost every Elsa/Anna fanfic set in the series' canon has to deal with the issue of Elsa needing to get married. Solutions range from neither getting married, to Anna having Kristoff as her Beard and producing a heir, to Elsa getting married for the purpose of producing a heir and keeping up appearances.
  • For whatever reason, most horror fics have Anna having died as a child and Elsa being haunted by her, or hallucinating it at the very least.
  • Fics involving a Bad End of some sort. Anna either dies by getting hit by Hans' sword or she doesn't unfreeze at the end, while Elsa always gets hit by the sword. Fics where Anna dies almost always involve Arendelle staying permanently frozen and Elsa shutting herself up in her castle (usually with just a frozen Anna as company). Somehow she ends up immortal (few works actually explain how) and ends up becoming a tyrant ice queen like in The Snow Queen.
  • Fanfic writers love politics in the Frozen fandom, so many either relate to real-world issues Norway faced in the 19th century or simply go into detail on the political side of being a queen.
  • Elsa is canonically depressed and has anxiety issues. More than a few fanfics either deal with her being previously or currently suicidal, or have her have a history of hurting herself. A common plot in them is Anna finding out.
  • The former king and queen were presumably lost at sea. This has caused several fanfic writers to create stories where they survived and are reunited with their daughters post-Frozen.
  • It is incredibly common for Anna to call her parents out for their treatment of both her and Elsa during their childhood and how they caused the latter to doubt and fear her powers which is exactly what the Trolls are warning them against. Usually upon hearing it, they have a My God, What Have I Done? moment and would apologize to them for their actions. Whether Anna forgives them or not varies.
  • Elsa meeting others with elemental powers is the go-to plot in OC themed works. More often than not they involve pairing up Elsa with a fire-themed princess or prince.
  • Due to the fact that there is no onscreen indication that Anna regained her memories, it is very common for Anna to be informed of what truly happened that caused the whole isolated childhood to happen in the first place, whether it be by her regaining it by whatever means but more often, her sister informs her the accident during their childhood. How Anna reacts varies by writer but for certain that she will never resent her sister for it, contrary to what Elsa thinks would happen.
  • After learning the truth from the whole isolation incident, it is common for Anna to have a Broken Pedestal moment for her parents where she is furious at how she and her sister are treated throughout their childhood and would often approach either their portraits or their tombstone where she calls them out for being terrible parents to their face. And Elsa would often object to this and try to convince her sister that they only want what's best for them.
  • Anna throughout the movie is constantly shown to be an optimistic, cheerful girl, who never break downs or cries during the main part of the movie, despite everything she goes through. Because of this, it is very common for fans to have Anna completely break down once the whole isolation and crisis is over and let out all her bottled up grief that she experienced during the thirteen years of isolation. She usually does this in the arms of someone she loves. Most often the stories will have this be Elsa, where she finally gets comforted her sister after a long time away from her.
  • Anna is often portrayed as a Living Emotional Crutch to Elsa and her love for her sister as the reason she doesn't turn into a Wicked Witch. As a result, it is very common for Elsa to become enraged whenever someone harms her sister and try to kill them, only for Anna to stop her and plead with Elsa to not kill them in revenge for hurting her.
  • In modern AU Elsa/Anna works, quite a few have the two as long-lost sisters (or at least having little-to-no sisterly relationship because they spent most of their lives apart). This is the middle ground between non-related works and related works. It also works as a counterpart to Elsa's isolation in canon (with Elsa being distant from Anna due to divorce, parental death, depression leading to her becoming a shut-in, boarding school, etc).
  • In Elsanna canon-compliant works, it is common to have Elsa and Anna reveal that they are not actually sisters at all, with either one of the girls being revealed to be adopted by their parents and raised believing they are really siblings. This way, the author can bypass the whole issue regarding the incest taboo and allow Anna and Elsa to become a couple with little problems aside from being the same gender.
  • There are several fics that ship Elsa with a charming female robber. This is influenced by the Adapted Out "Robber Girl" character from The Snow Queen.
  • Fanfictions frequently tend to pair Elsa with a (usually male) OC, usually someone that's either one of her personal guards, someone that's on the royal council, or a prince. Some fanfictions can also frequently depict the character as a commoner that fell into Elsa's good graces due to saving either her or Anna's life, and over time develops a relationship with her. If the OC is a woman she is often royalty or high class, though mysterious commoners or adventurers aren't uncommon. If Elsa falls for a woman, she's usually a Plucky Girl or Genki Girl to contrast with Elsa's personality. The OC will usually have a Norwegian Stock Foreign Name (with Erik, Freya, and Ingrid being amongst the most popular). Thanks to the "#giveelsaagirlfriend" hashtag, a lot of people depict Elsa with a female love interest that is Middle Eastern or Arabic and has fire powers. Some opt to use Marisol from the Anna & Elsa licensed books instead though.
  • Elsa's most popular early design (with the spiky black hair) is often brought to life in fandom as Elsa's Enemy Without, Superpowered Evil Side, Evil Counterpart, or Evil Twin. Such as this comic. From what's known about Elsa's earlier design, she was more flamboyant and sarcastic than cruel and mean, decided to a villain due to people believing the prophecy more than just plain being evil, and wasn't portrayed as absurdly violent besides freezing people and starting a war. The black haired variant was just a design the artists toyed with (she was supposed to be a platinum blonde like finalized Elsa).
  • In modern AUs, Elsa is very frequently an introverted, socially incompetent hikikomori. Depression is the most common reason for why she's an Aloof Big Sister.
  • The most common surnames for the sisters in modern AUs are "Summer(s)" and "Winter(s)" if the girls are unrelated, "Anderson" and "Arendelle" if they are.
  • In modern AUs the princesses are usually middle class Americans. They're often presented as college students, with Elsa being an architect major while Anna is a business or art major. Anna is frequently a Passionate Sports Girl who is decently muscular. To parallel their separation in canon, modern AUs frequently have Elsa having grown up in a boarding school away from Anna.
  • In modern AUs, Elsa is a rich and powerful CEO. If unrelated, Anna is middle class or poor-but-honest.
  • Sven is almost always a dog in modern AUs. Olaf is usually an adult human who either works for the girls' parents or is friends with them, though fics where Anna and Elsa are an unrelated couple often make him their young child.
  • Elsa's "eternal winter" having caused damage to Arendelle, such as crop damage, and Elsa dealing with the aftermath.
  • It is very common for the Arendelle council to detest the relationship between Anna and the non-royal Kristoff, especially in stories where they Marry for Love, with Elsa defending it by citing what happened with her previous relationship with a prince. On the other hand, Elsa herself often willingly betroths herself to an Arranged Marriage with a foreign prince to secure diplomacy with another kingdom, often taking what is supposed to be Anna's original role as their bride.
  • Elsa is often linked, one way or another, with the Norse winter goddess Skadi (or Skaði). This could be biological (Elsa's powers are related to Skadi or she's half-god) or Elsa can be viewed as god-like by others (which she'll usually disapprove of).
  • A popular interpretation of Hans is that he holds a high rank within the Southern Isles' navy, and many redemption fics will give him a job in the Arendellian one, and have him most of his time blowing up pirates.
  • Elsa dies and subsequently all her creations (Olaf usually being given special note) melt.
  • Elsa and Anna don't view each other as sisters due to their time apart. This is especially common in fics that ship them, but also appears to create awkward tension in fics that don't.
  • Kristoff and Hans never interact with each other in the movie aside from the novel version where Kristoff is the one who knock him unconscious. Despite this, whenever they interact in fan fics, Hans will almost always disparagingly refer Kristoff as the "mountain man" and the latter will return the resentment.
  • Elsa as a X-Men mutant is a popular idea. Cue at least one meme where she gets a visit from Professor Xavier.
  • It's popular to theorize that Elsa may be immortal, leading to fan stories that feature her outliving her loved ones far into the future.

    Frozen II 
  • Kristoff learning he is Northuldra or half-Northuldra. This comes from Word of God calling him Sami.
  • Fix Fics for the film. Changing the ending so that Elsa doesn't leave Arendelle and Anna isn't crowned queen is the most common.
  • Slash Fics involving Elsa and Honeymaren getting close after the ending.
  • Elsa and Anna learning more about their Northuldra heritage.
  • Elsa discovering that there are other people like her: humans gifted with magic who serve a similar function as her in other regions of the world.



  • Crossovers with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug have become popular. Expect Smaug to have been defeated centuries ago by Grand Pabbie and an ancestor of Anna and Elsa and frozen in an ice block, only to be thawed out when Elsa reversed the winter she caused in the first film (expect him to use this in a Breaking Speech). Smaug is also generally made a frost dragon in these stories, instead of a more conventional dragon.
  • Lots of fanart have popped up crossing over Frozen and Kill la Kill, mainly due to the whole "polar-opposite sisters who are actually quite close" thing. Satsuki is Elsa (the older sister, regal, stoic, and cold [at first]) and Ryuko is Anna (the younger sister, passionate, fiery, and seriously determined). Anna wearing Senketsu and Elsa wearing Junketsu (Mildly NSFW)
  • Shipping Elsa with Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians is incredibly common:
    • Many works follow a basic plot: Jack Frost met Elsa as a lonely child and befriended her. They stayed friends as Elsa grew, but their friendship eventually turned into romantic attraction.
    • With Frozen II revealing her to be a Nature Spirit, fanfics where Elsa joins the guardians have spiked.
  • Shipping Elsa or Anna with Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.
    • Hiccup meets them as a diplomatic mission between Arendelle and Berk.
    • Elsa/Anna are lost at sea and found by the Dragon Riders.
    • Hiccup runs away with Toothless before he could kill the Monstrous Nightmare and the settles in Arendelle.
  • Many Brave crossovers revolve around Elsa making a trade deal with Scotland, meeting the princess, and falling for Merida.


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