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  • Fanfictions will often be about Simba's son from the books, Kopa. Usually it involves him befriending Nuka, falling in love with Vitani, and then being killed by a vengeful Zira, thus leading to the banishment of the Outsiders. About half of these will have Kopa survive and return to the Pridelands as an adult.
  • Fics set after The Lion King II: Simba's Pride involving a mysterious pack of wandering lions coming across Pride Rock and asking for hospitality and sanctuary for a short time, only for it to be revealed that the leader of the pack is some manner of deposed King, vengeful ally of Scar, renegade from another pride or otherwise opportunistic usurper and Manipulative Bastard who attempts to split the Pride Rock family apart emotionally, then take over the throne himself.
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  • Considering how Simba's Pride ended, it's understandable how fanfiction about Kovu and Kiara's cubs is practically one of the all-time standards for this franchise's fandom.
  • Fics about other unused characters, like Nala's baby brother Mheetu, pop up. He's usually killed by Scar but he can also simply grow up and leave the pride.
  • There's a very popular theory that Vitani is Nala's Child by Rape with Scar. Obviously a lot of fanworks revolve around this idea.
  • Several fanworks try to explain who Nala's father is.
  • Now that Kiara has a brother in Kion of The Lion Guard, fans have taken to try and explain why he's not present during her adulthood (most chuck him not appearing in her cubhood due to him being born during the timeskip). The most common concept is the entire Lion Guard going away on some long-winded adventure as teens and Kion coming back post-movie. This later became canon with the third and final season.
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  • Scar's childhood and adolescence is a common plot in fanfics. More specifically his relationship with his parents, his rivalry with Mufasa, and often times either a Sibling Triangle involving Sarabi or a romance with Sarafina.
  • There are fanfics where Kiara agrees to Kovu suggesting to leave behind their respective prides and raise a family of their own.
  • Many fan-works delve into the whereabouts and adult lives of various comic-exclusive lions.
  • The parentage of Zira's children comes up in numerous fan-works. Kovu is not Scar's son, but what about Vitani and Nuka? Do the siblings share a father? How Zira met Kovu's father and what happened to him is a common fan plot. There are also fans who think Zira adopted Kovu, which creates plots about how she adopted Kovu and who his biological parents are.
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  • Zira's backstory is usually depicted as a Dark and Troubled Past of some sort.
  • Fan-works where Zira survives her Disney Villain Death or Alternate Universe Fics where Kiara saved her.
  • On that note, fan-works where Scar (barely) survives his Family-Unfriendly Death - occasionally due to having been saved by a furious Zira, then Left for Dead because she was too busy chasing down the hyenas to notice his survival.

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