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Andre Braugher (Born July 1, 1962 in Chicago) is an American movie and television actor. He has a background in Shakespearean theater and is attended the Juilliard School's Drama Division graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

His first movie role was freed, educated black man Cpl. Thomas Searless in Glory. His Star-Making Role was as Ensemble Dark Horse Det. Frank Pembleton in Homicide: Life on the Street which he won multiple awards for. Braugher had a resurgence in popularity when he became a recurring guest character in House playing House's therapist Dr. Darryl Nolan. Despite the fact the episode he debuted in was a massive Genre Shift (having absolutely no medical jargon whatsoever) and fans were split on that, Braugher's performance was universally praised. He is currently a main character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he plays The Comically Serious Captain Holt.


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Tropes Associated with Braugher:

  • Badass Baritone: Deep voice, and usually plays a fairly badass character.
  • Bald, Black Leader Guy: His hair is, at its longest, extremely short and he often plays an authority figure of some sort.
  • Casting Gag: Once again he's playing a hypercompetent cop in a crapsack precinct. But rather than the Cowboy Cop that he was in Homicide, in Brooklyn Nine-Nine he plays Reasonable Authority Figure and Trickster Mentor to the competent Cowboy Cop. Flashbacks reveal him to have been not unlike Pembleton when he was a Detective.
  • Classically Trained Extra: In many of his roles. He's taken many minor roles throughout his career, despite having a Masters of Fine Arts from the prestigious Julliard School.
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  • The Comically Serious: Most of his previous roles, and certainly his most well-known ones, have been quite stoic, serious men, so this is played for laughs on Brooklyn Nine-Nine where his character is so stoic, serious and impassive that the other characters literally cannot tell what emotion he might be feeling at any given moment.
  • Crossover: Appeared in Law & Order as Det. Pembleton and The Practice as Dr. Ben Gideon.
  • Genius Bruiser: Braugher is a physically imposing man, but he often plays well-educated, well-spoken characters (having a Shakespearean background really helps for that).
  • Playing with Character Type: Captain Holt in Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn't incredibly different from many of his previous roles, being a rather serious, stoic authority figure. He is, however, Played for Laughs instead of drama, and is one of the major roles that demonstrated to a wider audience that, in addition to his undeniable dramatic abilities, he has some pretty hefty comic chops as well.
  • Real-Life Relative: Pembleton's wife Mary was played by Braugher's own wife Ami.
  • Star-Making Role: His role as Frank Pembleton in Homicide: Life on the Street established him as a well-regarded character actor, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine made him into an almost household name.

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