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Here is a list of all canon Super Sentai and Power Rangers in Heroes' Carnival.

Utsusemimaru/Kyoryu Gold

Utsusemimaru is a samurai from the Sengoku Period who fell during battle while avenging his fallen lord and was later resurrected by a necromancer for a currently unknown scheme. He's partnered with the golden flying Zyudenryu Pteragodon.


Yuki Shiba-Kashiwagi/[Hime] Shinken Red

Yuki Kashiwagi is the true head of the Shiba Household and leader of the Shinkengers. She used to be the famous Masked Idol Yukirin, but now she's an aspiring voice actresses. She lives with, and takes care of, her close friend, Mayu Watanabe.


Nemo/Gao Silver

Nemo was raised by wolves when her father, the previous Gao Silver, was killed by a rouge Org called Rouki and the same Org was sealed inside her before her uncle expelled her from the village for just being her (bummer). She learned how to be a semi-fuctioning human being when she taught all manners of things by her cousin (who was unaware of their blood relationship at the time). After Rouki possessed her and used her to kill her cousin, Nemo was kept locked up by her pissed off uncle until a older than they look Gao Shaman named Tetomu took her to a flying island in the sky in order to train her as the next Gao Silver.



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