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  • Project 0: Noor, just sending her out into the field gives even her teammates a scare.
  • The Demi in The Overture are an entire race of unstable psychopathic killers but none so much as Sophie. A cute, sweet, little girl who tortures children in order to hear their screams.
  • Supernormal Step has Mr. Kite, who blends elements of Ax Crazy, The Mad Hatter, and Magnificent Bastard all at once.
    Mr. Kite: Whatever. Nothing else left to burn, I'm bored, let's get out of here.
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  • Jekkel from Silver Bullet Nights. Despite his slender, almost androgynous looks, Jekkel is a force of nature when he snaps or even when he's just set on someone by his girlfriend. He doesn't care about his own safety - all he cares about is killing the opponent at all costs. Of course, it helps that Jekkel is a nearly-immortal vampire with a Healing Factor.
  • MAGISA: Kyle is the epitome of AX... I mean... GUN CRAZY.
  • In DevilBear, Winnie the Pimp is brought back to life by well meaning friends but he Came Back Wrong
  • Tower of God - It is implied that the weapons of the 13 Month Series cause this, since Eurasia Enne Zahard started to go on a random killing spree after receiving the Colourless December. It also applies to Anak's Green April, which seems rather bloodthirsty.
    • This is later confirmed to be the work of the the Ghost of the 13 Months, a female entity that made a deal with Zahard to drive the Princesses to hate each other via Grand Theft Me.
  • Doh Gyeom while under the influence of his alter-ego from Gosu happily slaughters through droves of people to satiate his bloodlust. The same issue also occurred for Gyeom's late older brother, Doh Gyeol.
  • Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater. He's kinda the anti-White Mage.
    • Also, White Mage in this guest comic.
    • Berserker is usually a perfectly sane, polite, downright classy fellow. Then he goes berserk.
  • Belkar Bitterleaf of The Order of the Stick, described as "a Chaotic Evil halfling who is constantly trying to murder anyone who gets in his way! Or looks like they may possibly be thinking about getting anywhere sort of near his way at some unspecified future point, just to be sure."
    "Yes, run, my little chunks of XP!"
    • The Big Bad, Xykon, who will (and has) kill anyone, for any reason, usually on a whim.
  • Here are a few examples from Not Always Right, Not Always Real.
  • Robbie from Jack is usually a Stoic Deadpan Snarker, but when get's a Gun pr any weapon for that mater he gets a little crazy and murderous.
  • The supervillain Pluton from Sidekicks. In most of his appearances he's seen with an unnerving smile on his face and he quite clearly takes pleasure in brutalising and killing people. Just look at his face as he kills this poor girl.
  • The Continentals: The escaped mental patient known as The Mangler, the sinister and psychotic Mr. Qwist (hired man of the equally bent Dr. Daniel Abbeline).
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  • The Infernomancer (TIM for short) from Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire.
  • Red of No Rest for the Wicked, even if she is one of the protagonists.
  • Bangladesh DuPree from Girl Genius, although Baron Wulfenbach and his son Gilgamesh have some control over her... usually.
    Klaus: DuPree. When I say the words Alive and Unharmed — do any neurons actually fire in that brain of yours?
    Bang: Um—No Sir!
    Klaus: I thought not.
    • Rather indicative is that she regularly counts how many ways she can spell "eviscerate."
    • Really, Othar and any of the Jägers fit this trope to the letter. The Jägers at least have an excuse, though, being bioengineered supersoldiers selected for loyalty and ferocity, not brains.
    • Truly taking the cake, though, is Castle Heterodyne's AI. Its selective memory turns the most innocuous commands into a massacre. This is how it remembers its first conversation with Agatha:
    Castle: How may I serve you?
    Agatha: Oh goody! Who can you kill for me?note 
    Castle: I can kill things in the sky
    Agatha: Yay! Do that! Kill everything in the sky!note 

  • Kamekaze Kate is a car racing Ax Crazy in Misfile.
    • At first at least after she was freed from her sister's influence she got a lot better. And her race with Ash ended in a traditional Defeat Means Friendship moment, that is Ash's defeat by Kate
  • Richard from Looking for Group sums himself up in song.
  • Electric Retard is full of them. One even happens to be a naked guy with an axe.
  • Axel of the Ansem Retort seems to go out of his way to inflict grievous bodily harm on his "friends", and generally murders anyone who happens to exist anywhere within a hundred mile radius of himself.
    Namine: You couldn't go 10 seconds of diplomatic immunity before murdering someone?!
    Axel: I wasn't even listening to you. I just wanted to murder a dude.
    • Larxene is, arguably, even crazier having destroyed Disney Land and everyone/thing inside it just because she wanted funnel cake.
  • Cousin Dougal from Platinum Grit, a psychopathic immortal Scotsman who lives to stab.
  • Oasis moves in and out of this in Sluggy Freelance. Her mental state is in tatters, and each apparent resurrection shifts it. Even in her more lucid moments, though, she realizes how close she is to violent mayhem. And heaven help anyone nearby if she activates Override B-1.
  • David Willis, author of It's Walky!, ventures into this from time to time.
  • Il'haress Kharla'ggen Vloz'rezz from Drowtales is the personification off Ax Crazy. And considering that the Woman Behind The Woman that was the only thing capable of keeping her in check and from going on an unstoppable killing spree was beheaded in a recent chapter, she will most likely become further Ax Crazy still as the story progresses. Or, considering that it was this woman who originally drove her Ax Crazy, it's within the realm of possibility that she might calm down to just plain crazy.
  • Butch from Chopping Block.
  • Lothar Hex from Exterminatus Now is psychopathic enough that he regularly attempts to cause harm to next door's dog for no reason, but in order to REALLY get him riled up, all you have to do is ruin his hat. At which point, don't expect too many of your limbs to still be attached.
  • Mal from Head Trip.
  • Mel Kelly from Narbonic. Very.
  • Galen from Wiglaf and Mordred. Her favorite "patients" seem to be her fellow teammates (or her daughters teammates, much to her daughters annoyance).
  • Rowasu of Juathuur. And when he is lucid, he is even scarier.
  • Nina from Venus Envy - starts out as a Sociopathic Hero of sorts who constantly threatens / injures people and is played mostly for laughs. Then she stabs the main character.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Just imagine...
  • Gamzee singlehandedly turned the Troll's side of the story into a Slasher Movie when he goes off the deep end in Homestuck. Karkat eventually manages to hug the crazy out of him though.
    • Also, Eridan goes off the deep end too, murdering two of his friends in cold blood and single-handedly destroying any hope of his species long-term survival.
    • Caliborn. He is entertained by death and wants to kill everyone, especially his sister Calliope.
    • Jack Noir. At one point, he's stuck in jail with nothing but a pumpkin full of knives. He then proceeds to murder everyone around him, even when he's trying to keep at least one of them alive to open his cell.
    • Meenah, also. To the point where she greets people by trying to kill them, and blew up herself and all her friends, as well.
  • Axe Cop is pretty violent and armed with an Axe most of the time, but this is usually just bad news if you are a bad guy. However in this strip he goes pretty Ax Crazy after the wrong candles are put on his cake and kills indiscriminately.
  • Chelsea Grinn from Chimneyspeak has been on a ten year long bloody carnage across the world all because she got bumped into and got a small scar on her nose.
  • Karate Bears are pretty fond of axes.
  • A Broken Winter introduces us very early on to Kuroda's wife, who killed their son (according to Word of God) as a protest against killing children. In their words, "Logic at its finest". She also killed the family dog and tried to kill her husband too.
  • In Commander Kitty, Zenith does not take it well to learn that Ridiculously Human Robots and Mix-and-Match Critters are incapable of having children together.
    If I'm not perfect now, I can always be the most perfect thing left alive.
  • Olympus Overdrive: Ares.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse: U13 Kakarotto. Come on, just look at his face. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Definitely not firing on all cylinders.
  • S.S.D.D:
    • Norman Gates is a violent, sociopathic Bomb Throwing Anarchist who can barely go ten minutes without committing assault and/or vandalism. His future self from a timeline in which he turned into an anarchist Dark Messiah figure who led the conquest of a significant portion of the world takes these tendencies Up to Eleven. Present-day Norman beats up chavs and sets fire to trash cans. Future Norman beats up entire countries and sets fire to continents.
    • Norman's best friend and landlord Richard used to be even worse than Norman when they were both kids, making frequent use of a straight razor...and not for shaving. Unlike Norman, he actually grew out of it (although the police still consider him the scarier of the two).
    • Tessa, a Super Soldier from the future (and possibly Richard's descendant) also has her moments.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons:
    • The Order of the Belligerent Knights are an organization of insane psychopaths and berserkers with such creeds as "Let's cut God to see if he bleeds!" and "If it has a pulse, take its skull!" Unfortunately, they are also some of the most powerful individuals in Creation, and that's really saying something.
    • Jagganoth is one of the seven Demiurges who rule all of Creation. He was originally an angry and powerful man who conquered one-seventh of the multiverse with nothing but his own might, but then he left to try and find a purpose. He found one and returned as a literally invincible juggernaut immune to any and all harm. He is as strong as the other six Demiurges put together, and the only thing keeping universal war from reigniting is their fear of him. And just for extra fun, when the Belligerent Knights encountered him, they tried to kill him and failed. They promptly decided that the only logical conclusion was to worship him. So now the most dangerous thing in all Creation has the service of the most dangerous Knights in all Creation.
  • Where, oh, where to start with Slightly Damned?
    • The worst one so far has got to be Azurai, who is extremely violent and bloodthirsty, even by (fire) demon standards. When Iratu is planning an attack on St. Curtis to capture angels for a sacrifice to bring demons to Earth, Azurai basically says "Fuck it, let's just kill everyone there", which appalls his boss. Indeed, he's the only one of the demons to kill an angel in a blind rage when they need them alive. Why Iratu trusted him enough to participate in a mission of such importance is beyond anyone's comprehension.
    • Moonshade; Knife Nut extraordinaire, goes Laughing Mad when St. Curtis burns, has murdered at least two Guardians thus far, and murdered his daughter, Rhea, so no one else of Moku's lineage will challenge him. He ponders killing her again with the seriousness of deciding what to eat for breakfast in the morning. That last one actually manages to disturb Azurai.
    • Lazuli isn't too far behind Azurai in the psycho department. She holds Kieri captive, sadistically beating and torturing her For the Evulz. She's only kept from killing her because she needs her alive. This all changes after Kieri defeats her in combat; she completely abandons all rationality, slaughtering innocent humans on her way to St. Curtis so she can kill Kieri. Azurai literally has to restrain her to keep her from murdering Kieri and her friends, and on the ride to the ritual site, she eventually snaps from being in Kieri's presence for too long and attempts to kill her again, only being saved by the timely arrival of Rhea and a semi-berserk Buwaro.
    • Denevol, who brutally assaults and electrocutes Buwaro for the crime of merely being a demon, and Kieri for coming to his defense. It's not just because he believes it's his duty - he's very clearly seen smiling with glee as he tortures them.
    • Kieri seems to be slowly turning into this due to everything she's going through in the story...not that she's happy about it.

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