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Webcomic / Not Always Right, Not Always Real

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"You do know about, right? Well, if you don't, it's a website about stories of stupid or awesome customers. The stories on that site are not all guaranteed to be true, however! This comic publishes made up Not Always Right stories that show how dumb customers could get... Thankfully, they aren't that stupid. Maybe. We hope."
— The description of the comic.

Not Always Right, Not Always Real, also sometimes shortened to Not Always Real, is a webcomic inspired by the website Not Always Right. The comic is entirely text-based and features imaginary stories of stupid customers.

If you read the comic, remember to be thankful that people aren't that stupid in real life. Maybe. We all hope.

Additionally, you can submit your own story ideas and see them get published.

Tropes seen in Not Always Right, Not Always Real: